Pre-orders sold out in one hour, Apple pushes iPhone 5 shipment dates out by two weeks

“Shipment dates for Apple Inc’s new iPhone slipped by a week on the first day of sales on Friday, suggesting strong demand for the slimmer, lighter and faster version of the smartphone,” Sayantani Ghosh reports for Reuters.

“Within an hour of the start of presales, the Apple Store Online was projecting shipments would take two weeks to fulfill,” Ghosh reports. “Apple started taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5 at midnight Pacific Time (0700 GMT) on Friday, with the first deliveries set for one week’s time.”

Ghosh reports, “‘We believe the fast sell out indicates both high levels of demand and constrained supply,’ Cross Research said in a note. ‘However, given that the company announced an aggressive rollout schedule, we assume management’s plan includes a rapid increase in production.'”

iPhone 5 sold out, slips to 2 weeks shipping
iPhone 5 sold out, slips to 2 weeks shipping


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  1. Apple didn’t open the preorder in hong kong and will have a lottery system on 20th to determine who can buy on 21st in hong kong Apple store .

    I am sure if hk opens preorder , hk will be out of stock in 10 mins as lots of hungry iPhone buyers waiting Apple online store to start preorder but unluckily Apple fears to do it as the demand is so damn strong !

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        That said, you haven’t really said anything interesting at all, other that chide other users about their language. When does that start?

      2. Yeah, that’s tame for Chrissy1. Besides, I think in C1’s ‘street-speak’ , “SUCKKAZ” means “Suckers”, not “Suck Ass”, which it looks like you might have mistaken it for.

  2. I casually logged in at 2:35AM PST. Had no trouble getting in. Thought I was going to get my phone on the 21st. Saw that note… 2 WEEKS! That’s 2 Weeks ESTIMATE until a unit is AVAILABLE, by the way. Then there’s 5 days shipping time on top of that. Heh! So about 19 days.

    Oh well, take your time, make it well.

    First batch is usually a bit wonky anyway.

  3. As the author noted, Apple wouldn’t have done the rollout to so many countries if they did have a huge supply on hand. The demand as usual outstrips supply and even Apple can’t handle that.

  4. Last year Apple sold one million iPhone 4s in the first 24 hours. 600,000 the year before with the iPhone 4.

    Is it too much to assume they blasted through two million last night?

    1. 2 million would be mind boggling and if that is the case no one should say anything negative about the ordering process because relative to such a number, it was amazingly smooth.

      I imagine some new data center manager looking at the traffic and mumbling, “We’re gonna need a bigger state.”

    1. I’m DEFINITLY getting the AppleCare plus. Piece of mind and I think I’ll actually keep this phone the full 2 years. With PLUS they’ll cover accidental damage. Can only file two claims and have a $50 copay. They cover any amount of manufacturer warranty. For a $100 you can’t beat it.

    2. I got Apple care this time. I hadn’t for any of my previous iPhones (1, 3G, 4).

      Overall, the 1 got replaced at the Genius bar 2x, one inside of warranty and once out (free). The 3G I also got replaced out of warranty (free). I felt fortunate that they offered to do that for me. However, based on my wife’s experience, I think Apple is cracking down on the latitude that genius bar employees have to replace iPhones out of warranty. With the number of units they have sold, that makes sense, since even problems with a very small percent of phones would have high actual volumes.

      Overall, the phones all survived various drops, falls, and in one case being run over by a car. So they are not fragile in my experience. However, it seems like there is a decent chance a problem will crop up between the end of year 1 and whenever iPhone 6 comes out.

  5. Why the heck is Apple not offering any covers or cases for the iphone5 at launch? It’ll be at least a couple of weeks to a month after launch that the 3rd party manufacturers will need to get ther stuff out. Am I supposed to carry my shiny new phone in a sock until then? Ugh

  6. That iPhone 5 thingy sure grows on you!

    Even though I’m what the Dark Side might call a fanboy, I was mildly disappointed when I first saw fleeting glimpses of the 5 on news photos and some video snippets. That’s all? A taller, thinner 4S?

    Yet, something about taller, slimmer thangs seems to take a hold on many people, and I found myself going back and looking at the 5 again, as well as trying to get to know the inner person of this new tall, thin thing.

    A day later, after watching and rewatching Jony Ive and company’s pitch on video, I’m convinced that I’ve just witnessed once again why Apple is the king and the rest will always be loud pretenders.

    This looks like a very elegant, very must-have thing that will quickly find a place in your heart. Already last night, I was looking at the cheapest way I could ditch my 4S so that I can bring this classy new thing into my life.

    Aesthetically, performance-wise (if the specs are to be believed – and never a reason to disbelieve Apple) and in avant-garde cutting-edgeness, it looks like Apple has just stepped things up a notch.

    I’m very certain that when you’re on the bus or train, at a meeting or a party, and you casually bring this thing into view, all eyes will be on your 5.

    Apple does not create loud Las Vegas revues – Samsung and Google do that well. Instead, it takes smooth jazz into subtle, new and more powerful directions.

      1. cause most people… will buy the cheaper 16/32 gb versions.

        money… People would rather complain about not having enough storage than pay extra for that storage.

        a guy ordered a 16GB iPhone 5 before me in the AT&T store today, he’s 2-3 weeks out before it ships.
        I dropped $650 for the 64GB on early upgrade (cause I bought the 4S last year) and my estimate was 1-2 weeks… I *may* get mine the 21st-26th.

        but my luck.. It will be October 21-26 lol.

  7. I have to admit, the web process was rather smooth considering there were a truckload of people all trying to order the same phones at the same time. Good job Apple.

    Also explains why in took only an hour rather than 24 hours like last time.

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