Is Samsung copying Apple’s patented earphones? It sure looks like it

“Apple was granted two patents covering their earphones with remote and mic back in 2011,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“The first was granted in January and the second in March of that year, the very month and year that Samsung just happened to file for a patent that mirrors Apple’s product,” Purcher reports.

“Is Samsung trying to copy Apple?” Purcher asks. “You be the judge. By juxtaposing a key patent figure from Samsung’s current patent application against one of Apple’s original granted patent images you can clearly see that Samsung is once again trying to copy yet another Apple idea.”

Check out the comparison between yet another Apple original vs. Samsung knockoff in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Slavish.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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      1. “Douche”???? Insults are so Tea Party-like.
        From the article that MDN links to: “that’s why I call the core die-hard Android fans the Tea Partiers of the tech industry. Facts just don’t seem to matter. It’s really all about senseless anger and wacky arguments: The louder, the better!”
        Sort of like your insults, really. Based on nothing at all. Just make them as loud and obnoxious as possible.

        1. And of course the other end of the spectrum, the Occupy Wall Street bunch also showed their senseless anger and wacky argument side as well. Both political parties have groups that are just plain annoying as hell.

      1. Purcher was wrong to make that association and bring politics into a real problem with Samsung/Google copying and their apologists. The Tea Party has nothing to do with Birthers or Creationists. The Tea Party was formed for ONE reason: to stop the exponential growth of the Federal Government and its spending. There are a lot of influential people that have a stake in the status quo, and there has been a multiyear media blitz to attribute all the ugliness, bizarreness, and ignorance of the human species to the Tea Party to marginalize the movement which was making great strides. The sad thing is that the rabid Samsung/Android apologists/supporters are more akin to far Left; willing to do anything, say anything, harm anyone to to grab power.

        1. Tea Party Antics have hijacked our country. This is how the Bush Cheney administration, the Carl Rove doctrine and the Koch Brothers operate.

          They will all die when voted out by a landslide in November.

          1. I cannot imagine a country which is more conservative than liberal, lead by a left of center president who has failed to keep his promises, and whose single policy achievement is a healthcare bill so bloated and terrible that only one party voted for it never having read it, and that doctors don’t even like; it seems beyond credibility to imagine there being a pro democrat landslide.

            There could be a series of unforeseen events that shifts the focus of the election, but barring that I predict a Jimmy Carter style bloodletting with Romney winning in a landslide with momentum and picking up seats in congress.

            Obama is a great father and far better husband than Bill Clinton and as such I give him credit for those things. He has not been an effective president and he will not be re elected.

            1. In case you haven’t noticed, there is a ciris of trust, truth and trust and honesty have a connection to facts and integrity… It’s a no brainer: today’s Republikkkans have none of these attributes and cannot be trusted. Heck they dont even have a damn plan other than to lie about a decent man who if anything else, most people trust from experience…

              The Republikkkans are on their way to becomming a monority party , hard to believe? Watch.

            2. “The Republikkkans?” Is that like being one of the Democraps?
              Both sides have their nut job extremists. The party system is taking our government to Hell in a handbasket. Ban political parties and we might actually be able to put up candidates that stand for the best of both parties, instead of each catering to the extremists of both.

        2. Yes the Tea Party was formed for one reason, so the wealthy top .01% can get even richer. The TP is a phony movement, a creation of billionaire funded think tanks to get ignorant, resentful people to elect politicians who will accelerate income inequality. Unfunded tax cuts for the über class account for the largest part of the debt.

  1. ” 

    Androiders are also the ones that are constantly yelling that the patent system is broken because Apple is allowed to patent everything under the sun. Really now – then why is it that Samsung was the number two patent filer in the world in 2011 while Apple ranked thirty-ninth? Isn’t Samsung trying to protect their ideas like Apple is? Of course they are and that’s why I call the core die-hard Android fans the Tea Partiers of the tech industry. Facts just don’t seem to matter. It’s really all about senseless anger and wacky arguments: The louder, the better!  “

  2. There’s nothing unique enough to grant Samsung a patent, but their drawings seems to have enough differences to the design. People have been using headphones with mic’s before the iPhone. I assuming (I’m not a lawyer or judge) Apple’s patent is for design and some electronics, not just for sticking a mic, volume control, clicker, and earbuds together.
    Well, maybe the clicker.

    Samsung trying to get a patent for just moving things around? Not THAT’S another story!

  3. The one effective course I can take as a consumer is that I do not own anything with ‘a SAMSUNG’ label and never will. This is the one course of action that ‘Count$’ and is understood by those whose products I do not buy.

  4. What’s sad is the iHaters who keep posting that Apple copied XEROX right down to the mouse. What a bunch of idiots. Apple had to re-invent the wheel on the Mouse to make it work reliably and make it affordable. It took genius work to make that happen… Stupid iHaters who believe sensationalized movies rather than facts.

    1. Ignorance is a constant disease of human systems. The tyranny of the ignorant was one of the chief fears of the forefathers of the USA. And here we are up to our necks in the result of the rule of the ignorant in the USA. From outside the USA we look like a bunch of hick hillbillies who’ve lost touch with the reality of living on Earth. But I must point out that ignorance is everywhere within human society, across the planet. In a relative sense, all of us are stuck being ignorant in some respect. As I always point out:

      We never know everything about anything.

  5. When a thief gets caught he will accuse everyone to also be a thief.

    Google, the Tech Scum of today!

    Shameless, greedy, assholes.

    Just what all the PC/Android crowd likes.

  6. Is so difficult to read about slow to no reform of SS leadership in face of being warned not to ‘slavishly’ copy new phone inventions by Apple, blatantly selling stolen designs anyway, remaining defiant after repeated courts losses around the world, bragging about the billions saved in R&D, and now tge last months having to put up with the drivel legions on SS paid for bloggers are spewing to create an alternative reality, one that is nealy void of facts.

    1. Samsung, paying off bloggers to write good things about them?!?!? A big company like them with the high morals they have would never stoup to anything as unethical as that!

  7. this article is simply retarded. why don’t you sue all earphone makers, huh? they have all the same mechanism. then apple should already sue them before. I wonder why it didn’t yet. because MDN mainly post about apple. they usually say good anything about apple which is dumb silly as well. it turns out that this website is full of apple fanboys party. isn’t it?

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