iPhone 5 is coming, but how much longer can Apple keep this up? Will there be an iPhone 10?

“Industry analysts are already predicting that Apple’s iPhone 5, widely expected to be unveiled on Wednesday, will be the best-selling smartphone of all time. Each new iPhone has outsold the previous version, and the iconic device has been the top-selling mobile phone since its 2007 debut,” David Goldman writes for CNNMoney.

“That raises the question: How much longer can Apple keep this up? Will there be an iPhone 10?” Goldman wonders. “The last phone to have a prolonged run at the top was the Motorola Razr, which outpaced its competitors for three straight years — until the flip phone was blindsided by the much more powerful iPhone. The iPhone’s five-year run as the top-selling phone is unprecedented.”

Goldman reports, “‘Logic would dictate that at some point in time another company would come along and take over the mantle of technology leadership,’ said Jagdish Rebello, director of communications research at IHS iSuppli. Maybe — but don’t hold your breath. Phones built around Google’s Android platform collectively outsell the iPhone, but that market is fragmented across many different manufactures and models. Nothing on the horizon looks likely to unseat Apple’s iPhone as the top-selling device.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We don’t know if they’ll call it “iPhone 10,” but there will certainly be a 10th generation iPhone. We expect it will sell very well, too.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]

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      1. it’s both…. This is not a smartphone … It is a computer that also phones…. Once that concept is realized you see that is the best hand held computer available for the same reason the Mac is the best laptop and desktop models…. All of these analysts are stuck on the”phone” paradigm …. Think hand held computer… Oh yeah …. And you can make phone calls on it too.

        1. It’s also a camera (better pics and way more functionality (trigger trap anyone?) then many point and shoot) it’s a data logger, workout partner, accountability partner, sleep pattern sensor, “bubble level'” gps, video viewer, police scanner, accounting mashine, credit card mashine, scheduler, music instrument, books and magazine, weather predictor, wife/child/family tracker, home automation control device, gaming device, productivity device (email, word, excel, ppt etc) planning tool, travel agent, parking finder, resturant finder/booker, real estate finder, sex offender locator, shopping device, research device, phot editor, publishing device, pod cast maker, post card maker, banking device, and then some. I just listed a few items from the top of my mind that I use my iPhone for, not even mentioning my iPad. No other device have transformed life and what and how we do things as the iPhone. If it wasn’t for the iPhone we’d all still have doodleberries with side scroll wheels and 16 color 200×100 screens.

  1. Two decades ago I was introducing Macintosh IIfx and the 8•24GC video card to dealer reps — one was so overwhelmed with the speed he leaned back in his chair, exclaimed “Wow!” and asked me: “Will Apple ever develop anything more?” I told him, “No, I don’t think so: The engineers all threw a party, quit and went home.”

    Put differently, David Goldman just got told by his editor that his stories were sitting at the bottom of the page-hit scores and he needed to reverse that or “be impacted by the economy.” So he thought to himself, “Hmm, Apple’s always good for something, but that’s pretty well covered by everyone else. What could I do now that would mention Apple but would be fresh and futuristic?”

    Ta da!

  2. I too can imagine using iPhone 10, and I can imagine many more articles just like this. People have been saying that the Porsche 911 is an old dinosaur and they can’t keep re-inventing it. Well, the new one is awesome, and ask any engineer if they would ever put the engine behind the rear wheels. 🙂

    1. But not make phone calls. They will be mind reading and transmitting your thoughts to others people’s iPhone x. iBooks will be uploaded directly to your brain via same technology.

  3. He answered his own question. Phones are now more complex by virtue of being attached to an ecosystem. The Motorola RAZR had no ecosystem you could care about. So it becomes more than the phone but also the ecosystem to which it is attached which is why Apple will not be dethroned pretty… much… ever…. Unless Steve Ballmer’s son runs Apple one day then all bets are off!

  4. Will there be an iPhone 10? Absolutely. Maybe even an iPhone 25 or 30 (or whatever they eventually call it).

    Will the iPhone 5+ years from now be the hottest selling iPhone? Absolutely NO ONE knows. Any prognostication is 100% guess at this point.

    I would be surprised if Apple has an unchallenged reign as the manufacturer of the top selling smart phone for 10+ contiguous years, but it could happen.

    Motorola had the hit with the StarTAC. Then a few misses. Then the RAZR. This was dethroned by the iPhone.

    Apple’s phones could very easily be at or near the top of the heap for the next 5+ years, but 10+ years of being THE top, is not likely. The iPhone being the undisputed champ for the next 10+ years (not missing a single quarter) is extremely unlikely.

  5. I find all this idle chatter about evolution versus revolution to be just a little bit disingenuous. I think if you look at the evolution of the PC over the past 25 years it’s been pretty much an evolutionary process, not a revolutionary one. The iPhone will continue to reduce the number of electronic gadgets we carry when we go out. It will never become a teleportation device. Apple will continue to innovate and the copycats will continue to copy.

  6. Huh? How long can Apple keep it up? Considering their profit level and success I’d say pretty damn long. Shouldn’t the question be how long can Blackberry and Microsoft/Nokia keep it up?


  7. Apple will eventually get into the Bionics industry and start producing cloud enabled organs which will communicate issues to Apples servers when your feeling sick or ill then suddenly a team
    of Docters will appear at your doorstep to offer treatment as long as your iMed account is still valid

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