Samsung mimics Apple product videos in Galaxy S III promo (with video)

“Samsung has put together a promotional video for the Samsung Galaxy S III that instantly recalls the product promos that Apple issues to accompany its product launches,” Electronista reports.

“The video features a number of the product designers from the Galaxy S III adding their thoughts on the depth of their design inspiration and how they drew from nature in the design of the product, through to the user experience,” Electronista reports.

Electronista reports, “The timing of its release is also interesting, with the jury still out in the trial between it and Apple, it as though Samsung is trying to highlight the independent thinking and effort exerted in creating the Galaxy S III.”

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MacDailyNews Take: At this point, we have to conclude that Samsung simply does not understand the negative implications of copying or stealing other people’s work. The company simply couldn’t be that morbidly stupid. Perhaps Samsung thinks they’re paying respect to their largest customer by slavishly imitating them or something? Perhaps they think that the multiple lawsuits on every continent with a court system are Apple’s way of saying, “thanks for the knockoffs?”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe Architect” for the heads up.]

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  1. Samsungs recent behavior reminds me of a crime show episode I once saw, where a stalker tried to mimic and then kill and replace a famous actress, or soemething like that.

    Samsung’s “innovations in copying” of all things Apple is starting to get creepy.

    1. Samdung has quite a few products, so why is their phone only produced this way? Why didn’t they use their refrigerator, washer/dryer, or even flat screen television in this type of production….only their phone. I agree with KenC..they are thumbing their nose at Apple AND the court systems until authorized to stop.

  2. What we need is a video of the “making of the Ad” where they show them going frame by frame through Apple promo videos and trying to duplicate them as closely as possible, changing the language to Korean of course.

  3. Let’s thanks to all the idiots who prefer slavish copies of products that the original high quality product from the US even at higher prices.
    Sadly, even that apple is proudly american, many americans prefer the korean copier. I understand that from a third world country, but can’t understand why an american person, born in the same country as Apple, prefer a very low quality, low moral company like samsung. Just look at the comments at “WIRED” magazine each time they came out with something about apple and you will see how ALL the comments have something very bad to say about apple and always have something good to say about the samsung products.

    Thank you all morons for making low level companies as sansung became big companies copying apple. thank you!

    1. I know like to think that people in general are good. But reality shows they are stupid, ignorant, moronic, clueless and just plain idiots.

      Look at how many people use Windows.

  4. What a bunch of @@@£@£@£ twats.

    I found the part at 50 seconds the most criminal of all. In the original Apple video you actually see the glass flex as it is put under stress. In Samesungs video the phone just sits there unflexing giving the impression that there is NO stress on the phone and the counter showing the force is a fake.

    Excuse me while I Puke.

  5. JeeYeun Wang, the Samsung designer pictured in the above video – and the same who testified in court that she worked 22h workdays designing the Galaxit S and never copied the iPhone – uses an iPhone.

    Here’s her commenting on a Korean error message she found on the Facebook app:

    I’m sure you recognise that UI…

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