Note: If you scratch something – including an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac – it will be scratched

“We just received (and verified headers of) an email exchange from a 9to5Mac reader to Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller, where the Apple executive gave his take on the small amount of scratches and chips that black iPhone 5 users have experienced,” Seth Weintraub reports for 9to5Mac.

“Our reader noted his black iPhone 5 saw some ‘scuffs, scratches and marks’ around the band, and he wondered if Apple had any plans to fix or address the issue,” Weintraub reports. “Schiller responded: ‘Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color. That is normal.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Phil should have forgone “This is normal” and instead closed with “And water is wet.”

Soon some people will be so stupid they’ll require reminders to breathe. Idiocracy wasn’t just a movie, it was a window to the not-so-distant future:


    1. It isn’t paint. It’s anodised, an electrolytic coating, that’s harder than natural aluminium. The iP4/4s has a stainless steel frame, which is much harder, but heavier.

  1. The white one is no longer “for women”. It is for non-gender-specific intelligent people… who understand that “paint” on aluminum… scratches… and eventually may simply wears off due to oils and such on peoples’ hands. I am surprised Apple did not attempt to use a “denim overlay”.

    1. Typical anodizing can create colour depending on the depth of the oxidized layer of the aluminium.

      However, black is not among the spectre of colours that could be arranged this way. So pigment has to be used — even though the process is still anodizing.

      So yes, you can use word paint without inverted commas. (Though this word could be used only as noun, not a verb, since anodizing and painting processes are totally different.)

  2. I bought the white one because the USA Today review said the black one shows bright silver scuff marks on the antenna band after a while as the black coating chips off.

    The white one isn’t coated, just plain silver, no scuffs. Very happy with it. I don’t think Apple should have coated the antenna band on the black iphone… silver would look good on that model too and silver doesn’t show scratches and doesn’t have a coating to chip off.

  3. There are two issues here. One is silver colored scratches on a black iPhone. That cannot be avoided. Black is not the natural color of aluminum; it has been coated with something to achieve that color, so if you scratch it, the silver color will show. There are some highly scratch resistant coatings like DLC but I doubt Apple would have used those (would have cost far too much).

    The second issue is the some phones being scratched and scuffed out of the box. There is an easy remedy for that – return your phone and get another one. It might take some time for the replacement phone to arrive but I don’t think Apple will have any issues taking the phones back.

    – HCE

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, aren’t the blemishes right out of the box brand new? If so I would be pissed also. I understand shit happens but after shelling out $199 I want a perfect phone. I would not expect a new car to have a scratch or ding either. Maybe I’m just fussy but that’s me. If it happened due to my own actions then so be it. Then it’s my fault and I live with it, but not out of the box.

  5. A couple point on this worth mentioning.

    1) I preordered an iPhone5 day one, and got it delivered bright and early on the 21st. I opted for the black one, because I love the anodized black finish. Yes, I know it scratches, and yes, I know it is my fault if and when it does. That being said, there seems to be an issue (at least in a limited case of 1) with either their manufacturing process or their packing process. When I took it out of the box, and took the plastic off the front and back, I noticed a small nick on the rear chamfer at the center top. It was not terribly noticeable other than the fact that whenever I saw it, I could replay Jon Ivy’s talking of the beauty of the diamond tooling process used to cut the case 🙂
    2) I took it back to the Apple store, and talked to the manager about it. He immediately went to the back and got me a new one to replace the one that had the nick. It is what I have come to expect from Apple, and why I do business with them. In the end analysis, they are the classy company others wish they were. I don’t care that the case can scratch, or that the maps app is not a perfect solution yet for Google maps. Apple had me at ‘hello’!

  6. This is real easy:

    If your iPhone was scratched when you took it out of the box, take it back and you will get a replacement.

    If you dropped your iPhone, threw it around the living room, or shot it into the window of a 747, the scratches are your fault. Shut up and deal with it. And if the scratches get too much for you to handle, buy a case, SlickWrap, or wrap it in bubble wrap.

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