The Jimmy Kimmel ‘iPhone 5’ prank that has gone viral (with video)

“It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff. Whether the true Apple fan boys would have caught on to the trick immediately, is uncertain, but these poor victims of a prank on the street couldn’t distinguish an iPhone 4S from an iPhone 5 when asked to comment on the new product,” IBN reports.

“A video clip on the popular show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ went viral with over 2,225,843 hits,” IBN reports.

IBN reports,” Kimmel’s team basically shows random people on the street an older version of the iPhone, telling them that it was the latest, cutting-edge iPhone 5 and asked them to rate the ‘new’ product.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Castelbuono” for the heads up.]


    1. Well, it is a bit scary to find people who claim to have the 4S not recognizing another 4S in their hands. No hypnosis or propagandization required.

      Are you SURE they’re members of my species? This isn’t just some joke on me while I’m actually being held in an alien mind torture lab? Is this where sucker PoliTards come from?

    1. The anti apple prejudice is in full force. With every iPhone release..they become even more irrational, desperate, and obviously mad. Stockholm syndrome is ripe with the fandroids.

  1. Average people are technologically gullible and will believe any BS told to them by someone who appears to be knowledgable. That’s probably why some average people end up with a Samdung phone.

        1. The average IQ is 100. Which means that half the population is below 100. What’s it like on that end having a hard time truly understanding most things in life but somehow convincing yourself you’re knowledgeable?

          1. Processor, memory, and screen of the iPhone are all Samsung manufactured. And just saying if the “average” is 100, that does not mean that half the population is below 100. If the median was 100 then that would be true.

      1. and they hardly walk out with a camera, grab 5 random people and are done with the segment in 3 minutes. they probably struck out with a bunch of people just to get those 5-6 they showed.

        and those he did show.. probably figured it out at some point as well.

    1. I like your twist on this =D

      These poor people wouldn’t have looked at all stupid if this video had been made last year when 4S came out, right? A lot of iPhone owners out there probably had no idea that the form factor was going to visibly change this time around or that there would be no GoogleMaps any more etc…

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