The definitive insider’s guide to the Apple v. Samsung trial

“There have been plenty of dramatic moments in the case of Apple versus Samsung, which some have dubbed the patent trial of the century,” Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD.

“But let’s be clear. There has also been a lot of downtime,” Fried reports. “As a result, there has been quite an opportunity for those in the court to familiarize themselves with both their surroundings and the main voices in the trial.”

Fried covers:
• The setting
• The Judge
• The Many Lawyers
• The Jury
• The Star Witnesses
• The Experts
• The Supporting Cast

Fried reports, “Final arguments over jury instructions are scheduled for Monday, with closing arguments slated for Tuesday. But if you missed this trial, there are dozens of similar cases winding their way through court dockets across the globe. Plus, regardless of which way the jury goes, there’s a good chance that some of the same players will reprise their role in front of an appeals court.”

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  1. Apple wins. But attorney’s extract their big BITE out of justice. Thankfully, Samsung will be paying for it. Apple meanwhile will have protected their privacy and the OtherPad / OtherPhone makers will be forced into being actually COMPETITIVE and therefore INNOVATIVE. That’s important. That’s good for everyone.

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