Google’s Motorola Mobility derides Apple’s iOS 6 Maps app as ‘iLost’ in new ad

“In an attempt to benefit from Apple’s much-criticized iOS 6 Maps app, Google-owned Motorola Mobility has released a new advertisement mocking it with the phrase ‘iLost,'” Macgasm reports.

“In the ad, Apple’s iPhone 5 is shown next to a Droid Razr M, and the ad says Motorola’s device offers ‘the real world that’s fit for your hand,'” Macgasm reports. “Both phones show their respective map features searching for the address 315 E 15th in New York City, but the iPhone’s Maps app shows incorrect results.”

Macgasm reports, “To go along with this ad, Motorola wrote on their Google+ page: ‘Looking for 315 E 15th in Manhattan? Google Maps on DROID RAZR M will get you there & not #iLost in Brooklyn.'”

Motorola Mobility Droid iLost ad derides Apple Maps

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MacDailyNews Take: We’d rather be lost with an iPhone 5 than anywhere with a thick, heavy, ugly Motorola Mobility iPhone wannabe.

You know who’re really lost? The 4,000 employees that Google axed at their Motorola Mobility division last month.

Oh, BTW, here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone


        1. Thelonious, if I may?

          Gupta, YES!

          I’ve used Google maps extensively over the years and it isn’t 100% accurate, no map service will ever be. Why? First, streets and addresses change constantly. Things have to be remapped and updated, constantly.

          Google has had a huge head start but look how Apple has given us an amazing map service application. I have yet to find a problem with Maps.

          About the news channels, since when do “news channels” become experts on everything?

          I’m happy Google is gone from my iPhone. Good riddens!

            1. Gupta,
              I have used Maps and it works flawlessly. If there are a few glitches (to be expected in a version 1 product), so what? Why would you call it crappy? Apple has a rep whereby it will update it quickly to resolve those problems.
              Try not to be so insulting, it diminishes your argument while making you look like a disgruntled retard.

      1. Weird: I put in:

        315 e 15th st NY

        and got exactly the #iLost image. I’ll review your video again to see if you and I did something differently. I was actually expecting the autosearch to figure this out on its own given the attention drawn to this particular address!

        1. It was the zip code that got you there. I had the street address exactly as yours and was still going to Marlborough. I could read all of the zip code so I punted and tried 10001. Maps asked me which I meant, the Marlborough one (zip 11226-4511) or the one on E 15th St. (zip 10003)

          So to all those who are saying Apple’s iOS 6 Maps app is wonky, I can see a clear example of that here!

    1. @ MDN (Mad Dogs News)
      Since 2007 you guys were getting fucked by google’s map, and never said anything bad, but now apple introduced its own “crap maps app” and you totally hate google.
      Keep one thing in your dirty heads that you still have half of Samsung in your hands. 😉

      1. As of iPhone 5 this statement is and has been proven wrong. There are absolutely NO Samsung LABLED chips inside. Sure there is speculation that the processor was MANUFACTURED by Samsung, but as of yet there is NO evidence that this is true. For all anyone knows, it may have been manufactured be TSMC foundries. Don’t forget, Apple DESIGNS the chip IN-HOUSE, someone else MANUFACTURES it. So if that’s the case, what do you have to say now?

  1. On the one hand, this ad is completely (and unnecessarily)disingenuous by placing the Google Maps satellite view alongside the iOS Maps standard view. As if iOS Maps didn’t have a satellite view.

    On the other hand, Apple should fix the error highlighted by the ad.

    1. Oh yes. There’s desperation in the air.

      Enjoy your smugness while you may Google. You KNOW what’s occurring, don’t you. YOU burned the bridges. YOU ripped off the IP. Watch for circling vultures. They can smell necrotic flesh from miles away. 😈

  2. It is stupid to buy a crappy product just because it is “better” than other in just one task. But unfortunately, that’s the android market, people who buy a crappy plastic phone full of bugs just because their camera has more Mpixels or their map application is a little bit better than the one in the other’s phone, even if that is just for a very short moment because Apple will fix this soon or they will approve Google maps APP in the APP store then their only advantage will disappear.
    By the way, Android cameras may have more Mega Pixels, that doesn’t make them a better camera per se.

    1. Upon quick review: 315 East 15th Street NY NY isn’t actually an address. the odd’s on 15th at this location are taken up by Stuyvesant Square. Its a NYC Park…which really don’t have address’s as they do Cross Street Address’s.
      Google does the better job of finding around the location the user intends though.

  3. Just tried it, and totally true.
    And just for reference, i live (and currently searching) in manhattan and it was still going to Brooklyn address. I also tried NYC and NY NY as the city in search but still no luck.

    Also, for traffic, it didn’t show the traffic by the UN today which is always a complete mess with the General Assembly occurring. 1st ave is closed to the public but iOS didn’t pick up on it. Maybe because cars weren’t sitting on first ave not moving?

    It’s a lot cleaner look than Google Maps and I’m sure it’ll catch up in functionality but this is iOS Maps Beta.

  4. This is the problem with NYC. Manhattan is not the only borough NYC. The snooty limo-liberals of google believes NYC is Manhattan. What if you wanted 15th st. In another borough.

    1. typically residents of the outer boroughs call manhattan “the city” so when you type in NYC it makes sense to for a search engine to search manhattan first and then the outer boroughs.

    2. 315 East 15th STreet, New York, NY = Manhattan
      315 East 15th Street, Brooklyn, NY = Brooklyn
      315 East 15th Street, Far Rockaway, NY = Queens

      Different boros have different ways of doing the addresses… brooklyn acts like (and used to be) its own city. Queens addresses are usually denoted by the section/neighborhood. New York, NY would always be assumed to be Manhattan if no ZIP was designated.

  5. the problem here is that 315 E 15 st does not exist – it’s stuyvesant park and there is no such street address. Blatantly dishonest ad will blow up in Google/Motos face wasting our time finding glitches for non-existent street addresses. This add will be pulled from the air and goog/moto is going to have egg all over its face

  6. I’ve been using the new map app since it come out and it has given me good directions every time. I listen to music off my iPhone through Bluetooth and the turn by turn directions come through loud and clear. Better then the DVD based system in my Accura

  7. Put that address shown on the Moto phone into the US Postal Service zip code finder and it does not exist. Look at the Apple result and you can see that the street returned obviously used to be called 15 St or should be – look at the numbering gap in the map between 9th and 16th. For the app to guess that is actually darn impressive!

  8. I had to drive to small town Alberta, CA today for work and interestingly enough, both apples iOS6 maps and gave me the wrong directions to the business I was trying to find.

    Looks like neither one wins that round.

    But in the city apple maps hasn’t been wrong yet.

  9. Noting the above info that the odd numbers do not exist for that block, I keyed in 314 E 15th and got what appears to be the correct address.

    Helps to use addresses that exist, I suppose.

  10. Out of the Android market share, Motorola’s stadings appear to be in the back of the pack of device manufacturers with even Apple besting them also. Maybe Apple can run an ad touting such with the tagline, ‘iLost, Motorola, Apple couldn’t agree more!

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