Apple shares gain in after-hours trading

“Apple Inc. shares rose in active trading Wednesday evening, adding to dayside gains following the company’s unveiling of its new iPhone model,” Carla Mozee reports for MarketWatch.

“Evening-traded Apple shares were up 0.3% at $671.80,” Mozee reports. “They closed the regular session higher by 1.4% after Apple introduced iPhone 5 at a company event in San Francisco, saying the device is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S. Apple designed a new chip for the iPhone 5, and the phone has a 4-inch screen.”

Mozee reports, “Last week, shares of Apple hit an all-time high above $683 ahead of the expected introduction of the iPhone 5. The shares have climbed 65% this year.”

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  1. AAPL usually climbs before Events. Falls during, esp. after events. This time, iPhone5 event, AAPL had mini-crash from 683 to 558 by yesterday.

    at today’s start of the iPhone5 event stock was $659, during event highest was $665, at event end it was $669.

    in AfterHours it’s $671.50

    the $20 loss prior to event was sufficient and no matter what happened at event it could only go up again.

    once the doubts of naysayers calms down, they will realize how silly it is to always judge Apple by different standards than the rest of the industry, who invent gadgets, not quality products, as if it’s never good enough, what Apple does, whilst they just f’k around and want credit or bribe the media to lie and sting Apple or Steve Jobs.

    Who was right about Adobe Flash 2.5 years before it crashed?!
    Whose in the Black? Apple!

    just like iPhone4S was 1st dubbed same old shit (as iPhone4), it became the hottest seller ever, so will iPhone5 (now dubbed boring) be even hotter than iPhone4S!

    AAPL fell $20 or 3% prior to event.
    it’s now up half that loss.
    when the press uses its head tomorrow, it should think that iPhone5 is new in exterior as well as interior design + has iOS6 + google Map killer + siri 1.0 +++, not to mention the biggest iPhone user base ever + millions customers who are at end of their cell phone contracts and will renew etc.

    AAPL also has this to look forward to this year:
    oct: new iMacs
    oct: iPad mini
    xmas: new Apple product category in Frenchy Philippe Starck’s design etc.

    1. AAPL is a Buy! Always has been since iPod and especially iPhone came out! It is not Not too late to make $$$$ money 🙂

      🙂 iSay AAPL = $1077 before 2015 ends 🙂

      iBuy AAPL … uBuy AAPL ?

  2. Colin Gillis just came on CNBC with a price target of $600 and a hold rating. What he didn’t say was that he has had a hold rating on AAPL since January 25, when it was $420.41, also has a hold on AMZN since 4/27 at a price of $195.99, someone has to hold these guys and CNBC accountable for full disclosure.

  3. This is disturbing.

    Given that the market is ALWAYS wrong about Apple’s iPhone success and value, should we fear that the iPhone 5 will be a failure ?

    Let’s hope it’s just wrong at being wrong all the time.

    It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future. (YB)

    1. It will only fail to meet expectations as this device is still not up to par with the top shelf Androids and the new Nokia 920. This said, the iPhone 5 will sell well within the Cult but seducing new users is where it will struggle.

      1. You are kidding, right? If not that is the stupidest statement I haver read on any forum. I guess the 4% of all Android users who have the latest os version represent more than a cult. Three of my neighbors who have had verizon droids for two years are giddy over getting an iPhone. Two years comparing their droids that cannot be upgraded (to custard pie or sloppy seconds or whatever the latest os is called) to my iPhone have them champing at the bit for Friday to come.
        You may think ther will be no switchers but I am betting big at the AAPL store you are so wrong.

        1. Totally agree. I have a friend who was a long time droid user who amazed me today with a text saying he is getting the iPhone 5. People do recognize quality.

          “sloppy seconds” LOL. Sounds so true.

          1. I think there are more Android users out there with pangs of iPhone 5 hunger in their bellies than they are willing to admit. The word I think of with iPhone 5 sales is “avalanche.”. Many will leave the Dark Google bitter dregs for the Apple juice.

        1. Yeah Nokia pretty much shot themselves in the foot as they tripped over their clodhoppers with their dishonest Lumia phone features adverts. Hard to believe such inept marketing execution. But then Elop the Flop is at the helm and has been Microsoft tainted. Hiring a certified MS Bonehead wasn’t the sharpest thing Nokia’s board has ever done.

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