Samsung states the obvious: Android’s multitouch software isn’t as good as Apple’s iOS

“Samsung has claimed that the way Android’s multitouch software works is not as good as Apple’s, in a bid to avoid a recall and ban on sales of its Android smartphones in a patent dispute with Apple in the Netherlands,” Loek Essers reports for IDG News Service.

“In addition to a sales ban, Apple wants the judge to order a recall of all Galaxy devices that run Android 2.3 and higher from Dutch distributors and resellers,” Essers reports. “A sales ban in the Netherlands could also have an E.U.-wide effect because Samsung’s distribution center is located in the Netherlands.”

Essers reports, “Both iOS and Android devices can disable touch input in certain areas of the screen when an application developer deems it necessary to do so to avoid undesirable input. Apple developed a way to prevent unwanted touches by giving each “view,” an element of the user interface, exclusivity… While Apple’s technology is a “very nice invention,” the technique used in Android differs from the iOS solution, argued Bas Berghuis van Woortman, one of Samsung’s lawyers. Because the Android based method is more hierarchical the system is more complex and therefore harder for developers to use, he said.”

Read more in the full article here.

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      1. So, in other words, he should keep his mouth shut, or is it that anything he says is automatically invalid?

        I think HST wouldn’t have cared much about your opinion. And neither do I. HST was one of the great American wordsmiths, whether you agree with his surreal lifestyle or not.

    1. Stealsham is the shark of the tech industry feeding on anything that is near it but offering precious little of it’s own. A company based on opportunism and stealing from others than getting the world’s respect and products based on it’s own ideas. This too shall not stand. especially when Apple pulls all sharing of it’s tech secrets with traitorous partners like Google and Samsung.

  1. Just like the Acer CEO Admitted they sold crap to their customers.. now this is Samsung’s defense… we Sold half baked stolen crap to our customers so we should not be held accountable! WOW! what an argument for their sales department to use.. buy the new Samsung Galaxy SIII it’s crap compared to iPhone so we don’t violate their IP!! haha haha haha!!!!

  2. It’s easy to see the path to irrelevancy for Google though it will be a slow boat to China. Their only refuge will be PC’s and there is no love lost before Ballmer & Page. Pretty much doomed which is why I don’t understand investors who keep moving their stock up – they’re going to get a big surprise at some point! Can’t wait for all Google tech to disappear from my iPad and iPhone with much better Apple, not to mention exciting, tech.

    1. It’s like this. Apple is growing like Gangsters but they have a large chunk of profits tied up in one product, the iPhone. So investors punish them with an insultingly low PE ratio assuming their product will collapse in a commoditized market. They ignore that Apple has an even faster growing iPad and is also still drawing significant income from Macs and iPods.

      Meanwhile Google with a higher PE ratio has exactly one single product that is the source of all of Googles income: search. Without search Google is worth less than MySpace.

      If anything seriously hurts Googles search ad revenue, they are in serious trouble.

  3. Polaroid made Kodak cancel and recall ALL their instant photo type cameras because Kodak was caught copying technology from Polaroid.

    Apple should be able make Samsung not just stop, but recall their offending products.

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