Samsung promotes Apple’s iPhone 5 when Facebook campaign backfires

Zach Epstein reports for BGR, “Samsung recently took to Facebook to ask its followers a simple question — ‘If you could only take one electronic device on a deserted island, what would it be?'”

“Among the 50 most recent responses as of the time of this writing, we count 40 people who said their device of choice would be Apple’s iPhone, and one who said he would take an iPad,” Epstein reports. “Browsing through earlier responses yields much of the same.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Smirk.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dirk” and “Joe Architect” for the heads up.]


  1. After the Galaxy S6 gets announced (43 foot screen) they’ll be able to ask: If you were stranded atop a Galaxy S6 in the middle of the ocean, what one device would you want with you?

  2. Hey, I went to the site and its a HOOT. There is an 90% iPhone answer rate. LOL

    Also, look at the general listing. People are saying the craziest things. Sample below:

    Comments from Samsung mobile Facebook site.

    comment 1 many, many samsung mobile devices have been shipped with design flaws in the charging port…corrosion occurs and is not covered under warranty. Beware of buying samsung mobile devices. they will not stand behind their products.

    comment 2 I have a Samsung Droid Charge and I just now received my 5th replacement due to malfunctions with each phone. Some of the problems include the charging port, my contacts and photos getting erased, issues with the swype, and more. I’ve tried calling Samsung, but was told that I would have to work this out with Verizon. Their solution is to keep sending me replacements. As a promoter and someone who relies heavily on their smart phone, unfortunately I will be looking at iphone for my future needs.

    comment 3 I don’t understand like 1/16th of what this phone is capable of still lol but i love it billion times better than my husbands iphone4s!!!!

    Does anyone else have problems with their internet freezing up when you click the bookmarks button? (——— I love her last comment…. just love it)

    comment 4 Hey Samsung, where is the deserted island post at?? Only because everyone chose to take an iPhone with them??? —— found it way down the page. It was still there.

    1. There are desert islands in the Arctic. Desert means less than 6″ of precipitation (water) per year, not necessarily a hot place.

      A hockey puck would be welcome in the Arctic.

  3. The way the Android freeborg see it, being stranded on a desert Island is not only a free vacation but they also have the opportunity to take the phone they really wanted! 😉

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