iPhone 5 rumors spark 70% jump in eBay Instant Sale smartphone trade-in offers

The rumor mill is churning with iPhone 5 rumors and that’s firing up eBay Instant Sales. The site is experiencing a 70% surge in trade-in offers for smartphones.

eBay’s instant electronics trade-in program – which offers cash for gadgets – saw the number of trade-in offers generated by customers increase by 70% in the three day span between July 30, when rumors of a September 12th iPhone event began to surface, and August 1 (compared to the number of trade-in offers generated over the same three day period the week before).

Other trade-in activity highlights from eBay Instant Sale:

• As of 10 a.m. PT this morning, eBay Instant Sale’s trade-in offer for an AT&T iPhone 4S 64GB in working condition was $381.98.

• Nearly 100,000 smartphone trade-in offers have been generated by customers using eBay Instant Sale since July 30.

• Top Apple iPhone models generating trade-in offers via eBay Instant Sale are:
  1. iPhone 4S 16GB
  2. iPhone 4 8GB
  3. iPhone 4S 32GB
  4. iPhone 3GS 8GB
  5. iPhone 4 16GB

eBay Instant Sale (ebay.com/instantsale) offers cash for gadgets through a quick, simple three step process. Trade-in values for old gadgets are competitive, shipping is free and money goes directly into your PayPal account. Instant Sale is different than traditional selling on eBay – you don’t go through the item listing process, you simply select your item and condition, view your offer, print out your free shipping label and send in the old device for cash.


  1. Nuts for anyone who just purchased a 4S. The 5 needs to knock it out of the park but from what we are hearing it is only catching up with NFC, bigger screen (which might not be that great) and other slight improvements that might still not be enough to move folks off their 4S or new prospects over to Apple.

    Let’s face it the current iPhone is nothing to look at hence why it has never been truly copied but yet the form factor is great and easy to use as a phone and light duty data device. There is no mistaking an iPhone 4S for anything else period. The 3G on the other hand well that is another kettle of fish.

    I use a BB 9900 Bold as well and it is also very user friendly. The larger screened Androids on the other hand are a handful to say the least. Kind of makes you laugh how we evolved from big devices to as small as we could make them and now back we go to how big we can make them. 🙂

      1. WTF is up your ass? Doe my speaking intelligently makes it hard for you to understand? Nothing I said suggests Troll and frankly ass wipe I probably own more Apple devices than you will ever own in ur entire lifetime.

        Nothing negative here, just making a point that I think most iPhone user would agree on in that the 4S fell short of setting a new standard hence the 5 has some catching up to do.

        Get a life!

        1. FU paddy boy. You have always been a f’kin TROLL and there is nothing new in your attitude. IPhone 4/4s design kicks assssssss! Only reason Samshit didn’t copy it yet is because they still in the process of figuring out how great it is….it is beyond their (and your) tast comprehension.

            1. Idiot…. these are the words of Steve Jobs and there is video to go along with it so do yourself a favour and pay attention to your Messiah you dumb ass Cult member! SJ always found it funny how some Apple users behaved and you fit nicely in that category.

        2. And YOUR design/marketing credentials are . . . . . what, exactly? You must be really, really, really rich and successful to stand on the shoulders of the Apple design team and call their efforts inadequate. Are you, Pat? And if so, can you prove it here?

          That’s what is truly wonderful about the internet (for inferiority-complexed people like you, Pat): You can post anonymous opinions here that YOU think carry the same weight and import as those from Sir Jonny Ive himself.

          Well, they do not. Now, go get a job, design something yourself, market it globally, and let US decide how well you’ve done. Something tells me you won’t measure up even in the slightest. But you already knew that, huh?

          1. ????? Did they put out an APB on you yet? The iPhone is a nothing to look at fuck face period, and who gives a rat ass about a British monarchy title given to Jonny? What the hell does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

            One thing that I think can be agreed on in fairness is the simplistic design is just that simplistic and that is my point by saying Nothing to Look At!!!!! If you follow along you drunken moron you will quickly realize that my post is far more complementary that negative. Wake the fuck up and set aside the Scotch for at least a week!

            1. A proficiency in profanity is not making you look like the well-versed, intelligent person you claim to be. Calling people derogatory names only proves that you have nothing of value to say.

    1. Ever thought about telling people something they don’t know? Speaking as someone who’s been using this site for a number of years, and a Mac user since 1995…
      Or don’t you care about pissing people off?

      1. Only an idiot would get pissed at what I presented in my post. I use my 4S everyday and love it and my points are nothing more than observations which this site is often times used for.

        Take your meds and get some sleep.

        1. There are two statements that you made that may have triggered such disproportionately vitriolic and obnoxious reactions by these three fellows.

          Firs one was “The current iPhone is nothing to look at, which is why it hasn’t been copied”. The way you stated was as if it were a fact, and not your personal, subjective opinion. Professional industrial designers, as well as most of the general population, tend to disagree with you, claiming that the current iP4/4s design is the most elegant, functional, stylish and appealing design Apple ever made. Your personal opinion is perfectly valid, but it is important to make sure you present it as such.

          The other statement you made that raised the red flag for the “troll hunters” was about a BlackBerry device being very user friendly. Again, these are personal, subjective opinions, and everything is relative, but again, since the appearance of the iPhone, general consensus has been that the BB devices are excruciatingly unintuitive, unergonomic, illogical and unfriendly to use, COMPARED to the iPhone. In an isolated world of themselves, your particular BB device may be the friendliest of them all, though.

          I will not present my own personal opinions regarding either of the devices here. I just wanted to point out why you attracted the wrath of these three readers.

          1. Someone passed me his BlackBerry Bold (the latest model) to play with. Just out of curiosity I tried using the alphanumeric keyboard to dial a number – my own in fact. To tell you the truth I couldn’t figure it out. The screen looked really busy with menus, icons and all sort of stuff cluttering up the usable space. The dial up window was a small strip occupying no more than 15% of the screen real estate.

            I believe Steve Jobs said that designing simplicity is hard. It is hard to decide what to leave out so the user is presented with the barest minimum contextual menu items that don’t clutter up the screen.

            1. Fair enough but I have used RIM products since 1997 so in terms of communication efficiency their devices are pretty stout. Nothing too fancy just great Phone (never lose a call never) and an e-mail/texting machine.
              This said, my iPhone 4S is my daily driver as I do enjoy it’s ability to be coherent with my other Apple devices via iCloud.

          2. Here is where Apple users get a bad wrap. The Cult like following and expressions thereof often times witnessed on here is NOT representative of what several of us are. I am an avid Apple product users because I like the product, not because of SJ or anyone else who sits in the Ivory Tower at Apple. Apple is not without flaws and history already speaks to this and who knows what other history will be written but in the end their right of passage into the mainstream has been formidable and the challenge at hand of sustaining it will be their greatest concern as Father time moves along.

            Listen I drive a BMW 6 series but I certainly do not call out someone who prefers the design and functionality of let’s say an Audi or a Ford and I might add I do not go around telling the world that BMW is the end all and be all in the automotive industry.

            Some folks do not like the design points of BMW and that’s AOK, but there is something to be said about being able to express an opinion without being a prick about it.

    2. “BB 9900 Bold as well and it is also very user friendly” !!

      I don’t really get you on this one… I had a 9900 and was using it side by side with iPhone since they didn’t have iPhones at the office. I never found it to be user friendly…

      iPhone5 is catching up on NFC? in what way? screen? ridiculous.

      1. RIM OS 7.1 is a walk in the Park to use for anyone with a reasonable IQ. Apparently when you heard the good Lord was passing out brains you heard train and passed as you were not going anywhere.

        NFC catching up to all the other devices which have had it for at least 12 months. Screen size once again catch up to the other platforms get it… or should I draw you a picture. This said, I have every ounce of faith that Apple will do it right but it is still simply catching up.

      1. pat, the reason you get called a troll is because you come in here and shit on everyone by acusing all Apple users/defenders as being a blind ‘cult’.

        All the evidence in this trial is in Apples favor. The reason people are buying Samsung phones is because they feel the same as you- that Apple is a ‘cult’, closed garden, and ‘bully’. Meanwhile they’re guilty of doing the samthing they accuse Apple users of to the same ends.

        Don’t come in here and say “I think blackberries great but I love my 4S- and I’m not one of you cultists so my opinion is valid”.

        Fuck off troll.

        1. Hey fuck face!
          You are a piece of shit and shit stinks! What trial are you following asshole? You are a Cult Member and you are probably sitting in your dark room holding vigils for SJ. Any Seance planned this weekend?

          Oh asshole…. remember this…

          A good artist copies and a great artist steals. Steve Jobs

        2. Hey ass wipe read my lips! Fuck Off and Die! You are a Cult member and I will take you on anytime anywhere with ur 4S versus my Bold 9900 for business purposes and not for fucking the dog like a child. I like my 4s as a toy and my Bold 9900 as my business tool. P.S. Ass wipe I am a VP of a large scale health care co. and 1346 of us use Bold’s 9900 for work with probably 500+ who use 4S to play.

          Hang on… do you know what work is?????

  2. By the way, those instant sale prices are ridiculously low. That same 64GB 4S that eBay takes for $380 normally fetches over $600 on regular eBay auctions. Obviously, to get this price, you have to list it on eBay, wait for the auction to end, collect the money and ship to the buyer (a relative hassle, compared to the trade-in option), but to most people, this little hassle is worth extra $200-250 difference they stand to make.

  3. who would instant sell their phone now? You have to wait 6- 10 weeks or longer to get a replacement 5 phone. what do you do without your phone for all that time? Carry around a crappy GOPhone?

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