Apple granted slew of vital iOS user interface patents

“Apple on Tuesday was awarded a flotilla of patents pertinent to its iOS devices, especially the iPhone, with the inventions covering everything from intuitive scrolling to email clients,” AppleInsider reports. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a number of Apple patents early Tuesday, at least five of which relate to iOS and more specifically the iPhone and iPad. Most are continuations of previous patents, offering tweaks and language changes that further define their respective inventions.”

“Perhaps the most interesting of Tuesday’s published patents is U.S. Patent No. 8,253,695 for an ‘Email client for a portable multifunction device.’ The invention was first filed for in 2007 and describes a graphical user interface for an email system to be used on portable devices like the iPhone,” AppleInsider reports. “According to the patent background, the ‘695 patent was meant to do away with clumsy button-controlled operation of email clients as seen on devices at the time.”

MUch more, including Apple’s patent application illustrations and diagrams, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Festival o’ Patents! Mind them now, Google et al.


    1. Nothing new here? All these company’s file all sorts of Patents as doing so in the USA is like taking candy from a kid. Just look at the amount of Patent’s Kodak filed. 🙂

      Patent filing is not a new thing and filings rarely get reported on but it appears that Apple Insiders does monitors these which is cool.

      1. You do realize that no one here pays attention to anything you say (my post notwithstanding), right? You are a known quantity and have been selected for round filing…

          1. It’s all good fun and yes Patent filings are interesting but apparently only 14% of all filings ever become anything as once the theory is applied to functionality the innovation or invention falls short.

        1. You are funny! Of course people respond they always do as I enjoy getting the Cult all hot and bothered. Being an avid Apple product users does not require one to be a robot and a robot I am not!

          Just keep on keeping on there my little Fanboy. hehehe

      2. Patents like this may be key in future lawsuits. They are relevant and important. Maybe not to you, but to other readers here such as myself.

        Remember that whenever you see something, you see it from your own point of view by default. Try to consider other points of view before saying silly things like “nothing new here”

  1. Contrary to the opinion of Pat the Ignorant, Kodak developed many useful inventions over their approximately 100 years of of business, and patented them appropriately.

    Alas, time marches on and many of those patents are no longer useful in today’s world.

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