Apple files new patents relating to haptics, Thunderbolt, iSight and improved accessibility for the hearing impaired

“Some weeks there just isn’t a wining patent declared by a rocking TKO,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“This week is such a case but that doesn’t mean that that there weren’t a series of solid inventions, because there were,” Purcher reports. “A series of patent applications came to light today relating to improvements in the works for iDevice haptics, Apple’s iSight camera, flash memory and accessibility for the hearing impaired.”

Purcher reports, “More times than not it’s the simple utility patents like these that end up being implemented by Apple.”

Much more, including Apple’s patent application illustrations and diagrams, in the full article here.


  1. I am glad that Apple is so innovative. I would be more impressed if Apple would relase new desktop machines with exclusivelyn USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt, minimum 8GB of 1600MHz DDR3L RAM, and up to 750 GB flash storage.

    1. Yes with Apple’s huge bucks there’s no reason all area’s of Apple should not be firing on all cylinders, especially in regards to software and hardware updates like iWorks and the Mac Pro. Also programs like FCPX that quickly need to zoom up to pro standard while still being acceptable to consumers, prosumers and the like. Lagging behind in any area is not only unacceptable but avoidable. Be nice to be able to dependably point to timely response from Apple across their product lines.

  2. I had to read this… damn

    i wanted to feel it
    or be electrocuted by a bolt of “thunder”? Lol
    but – Lol “Sounds” cool – thx to simple text reading it out to me.

    Helpful plans for challenged people – GO APPLE.

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