Liquidmetal Technologies Inc. and Materion announce sales channel collaboration

Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. (LQMT) announced today an expansion of its collaboration with Materion Brush Inc. to support sales activities and customers’ interests in products made from Liquidmetal alloys. A Certified Liquidmetal Partner, Materion is known around the world for providing advanced materials and exceptional services in delivering innovative material solutions to customers.

Liquidmetal alloys represent a revolutionary class of materials, known as bulk metallic glasses, which deliver superior material properties and enable customers to innovate in the design of their products. By expanding this strategic relationship, Materion will leverage its sales expertise and relationships as a provider of high performance material solutions by identifying customers’ needs and pursuing sales opportunities where the introduction of Liquidmetal alloys can provide a unique material solution. Meanwhile, Liquidmetal significantly expands its sales efforts through Materion’s knowledgeable and sophisticated global sales teams.

Tom Steipp, President/CEO of Liquidmetal, stated in the press release, “Liquidmetal alloys, as an advanced performance material, are an ideal match for the deep technical sales expertise at Materion. The customers supplied and serviced by Materion are the types of companies who can benefit from a Liquidmetal alloy solution. We are pleased that our strategic relationship with Materion has evolved to include sales collaboration.”

Lawrence Ryczek, Vice President, Sales at Materion Brush Inc., added, “Materion has a long history of introducing cutting-edge technologies to meet the challenging needs and advanced solutions that our innovative customers demand. We are excited to add Liquidmetal alloys as a unique material solution to solve difficult technical requirements and be of great value to our customers.”

About Materion Brush Inc.
Materion Brush Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Materion Corporation. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Materion supplies highly engineered advanced enabling materials to global markets. Products include precious and non-precious specialty metals, inorganic chemicals and powders, specialty coatings, specialty engineered beryllium alloys, beryllium and beryllium composites, and engineered clad and plated metal systems. Headquartered in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, the Company serves customers in more than 50 countries. It has operating, service center and major office locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia, and employs approximately 3,000 people worldwide.

Source: Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc.


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