iPhone 5 benchmark score outperforms every iOS and Android device to date

“A benchmark score logged on Sunday with Primate Labs’ online Geekbench reportedly details the specifics of Apple’s iPhone 5, with the new smartphone outperforming the average scores of every iOS and Android device on the website,” AppleInsider reports.

“The online benchmarking site reportedly logged a score of 1601 from an ‘iPhone5,2’ that was running iOS 6 on a dual-core ARMv7 processor clocked at 1.02GHz with 1GB of RAM,” AppleInsider reports. “While it is not impossible to spoof device identifiers, the specifications line up with previous speculation that Apple’s A6 SoC boasts a full gigabyte of DRAM and leverages a an ARMv7 CPU with custom-designed cores.”

AppleInsider reports, “If legitimate, the iPhone5,2’s score eked out the highest-performing Android devices, including the Asus-built Nexus 7 tablet and Samsung Galaxy S III.”

Apple A6 processor
Apple A6 processor

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  1. … cores each ran at 2 GHz! No? Yes, I HAD heard that the new “system” out-paced Android models featuring quad-cores at a similar clock speed. Presumably due to tighter code.
    30 years ago a coder often spent more time tweaking his code than writing it. Not enough RAM! We know Windows coders seldom tweak anything, has Apple decided to pay more attention to that detail?

    1. Most likely not only due to more efficient code in iOS6 but the dual cores in the iP5 are custom designed by Apple, and are not the generic ARM7 or ARM9 or ARM15 found in Android devices.

  2. my MacBook Air from late 2010 makes about 2700 points, so iPhone 5 has about 60% of that, with a tiny fraction of the energy consumption.
    I are soooo disappointed…

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