Gartner sees BlackBerry, Android users upgrading to Apple’s iPhone 5

“When Apple Inc. releases its iPhone 5 for sale at retail stores Friday, the company will be looking to upgrade its already large base of existing customers, as well as convert others using rival devices,” Dan Gallagher reports for MarketWatch.

“Most of the initial rollout is expected to involve the former, with faithful Apple customers queuing at the company’s retail stores for a chance to get the latest version of the popular smartphone — after the iPhone 5’s pre-order run sold out on the Apple website in 24 hours,” Gallagher reports. “But to meet Wall Street’s high expectations for the device, Apple also will need to keep bringing in customers who are new to the smartphone market — as well as entice others who are using competitors’ products, including Samsung, Motorola and BlackBerry devices… ‘I think you’ll see a lot of people switching from BlackBerry and some switching from Android,’ predicted Carolina Milanesi of market-research firm Gartner, speaking of the Google’s mobile operating system featured on most Samsung smartphones.”

Gallagher reports, “In the meantime, many analysts expect Apple to sell 10 million iPhone 5 units or more in the first two weeks after the launch, ending the company’s fourth fiscal quarter. Total iPhone shipments for the December period are expected to be somewhere in the 45 million to 50 million range, based on current published estimates… ‘The main driver of iPhone sales momentum into mid-2013 could be China, where Apple needs to strike a deal with China Mobile for the first time,’ Ben Reitzes of Barclays Capital said.”

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    1. MDN lives or dies with Ad revenue. You can’t get this almost daily service without navigating the Ad land mines.

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  1. Yup.. I’ll be upgrading my 4 to a 5 when my contract expires in Oct and the wife will be taking the 4 while happily tossing her Droid Incredible 2. She will be getting the 5S or whatever it will be called when her contract is up next year. Ahhh compromises.. 😉

  2. MDN needs to monetize. I just ignore the ads. It’s no skin off my butt. It’s a free site so I just expect it to be financed through ads like any other internet site. It’s how the world at large works.

  3. “But to meet Wall Street’s high expectations for the device, Apple also will need to…” what, believe these idiots? There is no possible benefit to Apple customers, their shareholders or even the smartphone technology sector in listening to Wall Street.

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