Apple’s iPad, MacBook Air kneecapping so-called ‘Ultrabooks’

“One of Intel’s big programs for this year has been the development and marketing of a new line of slimline notebooks called Ultrabooks. This product is really following in Apple’s MacBook Air footprints, a product that has been very successful for Apple,” Tim Bajarin writes for TechPinions.

“We have been privy to some very interesting research that shows that the market for laptops appears to be bifurcating into one that is focused on low cost notebooks and the other on the higher end of the notebook market,” Bajarin writes. “The research suggests that the mid market for laptops is declining and that laptops priced at $699-$899 may be going away as users either opt for low cost laptops or if they want more powerful laptops, buy up to laptops in the $999-$1299 range instead.”

Bajarin writes, “Part of this lack of overwhelming interest in the $699-$799 price range is also due to the iPad. The interest in the iPad remains high, and right now from our research we are learning much higher than notebooks by the mass market. Because of that UltraBooks priced around the range of the iPad seem to of less interest. It appears for the mass market next generation notebooks need to be lower cost than the iPad or much higher and include valuable innovations in the upper end to make it attractive.”

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  1. The only reason people ever bought PCs is because they were too cheap to go for the good stuff. (Macs) Now that the prices of the two are close, Intel doesn’t really stand a chance on this one..

    1. Intel is making money on every MacBook Air and Pro sold. They are, however, losing the vast middle market to ARM based processors with the iPad and all the Android based tablets. That’s what happens when you sit on your technology and don’t push the envelope. Apple would have used the Atom if Intel could have gotten past its power requirements. With the memory of Motorola and IBM with the PowerPC still fresh, Apple will no longer be at the mercy of companies that can’t keep up with their rate of innovation. Speed up or get out of the way!

        1. When your nearest competitor in a given type of race (AMD in the desktop/laptop space) is half a lap behind you, why would you push yourself?

          On the other hand, Apple has interests in two different types of races, and Intel can’t keep up in the second one.

          1. Perhaps because you’re the kind of person who strives for mind-boggling excellence just for itself — not because there is some competition just behind you. Like – ummm – Steve Jobs.

        2. Apple NEVER intended to use Atom. Apple designed ARM for this purpose. They only used intel to get x86 compatibility for the few years thst the windows desktop has left. Don’t be surprised if Apple finally buys AMD to put squeeze on intel and to save on margin.

      1. The reason behind ignoring Atom is far more complex than that. Intel had no idea that Atom, designed and built for the netbook market, would need to scale into the idea of a tablet which has far more design restrictions than earlier noted. Also, I think Apple would have gone the way they did anyway, given that they wanted to control what went onto the chip anyway. Having in-house chip design is a huge advantage here when it comes to balancing power consumption and utility.

      2. “They (intel) are, however, losing the vast middle market to ARM based processors with the iPad and all the Android based tablets.”
        They are also loosing the “bargain hunter’s” market (both laptop and conventional “Beige box”) to AMD I am amazed at the overwhelming amount of AMD powered laptops and Peecee’s are represented (at least what I see in mailings and promotions I have thrust at me constantly, I haven’t actually (ever) shopped for a “bargain hunters” PeeCee)

    2. Duh! Intel supplies chips for Apple’s Mac laptops. They also supply chips for the low end.

      Intel has the high and the low with the middle disappearing because of the tablet market.

      Is Intel not standing a chance? All it needs is a low power tablet chip.

    3. No you are delusional. We bought PC’s because we don’t like Mac O/S. We bought PC’s because we are advanced users and not your grnadma, we wanted control over our PC and O/S. We bought PC’s because we wanted to be productive in the business world.
      We bought PC’s because we wanted software variety. We bought PC’s because we wanted to play the best games.
      We bought PC’s because we didn’t drink the apple koolaid. I could go on and on and on.
      It took Mac forever to be good for these things and they still lack. And don’t start with the virus BS or other, I know Windows has its weaknesses I am a windows embedded platform develeoper. Most of you have probably not suffered windows like I have. But I’ll still take it over using a Mac.

  2. INTEL is caught like SAMSUNG, it is trying to whip up competition to Apple at the same time as it supplies it the millions of chips that lead people away from MS PCs.

  3. Dear MDN:
    In view of the general prevalence of violence in
    media and the real recent domestic terrorist violence
    in the news, couldn’t you have toned down your
    rhetoric and not used “kneecapping”?

    1. Agreed. Language is more varied than that. With more than 150,000 English words, MDN uses the same hyperbole found on every elementary school playground in America.

      There is no WAR between Samsung and Apple. No one is SLAUGHTERING the competition. And Apple has KNEECAPPED no one.

    1. Intel attempted to make CPUs for small devices via their ‘Atom’ line. Just about one wanted them. Intel aren’t about to take a hit to their pride by manufacturing someone else’s CPU designs.

      Meanwhile, Apple clearly blundered by offering to let Samsung touch anything Apple. But who knew at that time Samsung were such parasitic weasels? Apple was at least wise enough to not let their CPU designs go to China: Criminal Nation.

      It certainly is difficult to find respectful, honest, serious businesses on planet Earth these days. ‘Screw Thy Customer’ continues to be the Spirit Of The Age. And no company illustrates that sick, self-destructive behavior better than Samsung. All their current suffering is self-inflicted.

      Enjoy that hole in your foot Samsung! 😆

  4. Ultrabooks:
    Again the rest of the computer community turns to APPLE for the future. Pathetic.

    Hey non-Apple companies! Go invent your own ideas! Stop pulling SameDung manoeuvres. Copy cat behavior makes you look like blithering idiots with no imagination. Or is that your point? 😛

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