It’s official: Apple invites media to iPhone 5 special event on September 12

It’s official!

Apple has sent out invitations to their special media event to be held at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT on September 12, 2012.

By to looks of things, the next-gen iPhone will in fact be named “iPhone 5.”

Rumors strongly suggest that Apple’s iPhone 5 will feature a taller 4-inch (diagonal) in-cell touchscreen, 4G LTE, and a new smaller Dock Connector, among other things (NFC, Liquidmetal, quad-core A6 chip, 1GB of RAM?).

We’ll know for sure in eight days!

Apple September 12, 2012 special media event - iPhone 5
Apple’s special media event invitation


        1. do you know who i am — say my name – say it!!!!!

          am i kidding?

          Apple better have some hot shit in the new iPhone5 and capabilities we all MUST HAVE.

          An, A6 quad core might be fast but its just playing catchup.. Apple is getting behind. BEtter said the competition SITS on their very ASS… where it was a two year lag before.

          But I am a loyal seed. And I still insist there better be MORE then a A6 and a taller screen on this new iPhone or else.
          Else Apple will be SEEN insisting the BAN on the S3 for sure as it soars in sales. No I will not buy a Slamdung plastic toy. But Apple needs to PRODUCE its a taller IPHONE oh gee… same first impressions people had with iPad… oh gee its a bigger iPhone.

          With all these devices running Facetime and iMessages and communications world wide using Viber and Skype alike… the Cellular Network Carriers are the ONLY thing that distinguishes the iPhone from an iPad regarding functionality.

          Size does Matter… and so does the connectivity. But size has a comfort zone. Too big is not right and too small is not practicable either. Place a Micro SD slot in the iPadMini and a 3G or LTE cellular sim also — and it will win the over MASSES… no need to be an APPLE fan… Apple needs to continue its appeal to none Apple folks.

          1. are you new? Double down on secrecy? It was sent to the media.. This happens every year?

            People like wont be happy until the damn thing has a quad core i7 and a TB of storage… “apple better _________ or people won’t continue buying their products!”

            And then they sell 6 million in a day….

            And 8 million the next year.

            And 10 million the next….

            And you’ll continue spewing the same nonsense… Samsung has NONE of the following things:

            1. Ecosystem
            2. Brand loyalty
            3. Security
            4. Stability
            5. Synchronicity

            Why? They only control the hardware (mostly)..

            1. Some people are never happy no matter what you give them. I have yet to see ANY Apple product released where some people do not complain. As you can see by the posts, people complain even before it is released.

    1. Finlly the excruciatingly slow Chinese strip tease of photos and mock ups will end! 🙂 haha
      I am hoping there are multiple categories of iPhone models for sale.. Not just one.
      One other good way to kick Sammy in the ‘nads

        1. Lotta haters around here lately
          Don’t know whether they are paid ‘turfers or not.

          Not sure which is more pathetic; apple haters- who post nonsense on apple news sites because of their irrational hatred of all things apple, or someone who is paid to do it (how worthless would you have to believe you were to think that your highest calling is posting FUD and fabrications up on news sites reply sections? My god it’s even more pathetic than gooooogles army of paid bloggers)

    1. I am ready to admit that my guess that the next iPhone should be called either simply “iPhone” or “iPhone 6” (correct number) or “iPhone 4G” is wrong.

      Probably Apple gave up to global mass media hysteria which ran for almost two years with the “iPhone 5” name.

            1. You are easily a troll. When everyone sees your name more than 5 times on a post and every comment is a negative one, that is a troll. Being a registered MDN contributor has nothing to do with this, nice try on detouring though.

            2. You are easily a troll. WHen everyone sees your screen name more than 5 times on an article and each comment is a negative one, then you are a troll. Being registered to MDN has nothing to do with this conversation, although nice try at a detour.

          1. SJ did his best to pick a worthy successor as CEO. Perhaps SJ made a mistake? Time will tell, botvinnik. Only time will tell. I don’t know why you think that everyone should pay heed to *your* assertion over SJ’s selection, though.

      1. Or maybe the it’s iPhone “5” makes way more sense than iPhone 6, which would only satisfy a small group of people who actually count how many generations of iPhones have been made. Most people don’t care.

  1. I would wait for the iPhone 5s as it will be faster and will be another reason for people upgrade and spend more money even though they don’t need to. Oh and it may have a Samsung manufactured chip inside it as well just like the 5.

    1. How about waiting for the Galaxy VIIIs Mk IV which will have 10Gb RAM, a 15″ screen, and a keyboard; it’ll be along in six months, to encourage the Fandroids to get rid of its predecessor that came out the month before and buy the next whizzy new one.
      Chuck, you are such a complete tit.

      1. That actually looks quite a good spec but I might wait until Sony release a new phone with the Android V7 (Custard Pie) on it. Will the Galaxy VIIIs Mk IV it still be able to make phone calls or do you think Apple might try and patent that as well?

  2. damn!

    it’s here!

    Apple/iPhone fans will be happy no matter what’s included.

    let’s just hope the anal-ysts, media bitchers, naysayers, jealous or neurotic competitors and frustrated non-fans do not crash the AAPL stock just because they all only hold Apple to the high standards and none of their own products or themselves! if Apple does not make the iPhone5 revolutionary in both hard-soft-ware this time, the stock could crash. such hypocrisy.
    i.e. if iPhone5 does not include:
    1. LiquidMetal™
    2. Curved/Bendable Glass
    3. NFC iWallet antenna
    4. bigger screen
    5. 3D (StarWars-like hologram) projection
    6. Siri 1.0

    thanks in advance Apple, at least you’re always making the effort to please us, the people/users, unlike lying and/or lazy and/or illegal and/or bitchy and/or crybabies and/or sore losers and/or desperados and/or unethical and/or disrespectful and/or uncreative and/or visionless and/or gadgetary-but-nada-inside competitors.

    1. I might recant my views on a 4.5″ screen if they release a 7.85″ iPad mini that I can sling in my jacket pocket along with my iPhone. Showing photos, documents, etc to people on my current 3.5″ iPhone 4S screen is just a total pain in the ass.

      1. Yes, yes! And now all I need are pants with an iPad pocket, an iPad nano pocket, an iPhone 4S pocket, and an iPhone 5 pocket, because I need a device which has a screen size for each little pet project of mine.

        Oh, and don’t forget the laptop backpack and iMac pull-along.

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