Apple’s iPhone 5 unveiling this week is just the tip of the iceberg

“Apple is set to finally unveil its next-generation iPhone 5 later this week, and it will be the company’s biggest iPhone launch ever according to just about every Apple analyst on the planet,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR.

“In fact, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White went as far as to call it the “biggest upgrade in consumer electronics history,” in a note to investors Monday morning,” Epstein reports. “But according to White, investors should strap in for a crazy ride because Apple’s iPhone event on Wednesday is just the beginning.”

Epstein reports, “Beyond the new iPhone, Apple is prepping a new iPod lineup and new iMacs according to recent rumors, and White says the bigger catalysts later this year will be the new iPad mini and possibly an updated full-size iPad as well. Then, in 2013, he sees a relationship with China’s largest wireless carrier China Mobile finally taking shape in the first half of the year, and a new Apple-branded HDTV may finally launch as well.”

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    1. Apple is preparing its final lineup of web connected gadgets before the Singularity, which is expected to occur this December, coinciding with the end of the Mayan calender. Apple devises will be obsolete in the order, given that humans and technology will have converged into a single omnipresent “entity”. Other things expected to be obsolete in the order are loneliness, love, money, and freedom.

      1. At least we can expect to see the end of greed and unethical behavior—market manipulation, political pandering, industrial espionage, incessant and insulting advertising, and especially the unpleasant screaming trolls incited by know-it-all FUD purveyors and web page hit-whores thinly disguised as technology bloggers, analysts, and journalists.

  1. I think people are expecting way too much from the next iPhone. In the end, many people I feel will be disappointed with what the phone does have. It’s going to be an evolution not revolution.

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