Photo purports to show A6 CPU in Apple’s next-gen iPhone

“A new photo of questionable quality purports to show a new system on a chip for Apple’s next iPhone labeled ‘A6,'” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“The latest alleged part leak was posted online on Wednesday by Sonny Dickson, with a picture claiming to show the logic board of the new iPhone with a processor named A6,” Oliver reports. “If accurate, the naming suggests that the new processor would be a generational upgrade from the A5 chip found in the iPhone 4S, as well as the A5X chip with upgraded graphics that Apple included in the third-generation iPad.”

Oliver reports, “While the image posted Thursday shows a logic board that matches up with previous photos posted online, the quality of the image itself is so low that the picture could easily have been faked.”

See the photo in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: These “leaked” photographs always seem to have one thing in common – they’re taken by utterly incompetent photographers with the absolute worst cameras in the world. Is this 2012 or 1912?

It’s strange for those who claim to have access to advanced, unreleased high tech to be unable to take a simple, clear photograph when even below-average camera-phones are perfectly capable of automatically doing so nowadays. We know, we know, the security team was right around the corner and it had to be a quick shot and they almost didn’t get the shot and nearly got caught, but they did manage to snap one shot, and blah, blah, blah.


        1. Newsflash, BLN. We don’t really care about your claimed sense of aesthetics, much less whether or not they are offended by the next iPhone design. But I am sure that you will inform us, regardless.

  1. When I read comments about needing a different form factor I think to myself about the great things that shouldn’t change or shouldn’t change very much:

    1. Coke Classic.
    2. Porsche 911
    3. Dodge Viper
    4. Corvette
    5. iPhone/iPad

  2. Perhaps they also have a picture of bigfoot?
    I bet that picture is sharp and clear thou.
    Wake me up when these endless articles of crap are over.
    My parrot refuses to even poop on this guys latest article of BS.

    Here is my article.. and its just as valid as that one.

    The new iPhone 5 will fold time and space and have a built in food replicator engine in it that will produce food from air. A trade off is that Apple has been unable get enough of these replicator chips to circle the globe a thousand times so unnamed sources estimate that it will dent their earnings prospects. When Sum DumAzz was asked why this is the case he stated “We do not know for sure what we are talking about but will comment anyway because we have nothing else to do but make disparaging remarks against Apple”
    While this new iPhone has the potential to feed the world critics say that because it uses air to make food that our air supply is in danger. Clean air advocates are outraged and have promised to stop Apple using what ever means they have. Anutter Jackazz said “Hey man if they use up all the air to make food then how will we like breathe? we need to stop them”
    NASA has also asked Apple not to enable the feature of folding time and space on the iPhone 5 as it would cut their budget even more than they have already. Lastly complaints are coming in from Tea aficionados complaining that this device can make any type of food and beverage except when it comes to tea it can only make Earl Grey Hot.

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