2 more hints of a huge September looming for Apple

“Investors are obviously quite optimistic about Apple’s prospects heading into September, sending shares to all-time highs — and for good reason, too, as the company is widely expected to unveil a slew of new products,” Evan Niu writes for The Motley Fool.

“Last month, reports began to surface with some specific dates, saying that Apple was planning on hosting a media event on Sept. 12 to unveil the new iPhone as well as potentially the mythical iPad Mini and new iPod models,” Niu writes. “Those same rumors pointed to Sept. 21 as the date of official launch, just nine days after the potential unveiling. Well, there are now two more hints that investors and consumers can count on those dates.”

Niu writes, “Numerous Apple resellers in Europe have been instructed to clear additional table real estate for iPad displays over the next several weeks, with the deadline being specifically Sept. 12…. [and] Verizon has instituted a companywide vacation blackout from Sept. 21 through the end of the month, signaling that the carrier thinks it will as many able-bodied employees as it can from its ranks.”

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  1. The dead giveaway that Apple is about to release some spectacular products is the increasing frequency with which anti-Apple hit pieces are being published. “Drunken Apple employees using customer hard drives as skateboards”??

  2. Apple will announce these in September:
    – iPhone 5 – 4″ screen (one can hope for 4.3″ anyway)
    – iPad mini – 7.85″ screen, 4:3 ratio
    – refreshed iMac – no Retina display, just refreshed innards
    – refreshed Mac mini – updated innards with discrete GPU
    – iPod touch – same 4″ screen as the iPhone 5
    – iPod nano – with Bluetooth capability to talk to your iPhone/iPod touch to answer calls, play music, read SMS, send iMessage, read email headers, etc remotely
    – unchanged iPod shuffle

    The iPod classic will be deprecated (it’s dead, Jim).

    1. I would prefer that list to be these in the next 6 months:

      – iPhone 5 with 16:9 screen ratio offered for ALL major worldwide carriers (including T-Mobile in Americas)
      – refreshed iMac with Retina display option
      – refreshed mini with significant GPU improvements
      – new Mac Pro with Thunderbolt
      – updates across the iPod line, retaining the classic iPod but with huge flash memory and pro-level audio/video outputs
      – iWork 2013 with significant enhancements
      – fix Final Cut Pro
      – updated Apple TV Pro with internal storage & significantly improved media offerings
      – 30″ OLED displays
      – significant improvements to Mac OS to restore lost functionality and improve the App Store search and display features, as well as more easily removing the juvenile “social networking” and “cloud” integration that productivity users don’t want.

        1. @C3PO:

          Let’s just hope no for the 4:3 screen ratio. That’s a fail since the vast majority of large monitors and new media have moved to the 16:9 ratio — and a more rectangular (less square) object tends to fit better in one’s pocket.

          One thing is for sure: Apple’s market cap will go the way of Microsoft’s if it doesn’t release some real innovation soon.

    2. fantastic,

      looking forward to this, ” iPod nano – with Bluetooth capability to talk to your iPhone/iPod touch to answer calls, play music, read SMS, send iMessage, read email headers, etc remotely”

      a Dick Tracey watch

    3. Kudos to the aggressive laundry list of new products.

      Have no specific data to point to, but seem to recall the launches often fall short of rumor speculation, stock dives and negative comments seep into media reports.

      It is what it is.

  3. Are we anticipating a one-two punch – iPad/iPod on September 12, quickly followed on by iPhone 5 on September 21? The competition won’t know what hit them. No hints yet on the upgraded Apple TV.

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