Foxconn makes 284 changes including trimming hours, boosting safety following FLA audits

“Foxconn Technology Group, Apple Inc.’s largest supplier, cut working hours and improved safety conditions at its China factories after inspections by the Fair Labor Association found dozens of violations, the group said,” Stanley James and Tim Culpan report for Bloomberg.

“The changes are among 284 made by Foxconn this year after FLA audits at three plants of the Taiwan-based company logged more than 50 breaches of Chinese regulations, the group said in a report released today,” James and Culpan report. “Foxconn is ahead of its own 15-month schedule for upgrading conditions and meeting FLA mandates, with 76 more items due for completion by July 1, the group said.”

James and Culpan report, “Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook brought the company into the FLA in January, leading to the inspections, after suicides by at least 10 Foxconn employees in 2010 highlighted conditions at the supplier. Cook has pledged not to turn a ‘blind eye’ to problems in a supply chain that includes competitor Samsung Electronics Co… Foxconn, which has about 178,000 workers making Apple devices in China, completed each of the 195 items required of it by the end of June and more than half the tasks due by next July, the Washington-based FLA said. The company reduced the number of working hours per week to 60, including overtime; redesigned equipment to protect employees; and is working with local authorities to get migrant workers access to unemployment insurance.”

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    1. The New York slimes is a joke. They have sold thier integrity so many times that like a cheap whore they can barely give it away. It’s a shame that they really don’t print the news any more. These days product reviews, restaurant reviews, business opinions and political views are for sale. It’s downright shocking how blatant. It’s a strange day indeed when the village voice rag in NYC is now printing more accurate news. The New York Slimes manufactures news to the highest bidder and it’s political allies and friends.
      The article was a hit piece designed by NY Slimes staff to shock the reader and make people think a problew existed because of Apple. The reality is they new all along Dell, Samsung, Microsoft, HP products are all made here but choose to make it a hit piece against Apple. If Apple would stop giving cash to all the fleas that bite it the problem might go away but for now expect no justice for Apple. Google owns your congressmen, your senators, your President and your media. So do no evil.

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