Crowds gather at Apple Stores in nine countries for iPhone 5 launch

“Customers in nine countries have begun gathering for the kickoff to sales of Apple Inc.’s latest iPhone 5 amid signs of heavy demand for the high-profile handset,” Ian Sherr reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Crowds started forming earlier this week outside an Apple retail store in New York as eager customers waited to be among the first to get the new smartphone,” Sherr reports. “The device goes on sale Friday at 8 a.m. local time in each country, with Australia first in a sequence that moves to Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Germany and the U.K., finishing in the U.S. and Canada.”

Sherr reports, “Apple said initial sales of the iPhone 5, which began last Friday, topped two million units within the first day it began taking pre-orders—setting a new company record… An hour into accepting pre-orders, Apple’s website indicated that it would take up to two weeks for customers to receive a new iPhone, suggesting initial inventory had sold out. On Wednesday, Apple’s website showed that pre-order customers would have to wait three to four weeks for a new iPhone 5 to ship.”

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    1. I wouldn’t call them idiots, just enthusiastic people. At least they’re not rioting and trying to burn down the stores. Besides, this drives the stock price higher. And we like that don’t we? Of course we do. So let them have their fun, it’s harmless. And it makes me more money. Isn’t life grand?

  1. Oh, boy oh boy! Just wait until all those lined up people see the new Samsung TV ads calling them stupid for having fun while waiting for the latest iPhone! Those newly-awakened line-waiters are going to run home and never buy another Apple product again!
    Just you wait!

    Wait a little longer. …

    Wait. …

  2. You mean I shouldn’t have pre-ordered? Should I tell the UPS guy/gal to go away tomorrow because I want to stand in line at the local Apple Store?

    Our UPS truck usually shows between 9-10 AM and tomorrow will probably be no different.

  3. If anyone is in line at the South Costa Plaza Apple store, look for me Friday morning. I will be the one with the big lens belt, press pass around my neck (that says Steve), and Nikon cameras.
    Say hi and I might take your photo for the local daily paper.

  4. Long lines = Samsung “It doesn’t take a Genius” ad, epic fail!

    Samsung, instead of wasting money on events you cannot alter or stop, just pay your One Billion Dollar Fine like a good little guilty copier!

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