Is this Apple’s official iPhone 5 promotional video?

YouTuber “tony stew” has posted a video entitled, “Official iPhone 5 Promo Video September 12 2012.”

We’ve embedded it below.

The video claims certain design characteristics (unibody construction, glass cutouts, etc.), device measurements (4.6 ounces, 7.6 mm, etc.), specs (A6 processor, 1GB RAM, etc.) and often does so in Apple-esque ways (note how the width animates down to 7.6mm – it seems like something Apple would produce). In other places, however, the video doesn’t seem as kosher (The text “Antenna at top and bottom with glass cutout RF windows,” for one example, seems too wordy and clunky for Apple to have produced).

What do you think?

MacDailyNews Take: One glaring issue, among others, that we have with it is the music, it just doesn’t seem like a piece that Apple would use.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


    1. Cult of Mac reported on the same video 6 hours ago and clearly state the name of the creator of this video and why it was created. Your title for this article is very misleading and so is your article in general. You deliberately bait the idiot gullible readers. If it ain’t on Apple official website it ain’t real people. Wake the f..k up people. I am no longer going to follow your bogus reporting. Why dont you do fact checks and report only the facts not the crap.

    2. I don’t think it’s a fake. I think it is a trade show video promo for use at a booth. That’s why it has all of the tech specs.

      I don’t see the need for using physical items to make a demo video when
      manipulating with software rendering system is much easier. think Pixar.

      1. This it the guy who knew nothing about designs and they let go… They will not hire him again and if they were going to it would have been before making this silly video which everyone is calling FAKE! You need a bit more talent and skills before you are considered to be an good contributor.

  1. Not real. All those detailed specs like 1GB RAM. Apple don’t make a fuss about that stuff. And resolution of the fingerprint scanner! Who would even know to wonder? Ooh, fingerprint scanner, I wonder what resolution it has???

  2. It looks great, includes everything we thought it would plus the fingerprint scanner to boot, if someone went through a lot of trouble to make a misleading video they are really good. I my opinion this is the real deal. I think all in all people will be happy after Monday’s initial disappointing stock reaction.

  3. The give away here is three fold:
    First, the images look like renderings, not actual products.
    Two, the copy is not refined. Apple would not include so much descriptive copy in a video; they use short concise phrases.
    Last, there’s a lack of cutesy Apple names for features. For example, ‘Fingerprint Scan’ is too generic. “ScanShield” would be more Apple-esq.

    In the end, it’s a great video put together by someone trying to demonstrate their graphic & animation skills.

    By the way, the date and time on the phone were a nice touch.

  4. I think it is a fake. Everything is obviously CGI, and Apple uses physical models for their videos. Plus, it only has info in it that has already been available for a while, or makes new claims already based on that existing info. Additionally, it has a lot of technical minutiae that Apple tends not to include in their promo videos. My guess is that someone with good CGI skills is having a bit of fun.

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