1. Thought I was in the same boat. Just got off the phone with AT&T. That screenshot above should read Each ADDITIONAL Smartphone. The first iPhone is covered under the “Mobile Share with…” charge. For us (4GB plan), that will equate to $70 (iPhone #1) + $40 (iPhone #2) + $10 (iPad 3G) = $120. After taxes, it’s about $10 cheaper than our current plan that DOES NOT include an iPad. Sign me up!

  1. Is it me, or is the cost of owning a smartphone slash mobile device getting ridiculously uber-expensive?!

    How I long for the $57.00 of the original iPhone plan that had talk, text and data.

    Now, with att new plan and verizon’s no better, for 4gb, smartphone and iPad will cost me $120.00 / mo. Whereas, now, I have a cheapo non smartphone that has 1000 minutes talk, 50 texts, both can be considered unlimited to me as far as I am concerned for $40.00 plus tax and I have att UNLIMITED iPad (original ipad) data plan for $30.00. So for around $76.00 I am to give that up and pay $120.00.

    Say whaaaaaat?!

  2. Right now we have 2 iPhones with unlimited data for about $130/mo.

    With these new plans it’s $40 + $45 + $45 = $130 a month, about the same, but our data plans go from unlimited to 1 GB a month.

    No Thanks..

  3. This is all in a move to keep customers signed up with ATT. As a note, the last iPhone I bought from ATT was over 2 years ago, so I am NOT under a contract. This move won’t get me to sign a new one. I’m moving to Verizon as soon as the new iPhone comes out, because I absolutely detest ATT so much… Well all telco’s suck… just in my book ATT sucks the most right now.

  4. Seems that for those that leave AT&T and go to Verizon, Sprint, etc., the other phone companies follow suit. I mean Sprint is great now but that was being said of Verizon until they dropped their unlimited and started their tier plans. Basically this boils down who do you want to get robbed by? The Mongols? The Hells Angels? Bloods? Crips? Mexican Mafia? Vice Lords? Until the FCC allows true competition, everyone will be getting robbed by different carriers.

  5. I am counting the days tip the new iphone comes out, I will be heading over to sprint asap!!
    I cannot wait to rid myself of AT&T, i have been a customer with them for, well, since they bought Cingular, and I am sick of the bending over!!
    Sprint is the new kid on the iphone block, they will do almost anything to get iphone customers, they have a 5 billion dollar bill to pay.
    They are as nice as cam be over there at Sprint.

  6. I stuck the smart talk SIM card in my 4s. It is running ios6 and no problems. $45 monthly for unlimited plan. As soon as I am sure it works where I use it, I will pay penalty and switch rest if family. The only difference is , no visual voice mail. Small price to pay. Mms and other functions including tether work fine. Only bad news is that smart talk will ding you if you use excessive bandwidth and try to use as home Internet.

  7. Before you head to SPRINT please read reviews of their data service. Unlimited pancakes are gret too except when they can only fry of 1 every half hour. Unlimited use of a dripping hose will not get the yard watered.

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