What if Apple’s iPhone 5 is just super-thin, but not taller than iPhone 4S? (with video)

“Dutch animator Bastiaan de Jong, Founder of 3D-desk in Amsterdam, thinks he knows what the next iPhone will look like, and he has the HD renderings to prove demonstrate it,” Anthony Wing Kosner reports for Forbes.

“According to de Jong, whose company, ‘provides state-of-the-art interactive 3D animations of the latest mobile phones to telecom retailers,’ the iPhone 5 will indeed be much thinner, have a smaller dock connector, have more rounded edges than its predecessor and, surprisingly at this point, the ‘same screen size to keep iOS developer-friendly,'” Kosner reports.

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  1. “Dutch animator Bastiaan de Jong, Founder of 3D-desk in Amsterdam, thinks he knows what the next iPhone will look like, and he has the HD renderings to prove demonstrate it,”

    Who cares what he thinks? They want us to believe that Apple called a Dutch animator and gave him secret info so he could create a low quality promo? I’m guessing no.

  2. The sales numbers of those brick-sized Android phones (4″ and larger) demonstrate that the demand for a large phone is almost non-existent. Vast majority of consumers find the existing iPhone size as big as they could possibly want it. Anything bigger would, in most people’s minds, look grotesquely geeky when holding the phone up to one’s ear. Not to mention the ergonomic difficulty in navigating it single-handedly.

    Don’t forget folks, half of those iPhone buyers are women, and among them, the percentage who would like a bigger iPhone is practically negligible; hell, even among men, it is so low it is, for Apple’s purpose, meaningless.

    It is extremely unlikely that we’ll ever see two different current-generation iPhones (a smaller one and a bigger one, for example). Apple has been constantly having difficulties making the phones fast enough — they are selling everything they make, so it isn’t like they need to offer more models in order to improve their sales volume…

    Let me put it this way: I would be very surprised if the new iPhone, whenever it does come, ends up being physically larger than the existing one. They may try to eek out some extra screen space within the existing dimensions, but I don’t expect them to make the device any larger than it already is.

  3. The size of the iPhone is fine. I don’t want to end up with a big thing which does not fit in my pocket? If you want a bigger tasteless thing, go and get a Wintendo or a Nokia phone!!

  4. The current iPhone 4S is fine. Why are they bothering bringing out a new model based on a two year old design if it’s just tweaks nobody really cares about? I’ve bought every iPhone on day one but, if the rumors are true and the “iPhone 5” is nearly identical to the 4S (which was nearly identical to the 4), I’ll pass this time.

  5. I don’t expect the New iPhone to be bigger or significantly thinner because

    – Apple must have done months, if not years of testing regarding the size of the iPhone and its screen. Take a minute and look at it: it’s just perfect. It’s not too big, it’s not too small. The aspect ratio is perfect. It fits in your pocket. It’s not too thick nor too heavy, and it’s beautiful. I can’t imagine myself holding one of those big half-celphone-half-mini-tablet-devices to my ear and not looking ridiculous.

    – Apple doesn’t care about what’s hot now and isn’t hot anymore in 5 minutes from now. It’s not because many other devices have bigger screens, that people want them.

    – a bigger screen means more power is needed from the battery. 4G LTE will need more power too. Even if the New iPhone had a bigger battery, it would probably just make up for the needs of a bigger screen and 4G. But Apple wants to increase the battery’s capacity.

    I certainly do hope that the images we see everywhere these days are just a very smart decoy from Apple. This device is just plain ugly. It makes me think of one of those phones you pick up in a hotel room: long and narrow. Yuk!

    The perfect New iPhone would be one that looks like the iPad, with a aluminum back, very simple and elegant. I would appreciate the return of rounded corners, like with the 3G and 3GS: these models were pleasant to hold in your hand, whereas the actual models are too angular.

  6. It better go to 4in screen. That is what is missing. My word people a 4in screen won’t change how it fits in your pocket but I do want bigger screen. Hate 3.5 to small.

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