Choosing an iPhone 5 carrier in the U.S.A.

“Now that CNET‘s verdict is in about the iPhone 5 and preorders are through the roof, you might want to consider how important a carrier is in terms of overall user experience, if you’re even remotely eyeing the device for yourself,” Lynn La reports for CNET.

“While Cricket Wireless and the regional carrier, C Spire, will offer the iPhone 5 starting September 28, it’ll be sold under the major carriers — AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint — starting September 21,” La reports. “Each of these three networks have different plans, prices, and bundles, with Sprint being the only one with a full unlimited plan. However, with all the little nuanced phone plans offered by these companies, it can get confusing for those of you who are free agents looking for a new carrier contract to sign.”

La reports, “To make it a bit clearer, we broke down some of the basic but important facts worth considering when shopping for the new iPhone.”

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    1. No, not T-mobile. They have NO LTE in the US. they have “4G” HSPA+, which is far slower than LTE and equivalent to what most people get on their iPhone 4/4s now from AT&T – and most of that is incompatible with iPhone. Only parts of their network have been upgraded to even work with the older iPhones

      So, why on earth would anyone buy a 5 to use on t-mobile?

      For an eye-opening comparison of LTE coverage :

          1. Yeah, just imagine its your first day at prison, er its not PC, a correction center and several lifers have been looking at you like you are Plaate of the Year. No need to continue on, you get the picture.

  1. The big question is when Verizon will offer voice over LTE (VoLTE). When they do people will be able to use data and talk at the same time and it will be game and match point for Verizon.

  2. This is actually a pretty good article of the differences between the services. I was considering switching from AT&T to Sprint to save a bit of money and get unlimited data. However it was only like $10 a month cheaper and Sprint doesn’t do simultaneous talk/surf which is a show stopper for me. Bummer since I’d love to drop AT&T like a bad habit.

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