Confessions from the most corrupt Apple Retail Store in America

“‘The saying goes: Don’t fuck with the person that serves your food,’ a former Apple Genius tells me over IM. ‘Don’t fuck with the person who repairs your computer.’ He — we’ll call him Ronald — spent six years as a member of Apple’s Genius squad in a busy Southwestern store,” Sam Biddle reports for Gizmodo.

“It was a model store: shiny as the best of them, teeming, making money,” Biddle reports. “But in back rooms and in plain sight, the employees ran wild: giving away computers, stealing phones, drunkenly destroying customer property. Ronald saw (and did) it all.”

Biddle reports, “You might think twice before your next visit to the bar.”

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According to The Dallas Observer‘s Eric Nicholson, “The Most Corrupt Apple Store in America” is in NorthPark, Texas: “Where might that store be, you ask? NorthPark. And how did the NorthPark Apple store earn such a notable distinction? Well, allegedly, according to some anonymous guy (so you know this must be the real stuff)… For irritating customers, they would pour whiskey into customers’ Macs, erasing their hard drives, or use the hard drives as skateboards,” Nicholson reports.

“I’ve been in an Apple store exactly once, and it was the one in NorthPark,” Nicholson reports. “The Genius who helped me was an asshole. None of this surprises me.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This exposé is not a feature; it’s a bug.

If true, hopefully this is a very isolated incident for Apple Retail. If true, how could this go undetected by Apple corporate for so long and/or allowed to continue?

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Reagan J.” and “Thom Jackson” for the heads up.]


  1. Sounds like more “tipsters” and “reliable sources”. Normally MDN likes these. Could it be there were terrible things going on in Apple stores under Ron Johnson and Steve Jobs? “Tipsters” says yes. What’s up MDN, not up for trashing Apple Retail today?

  2. I am very sure some in Apple board are ashamed having to admit mistakes in manpower allocation and this are trying their best to demonize the workers
    Standard dastardly tactics.

    The next action is to
    Introduce checks and counterbalance that will
    Over all
    Save the Apple store money by cutting employees.
    Greed wins !

    1. What the hell are you talking about? That doesn’t even make any sense. Apple’s Board doesn’t get involved in staffing retail stores.

      No company can always hire the best people all of the time. There is a certain percentage of knuckleheads out there who can BS their way through a job interview and get hired.

  3. It’s all unravelling on the visionless caretaker CEO and, now, he’s stuck himself with a certified moron as SR VP of Retail who is bound to let this go FUBAR, too.

    1. … in many cases … but … where is whisky so inexpensive that a store clerk can afford to pour it into a customer’s Mac? When whisky is that low-cost, it tends to be low quality as well. And sold only to the desperate. Who would have to be falling-down-drunk to consider wasting it that way.
      Add me to the “BS” callers.

  4. PLEASE!)
    Please do not become the FOX News of Mac News. This is bullshit and you fell for it. Please remove it as soon as possible. Please take the high road if you want to be taken seriously.

    1. Please don’t become the DailyKos of MacNews. Or the CBS which manufactures memos. Or the NBC which blows up cars in its investigative pieces. Or the New York Times which is an organ of the DNC.

            1. And ‘most of our neighbors’ don’t rely on tech websites to get their latest/greatest political updates, nor do they broadcast their misguided/naïve opinions on them.

  5. If nothing else, this one phrase proves it to be pure BS:

    “use the hard drives as skateboards”

    I doubt that is even physically possible. Even a “large” 3 1/2 drive is much to small to use as a skateboard — let alone the more common 2 1/2 drive. Besides the surfaces of a HDD are not at all conducive to sliding on floors.

      1. Nothing coming from Jizzmodo is a message. They publish pure unadulterated lies and anti Apple slander.

        If this comes from a real news source that doesn’t reference back to that pile of excrement, then we’ll talk. Meanwhile, it’s rubbish.

  6. That store is horrible, and it is an anomaly. It is located a very upscale, old money mall which may account for–not excuse–some of the Geniuses’ acts.

    A few miles down the freeway is a stand alone Apple Store which is, IMHO, the best store we have in North Texas. I drive 50 miles one-way to go to that store when I have an issue.

    It’s funny because I have often referred to the Geniuses at NorthPark as “Evil Geniuses” without knowing all this scoop.

    In the end, no company is perfect and aberrations like this happen when management is not more careful.

    1. My family and I have purchased 2 MBPros, an iPad, and an MBAir at that store. My daughter has been to the NP store on several occasions for help and received more than expected help.

      I tried to purchase an i7 MBAir (250 SSD) the day after introduction in July of ’11 at the one choc mentioned but they did not have one so I went back to the NP where we had done previous purchases and got nothing but outstanding help. IF anything was out of the ordinary, my wife was even offered a “educational/student” discount on her MBPro because we do have some connections with an educational institution in the area, although neither of us were teaching at the time.

      Sometimes, sorry things do happen – everywhere – and I would not put it totally past Gizmodo to take maybe one incident, inflate it and build on it. That is what lousy and today’s reporting ethic does!

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