AT&T orders retail staff to sell anything but the iPhone, sources say

“iPhone activations at AT&T grew by just 3% in the second quarter this year, and many industry watchers pointed to the flood of next-generation iPhone rumors as a likely culprit for the slowed growth,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR. “BGR has exclusively learned that this is not entirely the case, however, and the stalled iPhone sales at the nation’s No.2 wireless carrier may in fact be by design.”

“Regional retail sales managers at AT&T have been instructing store managers to pump the brakes on Apple’s iPhone,” Epstein reports. “Instructions handed down from corporate state that customers seeking smartphones at AT&T retail stores should be steered away from Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone and towards Android phones or Windows Phone handsets like the Nokia Lumia 900 instead. BGR has confirmed the directive with three independent sources… [Regardless] Apple handsets still accounted for 72% of all smartphones activated by AT&T during the second quarter this year.”

In an update, Epstein reports, “AT&T contacted BGR via email and supplied the following statement: ‘The idea that we would steer any customer away from a particular device couldn’t be more farfetched. Our reps do what it takes to align customer needs with the best device for them. iPhone remains one of our most popular devices, which doesn’t happen by steering people away from it. Our reps are encouraged to try all devices so they are more knowledgeable on our industry-leading smartphone lineup.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Nice non-denial denial, AT&T.

Nigam Arora reports for Forbes, “From our multiple checks, it is clear that if a consumer walks into one of the several stores where we checked with an open mind, the consumer is not going to walk out with an iPhone.”

“If BGR report is true, understanding AT&T’s reasons for such a directive is important for investors,” Arora reports. “If the main reason is that AT&T does not have enough inventory of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S ahead of iPhone 5 launch, it is bullish for Apple stock. On the other hand if the reason is the amount of subsidies AT&T provides on iPhones, it is a huge negative for Apple stock.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple CEO Tim Cook needs to at least remind AT&T exactly who’s boss, if not tear them a new orifice.

FYI: It’s not just AT&T, either: Hard sell: Verizon Wireless clerks pushing Android phones over iPhone – May 5, 2012

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jax44” for the heads up.]

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  1. It’s like going to a restaurant for spaghetti, but being served a bowl of shoelaces.

    I’m thinking of going to my local AT&T store and posing as a buyer to see what they have to say.

        1. My friend went to AT&T to get an iPhone each time her contract was up. Both times she went she was encouraged to get something other than an iPhone. She now currently has a Nokia Lumia 900 thanks to AT&T’s staff “non steering.”

      1. Careful, AT&T has restocking fees of up to 30%. My wife got caught in that when trying to return an unactivated, unopened phone the next day.

        The manager said, “See? It’s right there on the back of the receipt that there’s a restocking charge.”

        My wife said, “Um, how am I supposed to read that BEFORE I make the purchase?”

        So she stood out in front of the store and offered the phone for sale, telling everyone why she wanted to resell it. The AT&T manager then called mall security. In the end the *MALL* refunded my wife’s money in order to make her go away.

          1. love your wife ; )
            that’s the way to do it – money for nothing…

            no but seriously, she’s a hero.
            blocking corporate abuse!

            i would’ve done the same.

            one easily forgets that we live in a democracy in our USofA. we’re the least democratic western country, as we fear the authorities so much, we no longer fight for our rights, forgetting corportations and government are not gods, and that is is our right to complain or return things!

            it is not sinful. we’re not being unpatriotic for fighting for our rights for peep’s sake!

            good job Mrs Zeke!

        1. That’s sad. Some of our major carriers here have a “buyer’s remorse” return policy on new phones–can return it up to 15 days after purchase, or up to 30 minutes of talk time, whichever comes first. No cancellation or restocking fee.

    1. Yes, everyone reading this should go to an ATT store and test this to see if it’s true. Act dumb (ideally use a Southern accent, if you can, and talk about how great a president Bush was), and just naively let them know you’re looking for a smartphone. Then let the salesperson guide you to the phone he or she would like to sell.

        1. I am not defending Renaldo’s post. There is no need for that kind of stuff, although it is *far* tamer than more of the right wing posts on this forum.

          I do find it interesting that the same people who throw the same type of disparaging BS around about “Obamanation” and “libtards” get all self-righteous when the tables are turned and similar comments are directed back at them. Both sides are wrong. However, if you are going to be wrong, at least don’t be hypocritical about it.

            1. Who exactly did you show up?

              Last I checked, it’s not considered “showing someone up” to attack them personally by hurling unproven, questionable remarks and profanity at them? It wasn’t even creative.


            2. What exactly are you talking about, if anything?
              This thread, or another?

              They are two completely different subjects, and you haven’t argued either effectively.

              Use a name, stick with it, and quit hiding behind obscurity, because you make it hard to understand your point.

              And if you don’t get my point, why argue? I have explained in detail. I don’t expect you to agree, but you make yourself to look like what Renaldo imagines Southerners to be….slow.

            3. After eight years of the Bush administration, you are still a SBLW? Fascinating. In the words of Shrek, “That explains a whole lot.”

              I suppose that I have to give you credit for staying the course.

            4. I’ve never agreed with any President 100%, not even Reagan.

              But after watching the press hound Bush for eight years and then seeing this failure get either a pass or mild questioning, I have come to appreciate his grace even more.

              I was aware when Congress voted to go to war and when the Democrats walked it back to gain political points.

              I was watching when the Plame game was proven to be manufactured by her husband.

              I was looking when the Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans walked off their jobs and blamed the Feds for not protecting THEM from reality.

              I have read the recounts of Florida by the New York Times and others that are still a myth to the über-left.

              But I was also annoyed when he allowed the Democrats to continue their Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac charade hoping they would quid pro quo on the war. Of course, they didn’t.

              I didn’t like the prescription drug law passed to woo moderates.

              And nominating Harriet Miers for the SCOTUS was silly, even though she is probably more qualified than any other woman on the current court, but doing it to tell the Senate to get off their asses and start approving judges seems to have backfired.

              I’m not swayed by ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN any more than I am by FOX or Rush. I listen and watch ALL of them.

              Now you might believe Democrats were lied to about the war, that Valarie Plame is a martyr, or that Bush sent a hurricane to the Black South and then blocked aid after the SCOTUS illegally gave him the Presidency. If you are that simple, then you are not near as smart as I give you credit for…

      1. WTF does having a Southern Accent have to do with anything?? I’m from NY and I’ve met some damn genius’s in NC. Hell half the people without college education here are smarter with a ton more common sense then “Northern” people!

      2. Really???

        I’ve worked all over the country and there are stupid people EVERYWHERE.

        You bring politics into this when there is no need or precedence just to get a jab out there at not only the GOP / Bush, but also the Southern states…

        Let me guess- it’s probably Bush’s fault ATT pushes the iPhone right? He’s to blame for everything else…

        I usually stay away from taunts like this, but this is ridiculous. Your condescending manner and purposeful demeaning of a large portion of the population is uncalled for and inexcusable.

        Frankly I feel sorry for you- you’ve bought into the propaganda and class / regional stereotypical warfare far too easily.

        The term “ignorati” comes to mind…

        1. Wow, over-react much? And when did he bring up class warfare? The way you talk, it sounds like you’re just another gullible Fox News watcher who’s foolishly convinced to vote against your own social and economic well-being.

          1. It may be an over-reaction, but so be it.

            As far as class warfare, he played the stereotypical “Dumb Southerner” card. In almost every instance I have seen people go down that road, they also imply a lack of social and financial affluence. That is why I brought up “class / regional warfare”.

            As to Fox News, I hate it as much as every other news channel. They all spin the issues, and have very little factual reporting to enable people to make informed decisions themselves. (Albeit there are not that many capable of doing so anymore because they are told what they should believe from both sides of the party lines).

            I choose to look at the facts and information before me, and make a rational, informed decision on how I feel.

            Voting against my own social and economic well being? I don’t think so. We would ALL be better off with less government regulation in our lives and with less taxes for both individuals and corporations. That lets society control what is and is not acceptable based upon the people’s values and morals in their community,, and provides more money in the pockets of everyone (all social and economic classes). When everyone has more money in their pockets, they spend it. When they spend it, the economy grows. When the economy grows, we all benefit with more available jobs, competition for those jobs, and as a result, higher wages without the government telling us they are required.

            With the additional spending, even at lower tax amounts, more revenue is collected by the government. (Look up the Laffer Curve).

            Back to the whole point of my “over-reaction”- no one needs to walk into ATT and pretend to be from the South to be looked upon as uninformed and gullible. There are plenty of suckers everywhere.

      3. Renaldo, not that many years ago, people had a sense of humor about all sorts of things. That went away. Now, people lose jobs, are threatened, in some countries are arrested, for what used to make people smile. Gone. Schools promote humorless talk. The media goes after it. Gone. In days of yore, not only did people say things that made people smile, but people even guiltlessly smiled. Things said did not necessarily disparage someone or some group. Today, everyone is disparaged by even the slightest unthinking comment that wasn’t run by a lawyer and obtained both government and media approvals. Today, even if you say something that has nothing to do with someone or some group, the media or some group will read something unmeant into it, become offended, and disparage you and your family. They will then investigate you and interview everyone you ever knew about it.

        Life has become harder today than it used to be. Free Speech is costly today, if you can find any. Humor? That is an old cultural activity that disappeared some time back.

        I thought I’d alert you to that change, Renaldo. You may have missed the announcement of that a while back. Speaking only for me and risking mightily by saying so, I miss humor.

        [Disclaimer: I mean absolutely nothing by any of this. I disparage no one and love and respect everyone and everything. For those offended by even that, I deny everything. This isn’t me writing at all. Government required disclosure: There are four lies within this disclaimer.]

        1. Mr. Wells, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    2. But shoelaces will keep you filled longer and they’re non-fattening. In a way, you’re getting something more lasting than a mere bowl of spaghetti. Aren’t you lucky?

      I’ve heard that a good salesman can sell dung and make it more appealing to a consumer than an actual Dove Bar.

      1. As a “good salesman,” I think it’s fair for me to say that is a moronic statement.

        A good salesman doesn’t lie to make a sale, and a good salesman doesn’t try to sell you what you don’t want.

        A good salesman will listen to the customer, show them a product that fits their needs, and give them enough information to allow them to come to their own conclusion naturally, that it’s the best product for the job.

        Don’t try to make the horse drink–make him thirsty.

        1. Depends on perspective.

          You are of course right from the consumer POV.

          From the store manager’s POV, a “good salesman” is exactly what Laughing_boy48 described. He moves product, they may be on commission so promotions or even continued employment depend on it.

          Never mind returns; probably half the dissatisfied customers will never try returning it anyway.

          1. I move product. I move A LOT of product. I’ve set and broken sales records.

            I do it just as I described above.

            To suggest that all good salespeople are liars is not fair.

            1. Was not my intent to suggest/imply that you or even all salespeople (good or otherwise) are liars, though my post does sound like that. My apologies; we live in times that are too cynical.

              I’ve never been in sales, but when friends ask for advice I also do as you describe. This means I don’t always steer them towards Apple products, though I make it clear I don’t do support (free or otherwise) if they choose something else.

    3. I went to an AT&T store in Denver shopping for a smartphone about 6 months ago. I have been a Verizon customer for many years because I think Verizon gets better reception in the mountains where I live, but friends with iPhones on AT&T have been OK with their service. We currently use feature phones and were looking at upgrading to smart phones and were considering switching to AT&T.

      The sales associate at the AT&T store in Denver pushed me so hard to consider all the superior features and advantages of Android phones, despite my arguments in favor of the iPhone, that I left the store in disgust. We are still using feature phones on Verizon.

    4. Tell us you’re joking. You wouldn’t really take your free time to do that would you? Why? Going to report them to the Apple police? Apple is aware of any issues with sales of their products long before you or MDN ever get a whiff of it through some slanted blog. Geez! Move on to important relevant topics please. And oh, get a life.

    1. … the customer they worry about is you or me.
      What if the customers they worry about go by the names Nokia, Google, Microsoft etc? They do a LOT more business with those customers than with you. And Apple may not be a satisfied customer for long.

    1. They deny it and until they can be proven wrong then so be it. Might be some broken arrows in their store doing it but that does not equate to formal AT&T policy.

      As well Tim Cook is no one’s boss as suggested by MDN. Apple is today’s flavor of the day but that could change very quickly hence Cook will never play hard ball with the folks who move his products as one day he might need them to help Apple out of their demise. Take it from me, Apple looks a lot like Nintendo did over the last 2 decades and that is the reality of staying on top in the tech world is practically impossible as you are the target of a consortium of companies who will take you down.

      1. Trolling again, are we? Another new disposable identity? Tim Cook has his own stores which are the greatest cash generators per square foot in the retail world. They came into existence specifically to counter the same biases on the part of computer retailers. Apple is doing just fine, thanks. And BTW, if you don’t think Tim is the boss just let him pull the distribution contract with AT&T and see who squeals.

            1. So you’re the quintessential AAPL expert on this site? Gosh it must be a heavy responsibility to carry. Wouldn’t be simply a over protective fanboy now would you Zeke?

        1. You are a piece of work and probably typing on an Androidntablet you little piece of…. Why is a contrarian point of view considered Trolling? What is wrong with you Kool Aid drinkers? For the record this was typed on my new IPad which sits alongside my MBP 15 RD, my MBA mid 2011 and my iPhone 4s hence not even close to being what you refer to as a troll.

          Ironicaly I can use a company’s products without being an ass about it unlike you and your buddy Zeke who sits in a dark room stroking his boyhoods looking at porno on his retina display.

          Get a life!

          1. Hey “Pat” (or whatever name you are trolling as this week):

            Better being a “piece of work” than a piece of shit…
            Your posts aren’t really worth responding to, but since I can’t stand hearing from misinformed trolls who are obviously being paid by Gaagle/Shamdung to invade our favorite site, I just had to call you out…
            Again, “Pat”, I say, EAT SHIT AND DIE/FSCK OFF and leave us all in “piece” (sic) on this site.
            Oh, and incidentally, I have never, nor would I ever even consider owning a POS Android-based product. Gaagle and Eric the Mole also need to ESAD for their theft of Apple’s iOS and EVERYONE’S private information via Street View, but “admitted to failing to delete as promised”:

            1. Wow! You make this shit up on the fly? Easy to be a tough guy sitting in ur dark room eating Kraft diner and jerking off to pictures of the Apple logo. You need help call 1 800 Dr. Phil.

              I am convinced that you are in fact an Android Boy as Apple Boys tend to be far more intelligent than you.

              Read my post again fuck face and you will get my point. I love my Apple products but not to a point of no return.

          2. Hey asshole! I transferred $100K today to my brokerage account to buy more AAPL. You get what, $25 for astroturfing the site? Apple the new Ninetendo? That’s rich! Get a life, or at least a real job.

            1. Hey fuck face…. You are a poor soul to somehow think that writing fiction about what you dream you are is relevant! Fuck off with your lies! Looking at the way you write your posts, I am starting to think that you are the Google Troll.

      2. Pat, in what manner does “Apple [look] a lot like Nintendo did over the last 2 decades…”? I don’t see it. Nintendo has Mario, Luigi, and couple of dozen other lesser characters and a handheld gaming system in decline. Apple is far larger and more diverse in terms of product lines. Apple has also been far more proactive at developing new products. Nintendo took forever just to make little changes – you can still buy the DS Lite, for instance, with its crappy screen! I just don’t see it.

    2. I’m sure AT&T doesn’t want to be stuck with shelves of Android smartphones it can’t sell and salespeople need to make a few extra bucks… That’s why. Most humans would sell their family members off for $25 a pop. Psst… Want my ugly sister. Human nature in action is so much fun to watch.

      Do you think a good product sells itself. Not if I’m going to make $25 selling an inferior product, it won’t. That’s the rule of being a good salesperson. Also the ruination of an innocent customer.

  2. Funny enough, much of AT&T’s success in recent years was because of the iPhone. Well, they’ll get what they deserve. Our agency is shifting away from AT&T to Verizon for our 3rd generation iPads. And once Apple releases an iPhone with LTE, we’ll jump ship on those too.

    By the way, if you were to go to AT&T Wireless home page,, the iPhone is no where to be seen. It is certainly not being promoted.

  3. A better gauge of this issue is the sales spiffs offered by Samsung, HTC, and others to sell their phones. This is money paid directly to the salesperson by HTC and others. Some of these spiffs can be significant. The phones being pushed by the sales staff are a direct result of what goes in their pocket.

    1. Any company that gives up internal control over its business by allowing external compensation from vendors to its employees is foolish beyond belief. A friend of mine works for a lab equipment distributor that operates in this fashion, and it is not good for business over the long term.

    1. No Apple should buy Verizon.
      Overnight become a huge provider of all things Internet, TV, Telephone and simply do it right.

      These greedy cell phone douchbags are a bunch of thugs anyway.
      For them to screw people with text msg charges and nickel and dime people is nuts. People don’t like their cell phone carrier or their cable provider, or they phone company. Why is that.. because they all suck ass and play games with their loyal consumers. Make it easy straight forward and move things forward. Face time should go over iMessage and send a big FU to any that block it over 3g.

      1. If they buy Sprint they get the majority of WiMax licenses in the world and Clearwire’s wireless infrastructure, and can then bypass the dumb pipes like Comcast and Verizon completely.

    2. Will never happen as running a proprietary wireless network is way to risky for Apple or anyone else. Trust me Samsung would of done it years ago. Do remember that Samsung counts it’s money in the Trillions and not Billions.

      1. I work for a company that does just that. BTW, don’t AT&T and Verizon do that as well?

        Trillions? Not hardly…


        Total current assets $59,444,518,000.00 ($59B)
        Total assets $137,969,699,000.00 ($138B includes factories, real estate, socks, and underwear)

          1. Hey Zeke set ur PC clock forward big fellow as your numbers are accurate if you are talking 1971. Learn how to Google properly and type in Samsung Group and look for global revenues per annum.

      2. Pat are you going to continue to post FUD here that you obviously are pulling from you know where?

        If you haven’t noticed, the audience here is pretty well informed. You may want to go and find another site to troll…

        1. Hey sweetheart change search engine as you are so misinformed it is not even funny! Aye aye aye. No sure I have ever come across an imbecile like you in my entire life!

          I love my Apple products and use them as a choice I make and I am not required to buy into the disciple Kool Aid drinking self righteous opinions shared on here.

          Do your research and maybe you will figure out that Tim Cook would never upset the wireless companies who play a major role is the distribution of the beloved IPhone. Of course Apple has a lot of cash and you would too if you ran a public company that deferred paying dividends for 17 years. Tim knows who owns the money and that is the shareholders and while Apple are enjoying a nice run in the device game, he also knows that buying up companies has often times proven to be disastrous and you only need to look at Nortel and GDS Uniphase for evidence of this. Our car companies also learnt this lesson the hard way wit GM having purchased all sorts of car companies which today they have disposed of.

          Apple is a great company today and Tim Cook understands this but he will do whatever he can to protect it from itself so as to avoid having history repeat itself at Apple.

          I am not what you consider a troll, but I am a sensible and respectful user of Apple products who cares very little for the likes of people like you who come off as idiotic over the top Apple servant.

          1. Ok, so how do you explain your Samsung “Trillions” comment?

            Facts have nothing to do with Kool Aid drinking.

            Everything you just said in your (vapid and overly verbose) response have nothing to do with your post I actually replied to.

            1. Are ok or are you using a PC at the asylum? Do your Goolge search and look up Samsung Group and you will quickly realize that Samsung as a whole generates annual profits equal to Apple’s net worth.

              This said I do not give a cat’s meow about Samsung or Android as I do not use any of their products.

              My point is if buying up an important cellular company made sense then Samsung would of done it years ago.

            2. I had to reply to Pat.

              He’s right. Samsung Group counts their money in the trillions. Trillions of KRW (South Korean currency).

              According to wikipedia:

              In FY 2009, Samsung Group reported consolidated revenues of 220 trillion KRW ($172.5 billion). In FY 2010, Samsung reported consolidated revenues of 280 trillion KRW ($258 billion), and profits of 30 trillion KRW ($27.6 billion) (based upon a KRW-USD exchange rate of 1,084.5 KRW per USD, the spot rate as of 19 August 2011).[78] However it should be noted that these amounts do not include the revenues of all subsidiaries of the group which are based outside South Korea.[79]

              Very sneaky Pat, but you should have been a little more clear on your ‘trillions’ statement.

              Oh yeah, how does Samsung make all that cash?

              Samsung Electronics (the world’s largest information technology company measured by 2011 revenues)

              Samsung Heavy Industries (the world’s second-largest shipbuilder measured by 2010 revenues)

              Samsung Techwin (weapons technology and optoelectronics)

              Samsung Engineering and Samsung C&T (respectively the world’s 35th- and 72nd-largest construction companies)

              Other notable subsidiaries include:
              Samsung Life Insurance (the world’s 14th-largest insurance company)

              Samsung Everland (the oldest theme park in South Korea)

              Cheil Worldwide (the world’s 19th-largest advertising agency measured by 2010 revenues)

              As far as I know, Apple doesn’t have a weapons or construction division.

            3. Dennis, if you refer back to my original post, I was not sneaky but simply made the point that if owning a proprietary wireless network than Samsung would have done it years ago.

              Samsung Group is huge and frankly known for it’s quality products and services hence why Apple to this day rely on them for chipsets, memory chips, displays and SSD (which I have in both my MBA 13 and MPB RD which is loaded to the gills)

              Some folks on here are so consumed by Apple the brand that they simply cut themselves off from reality.

            4. Hey Pat,

              Here’s some info for you on how Samsung makes their trillions in KRW (South Korean currency).

              As far as I know, Apple doesn’t have a weapons or construction division.

              I will say that Samsung makes a good tv, but I’ll be getting an iTv when Apple finally makes one.

              Samsung industrial subsidiaries include:

              Samsung Electronics (the world’s largest information technology company measured by 2011 revenues)

              Samsung Heavy Industries (the world’s second-largest shipbuilder measured by 2010 revenues)

              Samsung Techwin (weapons technology and optoelectronics)

              Samsung Engineering and Samsung C&T (respectively the world’s 35th- and 72nd-largest construction companies)

              Other notable subsidiaries include:

              Samsung Life Insurance (the world’s 14th-largest insurance company)

              Samsung Everland (the oldest theme park in South Korea)

              Cheil Worldwide (the world’s 19th-largest advertising agency measured by 2010 revenues)

            5. Regardless of the reports reporting revenue in KRW, the fact remains that Samsung is one big Daddy of a company and probably does not fret the likes of Apple, Sony, LG etc…

              I too own a 64″ 3d 1080P Samsung Plasma and it just rocks. Not sure Apple will want to play in this arena anytime soon.

            1. No Android here little fellow! Typing this on my moshi keyboard hooked to my 27″ TB Display, which is hooked to a my new MBP 15 RD 2.7, 16 G of ram and 512 SSD with sound being produced via the TB display and a Bass Jump Sub woofer which sits alongside an Apple Super Drive. Next to this is my new iPad and my iPhone 4S. As well, my mid 2011 MPA 13 sits on our kitchen counter.

              So little fellow…. NO Android here!

  4. This is no different than what they have done all along. They never push the iPhone when you walk in an AT&T store. When the iPhone came out it was even difficult to find on AT&T’s website.

  5. I don’t know about AT&T stores, i have never been in one. But I do know I am constantly bombarded with ads from them touting every kind of smartphone to me but iPhone. They have to know I have 3 iPhones on my account and have had since iPhone 1. It seems kind of stupid of them, because it shows little regard for my business. I plan to go into one of their stores looking as hayseed as I can and see what happens.

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