Apple soon to unveil new lineup of desktop iMacs

“Get ready, because the iMacs are coming,” Clayton Morris reports for Fox News. “I’ve been hoping for an iMac update and it looks like my wish is about to come true! Multiple sources tell me that a new lineup of desktop machines from Apple is imminent.”

“ABC News reported in May that the iMac would be getting very, very high resolution displays,” Morris reports. “Retina? Perhaps.”

Morris reports, “But Marco Arment, the creator of Instapaper and a fairly plugged in guy, disagreed about exactly how high their resolution will be. ‘I’ve now heard from multiple sources that while an iMac update is indeed coming this fall, it will not have Retina displays,’ he wrote in a recent blog posting.”

“That’s a shame, because now that I’ve spent months with the Retina display MacBook Pro I can’t imagine ever shelling out money for a non-Retina computer,” Morris reports. “When you look at text on that screen you don’t want to view text on anything else.”

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    1. You are correct, we are at the end of the desktop, or rather the graphic user interface (GUI) … Once the OUI (Object User Interface) is implemented there will be lot of new inventions needed.

      There is always stuff left to invent, who knows some of it might actually be useful.

      1. @ Road Warrior: your mention of OUI led me to DDG (DuckDuckGo) search for the term as it is new to me. I found a couple of references to Object-oriented User Interface (OOUI) as well as mention of a patent for “On-object User Interface” (also OOUI). Other hits include references to your OUI with Microsoft. The one that really looked interesting was this description from the USGS: The Object User Interface is a computer application that provides a framework for coupling environmental-resource models and for managing associated temporal and spatial data.

        I’d be interested in seeing what you’re referencing as the end of GUI.

    1. Now Apple is waiting for Benjamin Moore Paints to achieve that first. Then like Gorilla Glass buy in to the Technology, introducing it as a “first” in computing and something they innovated on.

      Why is the Apples’ iTV not coming yet? Same reason; the paint will plug into the Apple TV and projection screens and iPhone5 projection are a dream wasting away. Benjamin Moore is the plan… chameleon-like “it comes in colours, its like a rainbow will come soon Dogadoo.

      1. You obviously don’t know the full story behind Gorilla Glass… Apple never said they invented it, but Corning had no plans to use what they invented in the ’60s (yes, it is that old). They couldn’t come up with any viable commercial users for it, so it just sat in their portfolio.

        Steve contacted the CEO of Corning, who didn’t even believe they could produce it on a commercial scale. Steve convinced him to try, and now Gorilla Glass is used on others’ phones. Apple did use it first, and without Apple’s prodding, it wouldn’t be in use as it is today.

    1. OK… assuming your right, then what? The biggest issue facing tech co’s is the constant demand for new and improved but yet even if they deliver it, will people want to spend their $ to buy it. If in fact this happens, the bar will be set quite high and I for one and I have the means will not keep changing my Apple devices for the sake of changing.

      Not sure SJ would of done things this way? Kind of feels like an Android approach to things.

      1. Wow the trolls getting really lame…
        Do you even care anymore or have you just given up”
        Is that really the best troll you could come up with?
        That was utterly pathetic, PAt.

      2. What, producing a new line of desktop computers every couple of years or so is like an OS that gets updated every few months? Are you *really* that deluded? Is there anything at all between your ears that resembles a functioning cortex?

      3. My 6 year old 24″ iMac is getting a little long in the tooth. It cannot use the latest Mac OS 10.8

        I can sell it for 1/3 it’s original cost and get the latest and greatest iMac at a good discount.

        Will people pay for it? Are things really that bad in America?

        If you’ve got skills, come up to Alberta and get a $120,000 to $180,000 job in the oil sands.

    1. Too near sighted…

      I want a computer the size of a deck of playing cards with a projector that projects an 8K resolution display up into the air in front of me — no screen or wall needed. (Unfortunately I sill want a physical keyboard as a projected keyboard onto the desk in front of me does not give the tactile feedback I want. Now a projected 3D volume off to the side of the keyboard to allow 3D “multi touch” input without the “touch” part, would be nice.)

    1. I have always maintained that while insanely fast computers, the global communications network and the pocket computer/communicator I carry are quite nice…
      However, I (and every other boomer) was promised a flying car (by like 2001)
      I want my flying car dammit!

        1. Interesting… most of the other drivers are inept, you know I hear that a lot. Perhaps Carlin’s “idiots and maniacs” bit could give us some insight as to why that is.

  1. I’ve been wondering if the “5” in the announcement for Wednesday’s event may have more to do with the number of new products being announced than the model # of the new iPhone … maybe not, just wondering.

    1. Precisely. “Doubling down on secrecy”, then a huge “5” very conspicuously displayed in the shadow on the announcement? Apple announcements always have hints but are never so easily deciphered but the uninitiated as “12 means the 12th, and the 5 is obviously the iPhone 5”.

      No, I think there is something more to it. Also, I wonder if the new phone will have a number at all ala the new iPad. However, the nature of the cell phone market may in fact demand a model designation that the iPad market does not. Either way, I can’t wait……………

    2. Although I doubt that your speculation of the “5” being the number of new products to be released is very doubtful IMHO. I side more towards being the date of the release (Oct 5th). I still cannot understand the stubborn persistence of EVERYONE wanting to call the NEXT iPhone, the “5” simply because there’s a “5” in the event invitation, is beyond my comprehension… All I see coming is another mayor deception like it happened last year. People forget how secretive Apple is as a company and giving it away just like that… sorry… I honestly don’t buy. I could be wrong though.. but if we follow logic, calling iPhone 5 will be wrong. Only if Apple somehow leverages for the hyped expectation.

  2. … since something “new” was introduced. The first iPad, maybe? This century started out with the iMac(?), and the iPod, the Mac mini (etc), the iPhone and the iPod. Should we include OS X in the list? A couple of those had mini-revolutions of their own – the iPods, being a great example. This is expected to be a “bump”, not a huge innovation. Sure, a larger step than any in the Windows market has taken this millennium, but not really “one more thing”.

  3. I still think apple could introduce an iMac made of glass, or a very thin and lightweight modell. Apple could also get rid of the optical drive and 3.5 HDD using 2.5 instead

    1. 2.5 HD? No Thanks. The largest 7200RPM 2.5 drive is 750GB. If it has a drive rather than SSD, make it a fast 7200rpm 2TB

      Oh yeah, and please make the price on SSD come down sooner rather than later

    1. Agreed. I am going to hold out on replacing my current iMac (27″ 2010 i7 16GB RAM) until it is available with a Retina display. If I’m honest with myself, this computer is still more than powerful enough for my professional uses – I initially had Thunderbolt envy when the 2011 iMacs came out, but really have no need for them – FW800 is fast enough for what I need (and infinitely more cost efficient 🙂 ).

      Looks like 2013 before I get a replacement.

  4. Can somebody rationally explain to me the benefit of a 27″ monitor with retina display? It seems you would have to be damn near blind to get any benefit to that. The 27″ monitor on the current iMac is already stunning, I just can’t see why you would need retina on that big of a display?? And most likely they would have to jack the price way up, just look at the price of the new macbook pro w/retina. $400 premium for a 15″ retina display.

  5. They got to deliver with new iMacs, They’ve been ignoring the desktops and pro line for way too long IMHO. Their backbone is desktops and the pro line. Screw the pods and pads.

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