Anaylsts: Apple’s ‘iPad mini’ may sell like hotcakes compared to full-size iPad

“Bigger is not always better, and this may be the case for the feverish speculation surrounding a smaller version of Apple’s iPad,” Cadie Thompson reports for CNBC.

“At least for right now, the rumored ‘iPad mini’ is just that — a rumor. Still, it would be highly profitable for Apple if it comes to market, and would likely outsell its full size predecessor two to one, Patrick Moorhead, of Moor Insights and Strategy, said,” Thompson reports. “That, however, depends on whether the price is right. ‘If they would price it at $299 they would kill most of the 7-inch competitors,’ Moorhead said. ‘Apple’s iPad would probably be about an 8-inch tablet, but it’s going to catch on very quickly if nothing else because it says Apple and it’s priced at $299.'”

Thompson reports, “While Apple has not yet confirmed it will even be producing a smaller iPad, nor set any dates for coming product announcements, reports claim Apple will launch the iPad Mini in October. “‘Apple wants to dominate all form factors for this kind of device. If you look at overall market share, they have 90 percent of tablet share today, but they don’t want to give an inch or even leave an opening for a competitor, not an OS or an ecosystem,’ Moorhead said… Brian White, an analyst with Topeka Capital Markets, who prices a smaller iPad in the $200 to $250 range, said he also thinks a smaller iPad would likely outsell the full size tablet in the long-term and would cannibalize 10 to 20 percent of the full size iPad sales.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For what it will do to the nascent non-iPad tablet market, Apple should name it “Little Boy.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. For what it will do to the nascent non-iPad tablet market, Apple should name it “Little Boy.”

    Great line! That’ll surely get stolen and used elsewhere when and if Apple debuts “iPad mini.”

    1. Don’t know if you understand what “little boy” is known for. Way before my time, but pretty tasteless “joke” and I’m so far from being politically correct it’s ridiculous.

        1. For those who are sensitive, may we use the conventional rather than the nuclear option and call it MOAB. On the other hand , since they are going thermo nuclear, maybe it should be ” Fat Man”. (My apologies to the weight challenged amongg the readers.)

          1. Little Boy developed in Los Alamos led by Robert Oppenheimer was an atomic bomb using fissile material. Thermonuclear is a hydrogen bomb led by Edward Teller and Enrico Fermi that uses the principle of nuclear fusion. Fat Man is an atomic weapon. If you want to be absolutely correct you should call it bikini after the testing done in Bikini Atoll.

        2. Well of course you wouldn’t because you’re knuckle dragging troglodyte, This is also one of the scummiest Mac sites of have ever been on. Not visiting here again.

  2. You mean its like showing up to school in JorDouche jeans?
    or a Mumbas Only Jacket? Or worse a Zune anything.

    There might be some of tht but kids are not fools. they know what works and they know what they want. its up to their parents to disappoint little Johnnie or Jennie. Here you go Happy birthday you special little child here is a knock off iPad mommy and daddy bought you so you can bring it to school and get ridiculed.

    My advise it teach you children how to protect themselves with their plastic slab of crap. Perhaps a chest protector? Maybe provide then with some adhesive strips I hear these glossy slaps of plastic make great mirrors in the kids lockers.

    In the end they will remember how much you cared to buy them what was cheap and easy instead of a device that could have made a difference in their education and provide entertainment.

    Again I say go here.
    get your Android junk here!!!
    Hurry before the ads start to say please come take this shit away.

  3. iPad nano may be ok…
    But please kill the iPod classic and the shuffle…. keep the nano and the touch.
    Kill the Mac Pro, iMac and the mini… keep the notebooks.

    1. 160gigs is still good storage. Untile the touches get to at least 128gig the classic still has a place. They’re handy if you just want to back up your music colliction and aren’t to fussed on wifi/internet stuff, or apps. They don’t have to kill it, people just don’t have to buy it.

  4. If they priced the iPad mini at $199, the whole fsckin internet would collapse onto itself when Apple opened up the pre-orders. It would not outsell the iPad “long term,” it would not merely cannibalize some of its sales, it would INSTANTLY outsell the iPad. They would never, ever be able to make enough of them. They’d sell 100 million before the end of the year.

    The thought of Apple going for the jugular like that gives me chills, but I’m still expecting $299. And I can’t wait to place my order. Plus the internet can withstand that price, which is good cause I like the internet.

  5. “‘Apple wants to dominate all form factors for this kind of device.”
    Bollocks! They want to make insanely great products. If they (Tim Cook) ever stoop to focussing on domination rather that innovation it will mark the beginning of the end of the company Steve Jobs created.

  6. For me the reason I think it will outsell the original, beaides price, is because the original as small as it is, you still do not want to carry it around with you.

    I have had customers who own an iPhone, go to their car and being in a larger screen android device to show me pictures because we would all be squinting over an iPhone. Besides people look ridiculous at cafe’s or anywhere outdoor with a full size ipad. As mobile as it is, it’s still a stay at home or airport type product. I can’t picture full grown adults walking around outside with a full size ipad. But I can see the ipad mini everywhere. Businessmen, contractors, students, kids, housewives…
    I predict it’s going to further define Apple.

  7. ‘MacDailyNews Take: For what it will do to the nascent non-iPad tablet market, Apple should name it “Little Boy.”

    Apple should name it – ‘titch’. Look it up.

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