Exhibit showcases some of the most impressive examples of iPhone photography on earth

“If you have an iPhone, you’ve probably taken a photo or two (or hundreds or thousands) with the device,” Leslie Katz reports for CNET. “Maybe you’ve kept it casual, snapping the occasional cat, kid, and road trip photos and uploading them to Facebook, Google+, or another social network.”

“Maybe, like the talented Crave readers featured in our Instagram series, you’ve taken your iPhone photography further than pointing and shooting and gotten hooked on a photo enhancement app or two,” Katz reports. “Or maybe you’ve become so passionate about iPhone photography that you spend countless hours and numerous apps perfecting galleries upon galleries of iPhone creations.”

Katz reports, “Most of the photographers featured in the first-ever LA Mobile Arts Festival fall into the latter category. The fest, which opens Saturday in Santa, Monica, Calif., celebrates iPhoneography, the up-and-coming art form that’s catching the eyes of gifts of established and citizen artists alike. The event features 600-plus works from iPhone artists around the world — prints, mixed-media installations, sculptures, sound and video projects, and more.”

Read more and be sure to check out the gallery in the full article here.


    1. Long before digital photography came along, images of reality were manipulated by exposure, lenses, filters, cropping, pull- or push processing, dodging and burning, multiple exposures, tinting, and a variety of other methods. Those were all part of the photographic process and “photography” just like “photoshop-type image manipulation” is also part of the photography process.

      In this case, the point is how the images were captured. The iPhone is a camera, so the output in this case is also “photography”.

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