Apple’s iOS 6 already on 15% of iOS devices within just 24 hours

“On September 19th, 2012 Apple pushed iOS 6 live, making updates available over-the-air and through iTunes,” Chitika Insights reports.

“After being available to consumers for over 24 hours, Chitika Insights tapped into Chitika Ad network data,” Chitika Insights reports. “To determine the success of Apple’s latest mobile operating system, Chitika Insights took a look at the adoption rate of iOS 6 across all iOS devices.”

Chitika Insights reports, “To quantify this study, Chitika Insights took a sample of millions of mobile ad impressions coming out of the Chitika Ad network ranging from September 19th to September 20th 2012. The growth rate of iOS 6 was then compared to total iOS Web usage using a time series to illustrate the rate of adoption of the new OS.”

Chitika: iOS 6 on 15% of iOS Devices 24 Hours After Public Release

Chitika Insights reports, “Within 24 hours, iOS 6 adoption had already reached levels above 15%. This level of adoption is a significant development and a testament to the vertical product structure Apple dedicated itself to, particularly when compared to Android’s latest operating system (Jelly Bean) which only saw a 1.5% adoption rate within its first two months.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Android is such a bad joke.


  1. It’s on my 4S and New iPad. The only problem I had was the failure to connect to my home network, as many have reported on the Apple Support pages. In the brief setup menu, when you are asked to connect to your network some folks (me, too) end up getting directed to an Apple web page that claims a broken link.

    My fix was to just force quit Safari, Chrome and iCabMobile. After that I easily breezed through the setup process.


    1. I had same. Easy fix is to hit the little blue arrow on the right side of the network you want to connect to. On the next screen select ‘forget this network’. Now when you back and try and select the network again and it will work.

      Before this fix was found people on the forums were saying Apple was overnighting them new replacement phones. This was the only method that worked for people so far… Simply resetting network settings doesn’t work.

    1. NOT !!!
      Not if you have an iPad 1, which came out ONE YEAR LATER than the iPhone 3GS, which IS supported. (They both have the same processor and unfortunately for the iPad, the same 256MB or RAM, but don’t tell me it couldn’t be done).

      I hope Apple fixes this and comes out with an iOS version for iPad 1. It may take some tweaking to take out exactly those features that let Maps run on the 256MB footprint, in the presence of the iPad’s bigger screen.

  2. Sorry now that I upgraded my 4s iOS 6. Lost all my jailbreak apps, tweaks as well as all backups made thru iTunes. Even attempted to downgrade back to 5.1.1–won’t work.

    The 4s untethered jailbreak can’t come soon enough but I’ve resided myself to the fact that it may not be available for months. ) :

    1. as a former Jailbreaker myself…

      All I have to say is this:
      if you do…. lose ALL your “tweaks”.

      if you did not know this…

      Odds are there are ways to downgrade to 5.1.1 I used to downgrade all the time, keep checking the usual sites..

      as far as the backups, there shouldn’t be any issues with backups. but the backups will not allow jailbroken apps to install, nor allow a “restore” to a previous OS version if thats what you are talking about.

      oh, and the swearing at The Other Steve… you just prove that you sir, are an Asshole.
      Coming to MDN to post your Jailbreak issues…

        1. DISCLAIMER… I have not tested this procedure since iOS 4, I have not Jailbroke my iPhone since iOS 4 and have not followed the “scene” since either…
          If this is correct, good. if not.. Like I said above, have not tested it.

          Also, if you are not experienced in Jailbraking your iPhone… or are not 100% confident in your ability to “un-Brick” a bricked iPhone if something goes wrong… Stop reading, and walk away… Apple won’t help you.
          And no, neither will I. Like I said i’m done with Jailbrakes, I have no desire anymore.
          Granted, someone else here may jump in and help you out if something goes wrong…

          (And yes, 95%+ of “bricked” iPhones can be fixed… but there is still that chance)

          If you are still wanting to give it a shot. Search for ways to do it, then search some more. after that, REREAD the instructions 17 more times.
          then proceed.

          I just did a quick search for the instructions. I almost posted the link I found… But they link to a 5.1.1 IPSW file that I would NEVER trust… (never heard of the site before, could be fine.. but not going to run the risk)
          So… I just copied the text from the link.

          1) Turn the device off, connect it to the computer via USB, and launch iTunes
          2) Place the iOS device into DFU mode: with the device off, hold down the Power and Home buttons together for 10 seconds then release the power button, continue holding Home button until iTunes notifies you of a device in recovery mode being detected. The devices screen should stay black as if turned off.
          3) Restore within iTunes through either method a or b:
          a) Restore from the iOS 5.1.1 backup you made prior to installing iOS 6 beta
          b) Restore to iOS 5.1.1 IPSW by Option-Clicking the “Restore” button, and then restore from iCloud backup when finished
          4) Let iTunes restore back to iOS 5.1.1, the device will reboot when finished

          as for that 5.1.1 IPSW… Thats up to you to find.
          there are “reputable” Jail brake sites out there that you can trust to get the IPSW from, but i’m not going to do that work for you (or anyone else)

          Like I said, if you are even .05% unsure…. walk away and wait for some “official” iOS 6 jail brake if you really want/need the iPhone jailbroken.

      1. Jail brake does not equal stealing…

        Jailbroken iPhones had copy/paste LONG before Apple released it.
        ditto with notification center, lock screen info, folders, backgrounds… list goes on.

        does theft happen? yes… but it’s not the reason people jail brake the iPhone.

  3. Not liking the bluish tinge on settings and mail on the iPhone. The iPad does it better by not superimposing a graduated bluish tinge on the upper border bar but leaves it in its original black which delineates the bar, and the information contained, clearly whereas the bluish tinge causes everything to bleed into the background.

    1. I guess it’s just personal preference. I kinda like it, and the dimensional buttons at the bottom of the screen. I can’t wait till I’m holding my iPhone 5 tomorrow!!

    2. I am not attempting to contradict your opinion on the “blue tinge.” I have not yet upgraded and experienced iOS 6. But I do find it very interesting how you switch from the big picture items to focus your attention on minutiae.

      Eventually one would hope that Apple will provide greater user control over user interface elements in iOS. Until then it is a take it or leave it system. That is both a strength and a weakness of iOS because it promotes commonality, consistency, and reliability at the expense of choice.

  4. Not sure this is a god thing? Of course MDN will take a shot at Android, but my points that allowing us to update to IOS 6 before making the iPhone 5 available might back fire as my 4S is loving the update and frankly has me and probably many others second guessing their need for the 5. Maybe Android is on to something with regards to ow to market new devices. Sure iPhone will sell just fine but will it sell as we’ll as it could have if Apple held back IOS 6 foe even just a week post the IPhone 5 release.

    1. So your saying Apple should not make the new OS available to older or even current devices in order to sell more hardware like Android does?
      {answer to question here deemed unnecessary}

      Perhaps Apple should orphan their hardware without ever making them compatible with the current OS.

      D’oh! Android already does that.

    2. I’m not sure how Android OS versions are rolled out has anything to do with a marketing strategy by Google. My understanding is that they make the newest versions available to the carriers decided when to roll them out and how. The carriers are demotivated to do this based on the scenario you describe – the new OS is a feature on new hardware.

      I hope that Apple does not become that desperately crass and sticks to making great devices to drive their business. The reviews of the iPhone 5 suggest they did just that.

      BTW, I do not know the history of timing of new iOS and new phones. If they have done this before, you should be able to provide empirical data that iOS upgrade before hardware upgrade actually depresses sales.

    3. I appreciate your point. But the new version of iOS becomes available with the release of a new iPhone. The early release of the new version of iOS spreads out the load on servers and personnel. Also, by virtue of its market leadership and profit dominance, Apple has the luxury of not having to chase every immediate sale. If you are very happy with iOS 6 on your iPhone 4S, then you will likely upgrade to the iPhone 5 or 6 in the future. Meanwhile, you are consuming apps and music and ads. It is a win-win for Apple.

  5. I’ve updated my iPad2, but not my iPhone 4S. But the battery life sucks on the iPad now. I can almost watch it drain away. I briefly worked on a spreadsheet using Numbers, read the paper on it, played with Maps for 5 minutes, and did a couple of email searches. Already it’s down to 55% only 10 hours after being fully charged. Probably only 45 minute’s use and 9 hours asleep. I even rebooted it to kill all the open apps just in case Maps (or something else) was draining it but it’s going down just as quickly. Before the update it would be at something like 85% at this point. This is not good.

    1. Reboot to quit apps? Just double tap the home button, select and hold one of the apps that subsequently appears at the bottom and tap the red circle that then appears. A few seconds to quit all apps. Not perfect but far faster than rebooting.

        1. I thought Apple enhanced the battery management software. I had my 4S charged when I went to bed last night and it was still at 100% this morning.

          Seems to me there are a whole bunch of new monikers at this site since the release of iOS6.

    1. it seems that the iOS maps problems… are generally in Europe.

      I looked up Burger King in stockholm, the address is correct… but the actual location is on the other side of the street.

      I just looked up Jimmy John’s, Maps got it correct… sorta.. The pin is in the right corner, right building… but wrong office space heh. (it’s the next one over)

      I checke JJ’s cause they have only opened that store in maybe last 6 months.

      issues? yeah..
      Am I sure that Apple will address them? yes.

  6. Since updating to IOS6 I noticed that location services was always on when I woke up my phone and battery power seemed to drain faster. After looking it appears that the new passbook app is using location services even when not in use and asleep. I have since turned it off in location services and will so far it seem to have fixed the problem.” SO FAR”

  7. of course, isheep & fanboys will adapt it very quickly. do you know the reason? apple usually makes old models obsolete so faster than others. you have no choice if you only buy apple shit.

    1. With all the money you save using Android you could buy yourself a clue. This is about older iOS devices being upgraded to the new iOS6. I suppose that is a strange concept for Droids, after sale support that is.

    2. If you are going to troll, you should at least attempt to troll with something that is not total BS. If there is one unassailable strength regarding the iOS ecosystem, it is the fact that Apple promotes longevity and usefulness of its devices. You can generally upgrade iOS at least a couple of times during the lifetime of a device before you reach a limit at which new hardware is required to go forward. Similarly, iOS apps are generally usable across many devices, both old and new.

      It is worth noting that this is also a strength of Macs, as well. I have upgraded my 2007 Intel iMac 24″ through several generations of OS X, gaining new features and improved performance. I am extremely satisfied with the value that my iMac has provided. Five years old, still running like a champ, and the only actions that I have taken over the years were to max out the RAM when I got it and jack in a 2GB HDD a year or so ago. Awesome machine!

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