Barclays: Apple’s iPhone 5 is disrupting all tech sectors

“Analysts from Barclays and Global Semiconductor research team believe that Apple Inc. is disrupting all sectors in the technology industry, and it is generating profits and revenues from PC, mobility, printing, and retail stores,” Marie Cabural reports for ValueWalk.

“According to the team of analysts and researchers, the smartphones and tablets, with the rise of apps and innovations severely disrupted the PC market. According to them, the iPhone 5 is at the center of ‘disruptive mobility,'” Cabural reports. “Based on research team’s Global Technology Outlook, companies associated with Apple Inc., Samsung, big data, software-as-a service, security, and cloud computing providers will grow. In contrast, companies associated with PC’s will continue to suffer sales decline.”

Cabural reports, “Analysts expect the iPhone 5 is equipped with a larger display, faster processors, more DRAM and 4G LTE capable. They also expect that iPhone 5’s design will come out with a slimmer design and an enhanced Siri. Apple Inc. is expected to produce 50 million units of iPhone 5 per quarter, after its official launching on September 12 in San Francisco.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]

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  1. It’s not September 12th yet. What is with Cook and his commend about doubling-down on security? Did he mean, turning off all security? If what I have seen on the internet is truly what is being announced . . . well, what a let down. Part of the excitement is seeing it for the first time on the official announcement day.

    Now we have people not only showing WORKING versions of it (turned it on any way, but could not connect due to new dock connector size change) and even the earbuds have been exposed. I mean . . . that is doubling down on security?

    1. It’s a little hard to make pre-launch millions of anything without the extremely long supply chain leaking stuff. It’s what makes it possible for Apple to create something wholly new and unexpected — low volume launch — in complete surprise.

      So they’ve got the physical details nailed down. When Steven introduced iPhone his point of physical buttons was that they could never change. With software buttons they can. It’s all about the software. As long as Apple owns its OS and Samsung doesn’t, the big difference will come through software. And with Apple data centers cropping up all over, the phone hardware is just your interface to the ecosystem Apple is developing. “It’s an exciting time to be alive.”

    2. Of course there is always the possibility that what is leaking out to the technorati is merely a ruse. A hoodwink. A decoy.

      Won’t you be shocked on 9/12 when Tim pulls out of his pocket the new i5 Bananaphone. 🍌

  2. “…believe that Apple Inc. … and it is generating profits and revenues from PC, mobility, printing, and retail stores”

    The penetrating brilliance of these analysts never ceases to astound and inform.

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