Three days after suing Apple, Google says patent wars hurt consumers

“Google’s public policy director today said software patents are failing to promote innovation, and that patent lawsuits are hurting consumers,” Jon Brodkin reports for Ars Technica. “But it would be hard to argue Google is doing much to end the patent wars. Only three days ago, Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility sued Apple and demanded an import ban on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.”

“Google’s director of public policy Pablo Chavez said ‘One thing that we are very seriously taking a look at is the question of software patents, and whether in fact the patent system as it currently exists is the right system to incent innovation and really promote consumer-friendly policies,'” Brodkin reports. “Chavez also said ‘We think that these patent wars are not helpful to consumers… They’re not helpful to the marketplace. They’re not helpful to innovation.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you Google “hypocrisy,” you get their logo at the top of the page.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Where is Eric T. Mole? He surely is the most ethical board member & may be able to shed light on how these patents wars all started. Put that MOLE on the stand.

  2. ” If you Google “hypocrisy,” you get their logo at the top of the page.” If you Google stupid remark – your page comes up., So what????

    Google guy is right … these patent wars in court are MDN kind of stupid. And the fact that the Motorola division wants an import ban on basically ALL of the Apple mobile products – must mean that Apple has been stealing from Apple Cart as well.

    You can’t COPYRIGHT “stealing”. And you can’t call the pot black when your ass is black too.

      1. I thought I put it in English.

        “MacDailyNews Take: If you Google “hypocrisy,” you get their logo at the top of the page.” – is a stupid “Take” because you get the Google logo at the top of no matter what you search for.

        The rest pretty much stands on it’s own the way I wrote it. Kettle Calling the Pot Black is the black reference – in case you didn’t get that one.

        You can’t say people are stealing from your product that has stolen stuff in it.

          1. I type exceptionally well as a matter of fact. And I was coming out of the US Navy around the time all of this (micro) “computer” stuff was coming out of the garages. I wouldn’t call that born yesterday.

        1. I don’t have Google at the TOP of my page — I set my search engine to Yahoo… as I dislike Microsoft as well. When Siri Search comes – Siri will be my engine to browse.

    1. If I read Alan’s remark correctly (which was all kind of difficult) you are saying Apple are hypocrites. Okay, care to explain why? Your diatribe is so full of holes it reminds me of swiss cheese. Apple did say they would aggressively defend their IP. They are doing exactly what they said they would do. You can argue whether that is a smart or morally right thing to do at this point, but hypocrites, no.

      By the way Google, welcome to the mobile telecom industry where everybody is suing everybody for anything and has been since forever. The ‘wars’ will continue and probably get worse before they get better.

        1. @Alan, first of all I don’t hate anyone nor do I hate Google. You are really naive about how the telecom industry and big corporate works or you are the worst troll in history.

          In case you are naive, these latest suits are just another in a long line that the telecom industry has been dishing out long before Google and Apple were even players in the game.

          If you are just the worst troll in history, you just mention rectangles or something. That is the troll SOP, keep with the script please.

          1. @MacDaddy, maybe I directed some of my frustration over all the Google hate on here towards you. And maybe 8 years is too long to be out of working in big corporations … but I do have somewhat of a clue. I was a teenager at the breakup of the Bell System.

            I hope I’m not a troll. Just someone with an opinion and don’t like following “the crowd”. Anyway thanks for your advice and info.

            P.S. I’m not telling “Acting Captain” how I managed to beam aboard this forum while it was operating at warp speed.

      1. The weather on my planet?

        SFI: 94, SN: 52, A: 12, K: 1, X-Ray: B1.5, 304A: 140.6, Ptn Flx: 0.09, Elc Flx: 2100.00 …

        Elves? Elvis has left the planet. There! That was a better humor than MDN’s cheap shot at Google. By the way it didn’t go over my head it went under my ASS. It was THAT bad. Stop kissing their ass and stop kissing Apples ass.

          1. You asked for the weather on my planet and about elves … why are my posts any more stupid than yours are? That was Space Weather or Solar Conditions affecting Communications by the way. And be careful and don’t presume anyone to be an idiot.

  3. “Google’s public policy director today said software patents are failing to promote innovation”

    Well, duh! That’s because the courts aren’t protecting the patent holders swiftly or sanely.

  4. Google is shedding crocodile tears leaving one eye open disingenuously for reaction while “weeping” for consumers. Stop doing blatant evil Google, Eric & Larry and none of this would have happened. Just a little more effort to differentiate as Microsoft did and all these patent lawsuits would not be happening. You hitched your Androidal wagon just a little too close.

  5. Thats the only way for Google to try to win. Buy another company for its patents because they never created anything. Sure they are against the patents because it stops them or I should say its supposed to stop them from copying, of course the patent wars aren’t helpful, especially to Google. Innovation isn’t copying its creating.

  6. The funny part was when the guy from Google spoke as if the company actually believed intellectual property existed for other people.

    Google assumes anything that isn’t nailed down – from your personal information to the innovation of others – can be co-opted to make them money. When they encounter resistance, be it from elected officials or other companies’ lawsuits, they complain that it hinders the market or the quality of their products. Then they turn around and weaponize standards-essential patents, abusing a system specifically designed to bring reasonable use terms to innovation.

    There is no tech company on the planet as duplicitous as Google.

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