Apple on Maps app inaccuracies: ‘This is no one’s issue but ours’

“Apple is seemingly taking more ownership over criticism that its new mapping software in iOS 6 is less accurate than its predecessor,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET.

“‘We own this; we manage the vendors. This is no one’s issue but ours,’ an unnamed Apple executive tells The New York Times today, which adds that the company has promises to ‘pour as much time and manpower into repairing Maps as it takes,'” Lowensohn reports. “In a column about the feature’s accuracy, The Times adds that ‘well over 99 percent’ of the feature’s data set is accurate.”

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      1. Um, actually, no. It’s an issue for anyone relying on anyone’s mapping system. Google routinely sends me 40 miles out of my way to go 6 miles north of my home location. If 99% of Apple’s maps are accurate that’s good enough for now. Anyone who relies on a computer map for navigation knows they have to do a sanity check every time.

        But then, we know you’re an Apple hater. You spew crap about Apple here all day long, every day.

        1. Aww, Zeke, did I make you wimper? Here’s a hanky.

          If Google Maps was my only option I would bitch about their accuracy and reliability, but since I do have options I would like choices other than “shitty” and “crappy”. You Apple fanbois can find every excuse in the world to condemn any other company for the most minuscule faults and foibles, but never hold Apple to the same excruciating standards.

          I pay good money for Apple products and I expect more than lame excuses and unfulfilled promises.

          1. Chrissy, my nearest city is Gresham, OR. Perhaps you’re familiar with the fact that instead of adhering to the grid system based on Main and 1st streets in Portland, like most other local entities, they have their own system. That system makes China Town in SF seem a bastion of organization. Streets end and begin again for no apparent reason, and any streets that are numbered seem to have a base somewhere in the Columbia River. The road I live on has no less than 6 name changes as it passes through Gresham. When I want to find an address for something like a Craig’s List purchase in Gresham Google routinely sends me 20 miles West to I-205 and then back East 15 miles on I-84 to get to Gresham.

          1. I wholeheartedly agree with you. If you know Apple, they aren’t the kind of company to settle for O.K. or good, they actually strive to have excellence in everything they do. Perhaps they replaced the map app too soon for some people, but for 99% of us, its perfectly fine and this is coming from a free update to the O/S, not like we paid for it. I love your map app Apple! I know you will make it great, like everything you do. I don’t care what anyone else says.

            1. Given the number of iPhones in the NYC region, I’m gonna say your 99% figure is grossly overstated.

              Almost nobody who leaves their house in this city would use the words “perfectly fine” to describe iOS 6.

              Which reminds me — with Maps being a core OS feature, can we stop referring to Maps as the damaged goods, and refer to it more accurately as iOS 6 being inferior to iOS 5 in at least a couple of key ways at release time?

            2. I’m still trying to figure out the brick of an iPhone 5 I received yesterday. I run my iTunes off of my G5 server because it has the big 2TB hard drives that can hold my media. I received my iPhone 5 yesterday, I backed up my iPhone 4S, plugged in the new phone, received a message that I need to update to iTunes 10.7 only to find that I cannot update iTunes on that computer and that none of my other Macs have the hard drive space necessary to hold my media collection.

          2. I drove for living a long while back, and we had to actually READ road signs and watch the road when we drove. Reading a map was wasn’t a skill, but a necessity.
            We need a worldwide EMP to get us back to basics and relearn how to live.

          1. Exactly. Before the Era of Whiners, people’s Esso road maps in the glove compartment were dated like jars of mayo are dated today. People knew that roads and buildings change, for crying out loud.

            1. Nope, I never have. When I was relying on paper maps I plotted my route before driving. I’m not saying GPS navigation doesn’t make life better/easier/safer. I’m only saying that safely navigating your route has been possible long before GPS. And my original point was only that there have always been inaccuracies and there always will be.

            2. I grew up in L.A. county, learned to drive in socal. Long before GPS became available to civilians.

              If you didn’t check maps and figure out where/how you were going, you deserved what you got. Paper maps are for planning.

              And if you need to recheck the map, there are off ramps closely spaced wherever you go.


    1. No doubt. I’m sure apple got hit with a bunch of update Application (Or whatever they call it) i have like maybe five apps out of 120 that got the iPhone 5 update. I want more! 😉
      And props to Apple for saying nothing but owning up to it. Most of us need no explanation. We know it’s version 1.0

    2. If they update the app I’d like to see a button that will let me bump up the font size to my heart’s content. There is a font size button now, but it only makes the font one size SMALLER!

      1. We are talking about the MDN app for the iPhone. It’s not updated for the new iPhone yet. I’ve been using the it on safari though as well. But I like the notifications. So I’d rather use the app.

  1. Well, if it’s not official then it doesn’t count. But I would like to see Apple step up to the plate and take ownership of this problem. Had they done this the first day it would not be nearly did issue that it has become. But I do believe that they had to separate themselves from Google. They just executed it very poorly. Apple is not perfect, they make mistakes just like everyone else. It’s just that this mistake is really a dumb mistake. And could have been handled much better.

    1. This. I agree. I hate seeing people get blasted on this forum for calling out faults in the new maps. Too many people can’t see that you can be a fan of apple and still be able to tell they are not perfect.

      1. But, Jordan, people here are blasting the entire app based upon just their experience. That’s not fair either. As with any human experience, the people for whom there are mistakes are the ones making the noise; the huge majority of people who aren’t having a problem with it don’t speak up — why should they? So the response here has been to try and put it all in perspective.

        1. I agree that the people affected are the most likely to complain. That does not remove the validity of thier issue. I for instance have been accused of being an android user with no experience of the issue who is making things up! This kind of behaviour strikes me as childish when people are trying to discuss an actual problem. If you personally have not been affected then good for you but I have little time for people who try to diminish or dismiss other people’s valid viewpoint because it does not happen to match thier own.

          1. Agreed, and I’ll amplify your point that it’s childish of people to proclaim based on a post of dissatisfaction that you are an Android user. My problem is the easy slide people take from “It doesn’t work for me” to “Apple’s map app is crap.” Most of the loudest complainers have experienced the former but decry the app publicly with the latter. That’s neither fair to the app nor to all the people for whom it works. Let’s just stick to our personal experience and leave the extrapolation to the whole of humanity to others.

    1. You are not the only one. I use Maps far more often than I ever did with Google Maps. The directions have been spot on. The only real problem I see are the icons that mark locations. Like at LAX the Theme Building is nearly on the roadway. But, that is mainly what I noticed and should be quickly tightened up. I love this Maps much better and use it far more often. Much better than Google’s 1.0 ever was.

    2. Same here. I much prefer the new Apple Maps over the Google version – especially with the turn-by-turn navigation. But I’m in Southern Cal and I’d figure this would be fairly easy area for Apple to get right from the get-go.

      I hardly ever used the old Google version because I need voice-guided turn-by-turn driving around all over California. So I got the Garmin app for the iPhone and it’s been great but I think the new Apple one may turn out to be even better. I’m doing side-by-side tests whenever I go out on the road.

    3. @m159

      You nailed it.

      In my experience Google maps placed a restaurant on a bridge over a large river and various incorrect locations miles away for years. Google has been at it for how long?

      I will settle for 99% accuracy any day of the week if the figure is correct. Google accuracy rate? Do we even know to make a fair comparison … probably not.

  2. I got my iphone 5 today and much of my criticism of Apple maps has vanished. It works and looks much better on the 5. Maybe they should have not let it install on pre 4S phones.

  3. I hate all analysts and commentators. If you like you buy it, if not, don’t buy it. We don’t care about your comments. Apples knows what you even imagine. iPhone? iPad? Yeah right. Today you can’t leave wihtout it and think that knows it all. Jerks.
    Oh Apple removed the superdrive, what’s bluray, the new connector, iPad is a big iPhone, Samdroid is better, more features. Mac, iOS, has no virus = small market…. Go to hell. Apple is always right… even in the little mistakes.

      1. That would be awesome. I’d even be willing with my DSLR to help Apple out by taking pics of my neighborhood or even city. They could even start a partnership program with freelance photographers, assign each a city/ suburb.

  4. I am tired of the whining. It is verso 1 folks. Form what I have seen it has been flawless for me but then maybe Tim Cook likes Montreal best?
    Anyway Apple is man enough to own up to flaws in version 1 and will fix it. That speaks volumes and underscores why I am indeed a loyal Apple buyer.

  5. Apple’s new maps worked for me this weekend on a long road trip. Turn-by-turn directions worked well, though I haven’t figured out the voice over entirely. The local business/landmark search is a little outdated in spots, but that’s not a big deal. Overall, a net plus, and will only get better.

  6. All the misplaced addresses i knew in GM are on th right buildings in Apple maps, its clean and fast and turn by trurn is better than anything I’ve ever seen…’ nother antennagate with a scrachgate backup??? That’s so weak really…

    1. Exactly correct.

      All the FUD is being dished out by the following :

      1. Google, Samedung
      2. PR and amrketing people from Google, Samedung
      3. Biased tech ‘new’ websites that are anti Apple
      4. Fandroid Apple wannabees that are jealous of Apple
      5. Internet ‘Journalists’ (and I use the work VERY loosely as they are NOT journals at all just people being paid by Google and Samedung to damage Apple’s reputation) of trashy websites looking for hits
      6. People who cant cope with the fact that Apple is the best company in the world
      7. Owners of companies that pretend that they are Apple – even though they never will be
      8. Eric ‘the fucking mole’ Schmidt

      1. This is the reality of the situation: the established powers (the money that was) is terrified of the  juggernaut. The money that was constitutes the government-imposed national bank (The Fed) and its lackeys and toadies: the media, our congress and Wall Street. These elements cannot ever understand excellence, it baffles them. They are as pygmies throwing pebbles at a giant. They have and will make it their goal to destroy the mindset of excellence that Jobs has re-ignited in this country.

         is bigger than Exxon-Mobil, think that through.

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