Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion downloads top three million in first four days

Apple today announced that downloads of OS X Mountain Lion have exceeded three million in four days, making it the most successful OS X release in Apple’s history. With more than 200 innovative new features, Mountain Lion is the ninth major release of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system and is available through the Mac App Store as an upgrade to Lion or Snow Leopard users for US$19.99.

“Just a year after the incredibly successful introduction of Lion, customers have downloaded Mountain Lion over three million times in just four days, making it our most successful release ever,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, in the press release.

Mountain Lion features include the all new Messages app, Notification Center, system-wide Sharing, Facebook integration*, Dictation, AirPlay Mirroring and Game Center. iCloud integration makes it easy to set up your Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Messages, Reminders and Notes, and keep everything, including iWork documents, up to date across all your devices. For more information or to download Mountain Lion visit: Apple’s Mac App Store’s OS X Mountain Lion page.

In addition to Mountain Lion, the Mac App Store offers thousands of apps in Education, Games, Graphics & Design, Lifestyle, Productivity, Utilities and other categories, and is the largest, fastest growing PC software store in the world. Users can browse new and noteworthy apps, including apps that take advantage of new features in Mountain Lion, as well as check out staff favorites, top charts for free and paid apps, and user ratings and reviews. For more information visit: Apple’s Mac App Store.

*Facebook integration will be available in an upcoming software update to Mountain Lion.

Source: Apple Inc.

MacDailyNews Note: Mac OS X Lion was released via the Mac App Store on July 20, 2011. Apple reported over 1 million Lion sales on the first day of its release. On October 4, 2011, Apple’s Tim Cook announced that Mac OS X Lion had sold over 6 million copies worldwide.

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        1. That sounds about right.

          they are supporting XP until 2014 with security patches. Has to be the longest lived OS ever. I’ll give them that I guess.

          Windows 8 will drive consumers away from Windows and Enterprises will move to Windows 7 and just sit there. That is my prediction.

    1. RSS, meh. don’t care.
      Smaller tabs, 50/50 on the idea now.
      Separate search panel, twice now I have hit the address bar on my iPhone and stated a search….. I’m actually used to it now. (and like it honestly..)

      as I said last week, there will be a RSS extension released by someone IF it’s really that big of a deal. I only hear the RSS comments by die hard RSS readers. (which isn’t many)

      1. Not sure what you base your “isn’t many” knowledge on? I don’t really care about your opinion. BTW I’m not having a conversation with you. Go troll somewhere else.

        1. Read below…. Twitter replaces RSS.

          and besides, outside MDN…. RSS IS RARELY MENTIONED. thus my comment. Outside MDN, I never really even see anything related to RSS, I see the Logo from time to time though. but it’s not a big thing.

    2. Partly because Chrome is the fastest growing browser around right now. Lots of people were clamoring for Safari to take on the very attributes you detest. By the way, Safari has gone to extensions some time ago. RSS is now an extension you can add back on if you want it. I agree about the giant tabs, however. Take some time to get used to.

    3. RSS extension is already released, has been for 2 days now.

      And everything else is just complaining, Safari 6 is a great stable release that has shown some good design careiteristics.

  1. Out of the 3 million downloads, I wonder how many millions of people that did buy it and regretted afterwards because they had their Mac before late 2011 and cannot enjoy most of the new updates. I, for one, think it has slowed my computer down a lot. It takes longer to open apps and web pages.

    1. “cannot enjoy most of the updates”

      Most? There were 200 updates.

      I can only think of 2
      Airplay Mirroring
      Power Nap (due to the need for flash storage)

      Please feel free to list more.

      1. Thoes aren’t updates, they are added features, and the rest of OSX 10.8 is updated, so 2 things you can’t use out of 200, not bad.

        Also Apple posted on their site what systems could and couldn’t use the new features.

        AirPlay is due to the intel chip, only the newer ones have DRM built in and it was a requirement, powernap requires a newer chipset also and isn’t supported in older models.

        So what is the problem, didn’t you read the information Apple posted, it’s not like your system won’t run anymore without thoes features that aren’t supported.

        When you purchased your system it had a list of features it supported at that time, so be happy. Apple is not obligated to give you more then what was mentioned at the time of purchase, if you get other features in an update of the OS then it’s more then you had before and no less then what you had.

    2. I keep getting a few hangs that are annoying.

      Copying files to my SMB share on my NAS is strange now. The finder beach balls for several minutes and then the copying dialog comes up at 80% complete.

      I’d clean install but that feels too much like windows right now 😉

  2. Apple didn’t fix the dual monitor problem from Lion. It’s a deal breaker for me and many others that rely on spreading their work across multiple monitors. I’ll have to stick with Snow Leopard. What a misstep from a company I love.

    1. Totally agree. Is there a petition anywhere we can sign maybe? Mission Control is a nightmare when trying to actually do work. After a week I upgraded back to Snow Leopard. I run Lion now as a ‘spare’ OS, which I play with now and then via bootcamp; but until its sorted, sorry Apple I can’t afford to waste my time fumbling with windows I cant even move between spaces/desktops.

  3. I find Safari to be much slower than even 10.6.8. 10.7 Safari was fast! this one hesitates and I have to reload the page once and sometimes twice before it will load the page. Most times it stops and the Address bar goes pink. 🙁

    Anyone know what’s up with that? I did the permissions stuff and all that.

  4. I’ll not be one of those contributing to Apples bottom line on this one. It is unfortunate they are setting the precedent of integrating third party applications in their normally cleanly delivered Apple universe. I used to be able to rely on the purity of delivered Apple products balanced nicely with option to integrate with external systems and applications. Now, with this OS release (as well as iOS since release 5) we are being forced to accept 3rd party integration.

    It’s easier to say “just don’t use it” than it is to practice it. In this new OS version I am forced to take up valuable screen real estate with Twitter and facebook options in menus and other places whether I have an account on these services or not. If Apple feels they must start selling out to third parties, our participation must at least be optional. It is only common sense that if I’ve not logged into Twitter or facebook, I shouldn’t see any sign of the application in the user interface. Optimally, the ability to interface should be a download like with any other application and not even included by default.

    I’ll not be downloading this OS and showing my support for this precedent. How far will this go? Will Apple soon be competing with Microsoft for how much endorsement money they can raise by preloading the third party software we used to rely Apple to omit?

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