Apple v. Samsung fireworks: Did Samsung-hired expert have improper access to Intel source code?

At the Apple v.s Samsung trial “on Tuesday, the issue at hand was whether a Samsung-hired expert, Tim Williams, was given access to Intel source code without fully disclosing his potential conflicts of interest,” Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD.

“Lawyers for Intel brought up the issue on Tuesday saying that they had just learned that Williams had been given access to the code earlier this year,” Fried reports. “Under a court order, parties such as Intel are supposed to be given notice when their confidential information is shared.”

Fried reports, “Intel asked that Williams be precluded from testifying, something that Judge Lucy Koh would be an extreme remedy at this point. However, Koh decided that she needed more details, declaring that Williams would not testify as scheduled on Tuesday and ordering both sides to produce the relevant documents and their legal arguments. ‘I want to see papers,’ Koh said. ‘I don’t trust what any lawyer in this court room tells me.'”

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    1. It wasn’t about the room itself, but instead the group of people in the room. In other words, the judge doesn’t trust any of those lawyers trying the case.

      Of course, I’d argue that it is lawyers in general that can’t be trusted, regardless of venue or association. But, then you probably wouldn’t hear a judge admitting that. 😉

  1. I don’t trust what any lawyer tell me anytime or anyplace, and this also applies to politicians (espcecially those who are also lawyers) and used car salesman.

    1. Come on. Most used car salesmen are not that bad. Some of us actually are decent people and stand behind our products. If not, how would we stay in business. Do attorneys or politicians do that?

        1. I can only assume you are referring to the bailout of certain car manufactures? They surely didn’t bail me out. Not to mention they depleted the used car market and drove up the prices of used cars so it’s becoming even more difficult to get people into cars. Here is a nice fact for you: 70% of the people who come in to buy a car, can’t qualify. I can think of a group of people who are actually worse then the attorneys and politicians and received billion dollar parachutes.

  2. don’t know about the other lawyers but the Judge has caught the samsung lawyers lying many times, from video to show how rubber band scrolling works to the time they attested a device was set up (“She then pointed out that Samsung’s image featured yesterday’s date — clearly indicating that the photo had not been taken on Sunday as alleged”) to doctoring device photos to remove icons which are photocopies of apples.

  3. Lying lawyering is a great educational experience..

    notice that many politicians started as lawyers….

    (wikipedia: 168 Representatives and 57 Senators had a law degree. Of these, five (three Representative and two Senators) also hold a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree.)

    what does that tell ya?

    1. so many politicians are lawyers which begs the question:

      to run a country successfully you need LEADERS EXPERT in
      the economy (including stuff like manufacturing , trade), health care, education, social services, science , the military etc etc. right?

      what you GOT in reality are a bunch of lawyers whose greatest expertise is to hoodwink juries (now voters) and whom Judge Koh (a lawyer herself) says “I don’t trust any lawyers”.

      still wondering why the world is in such a shat load of trouble?

    2. Actually when you finish law school you are awarded a Juris Doctor (JD) degree, which is academically equivalent to a PhD or an LL.D. or any of a number of post-graduate degrees. Unless, of course, it was obtained from Capella or Kaplan or Exeter Phillips.

  4. From the source article:

    1:24 p.m.: Legal matters finally settled, Wang is now on the stand. Wang is a user experience designer for Samsung Electronics and is testifying in Korean via an interpreter. …Asked whether, in designing icons for the Galaxy products she copied any of Apple’s icons. …“Not at all,” she said.

    But honey, we’ve already SEEN the blatantly ripped off icons AND we have legal testimony to the fact that you folks were ordered to make the icons look less like Apple’s, and you FAILed to do so. That’s PERJURY. Oh joy. ;?

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