10 reasons to drop Windows for Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion

“I guess you could say I started cheating on Windows back in October of 2010,” Mark Spoonauer reports for Laptop Magazine.

“That’s when Apple debuted the revamped MacBook Air. For the first time, I could resume working almost as soon as I flipped the lid on a laptop, thanks to the way the notebook leveraged its flash memory,” Spoonauer reports. “The Air was a work of art, but it didn’t feel complete until OS X Lion arrived last year. With key time-saving features like Auto Save and Mission Control for faster multitasking, I started leaving behind my Windows notebook more and more.”

Spoonauer reports, “Now that Mountain Lion is here, I may never look back. Here are 10 reasons why you might want to do the same.”

10 Reasons to Drop Windows for Mountain Lion
• iCloud Keeps Devices, Files in Sync
• Reminders App Uses Your Location
• AirPlay Mirroring Transforms TV
• Speak to Type
• Send and Receive Texts from the Desktop
• Game Center: Take That, Xbox
• Faster, Smarter Browsing With Safari
• Notifications All In One Place
• Mail VIPs: Never Miss an Email from Your Boss
• OS X Mountain Lion is a more natural upgrade from Windows 7 than moving to Windows 8

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Summerfelt” for the heads up.]


  1. Nine reasons, maybe. Safari 6 is a hot mess, and has me looking at Firefox for the first time in many years. It was bad enough when the URL entry field became a history search tool, but dropping the Web search field and glomming everything into a single field is even worse.

      1. Adding the OmniBar extension to redirect search traffic to DuckDuckGo helps, but typing a recent URL from memory is still a PITA. I’d rather see the URL candidate matches above the search suggestions.

        Now if I can fix those gigantic mutant size-shifting tabs…

  2. You forgot a key issue.

    For the consultants, customers or suppliers who use Windows and such, we can run emulated or native Windows on our MacBook Pros with impunity and get the best of both worlds.

    That is far less expensive than 2 separate computers. Can’t do that with support on a PC.

    1. Windows 8 reminds me of watching a fist fight where the guy losing starts swinging like crazy with his arms flailing about without thinking about where his punches are going to land.

      There will be one version of Windows 8 and it is “Windows 8 Desperation Edition Extreme”

  3. Until Apple ships high-end GPUs standard on lower-end MacBooks and game center can let me take up a game where I left off on a another Apple form factor, I say both Game Center and XBox Live are one huge “meh.”

    But I agree with everything else. Mountain Lion has been the best version of OS X since Tiger and the best Mac OS since System 6.

    1. If you you use high end parts on low end machines… Then the low end machines become high end machines… That’s why we have low end machines in the first place. Want better power, spend some extra cash. Cheap bastard!

      1. That would be true only if all the surrounding systems were also bumped in spec. The point is that low-end Macs don’t have the grunt to run even aging recent games and therefore the Mac game market won’t grow without enough Mac gamers to sell to.

        The minimum GPU simply isn’t good enough to grow the Mac gaming market. Luckily, that is less of an issue on iOS where there is no variance in the graphics capabilities of each iPad generation.

  4. The comments with the article are funny, albeit predictable. Windows has had all this “new” Apple stuff for years now and Apple is just another Windows copy-cat. etc. etc. etc……….

    1. Yes so true, What apple hating hating win fanboys don’t ever seem to completely comprehend is that while they don’t have much of a clue about actually using OS X on a day to day basis, most Mac users have extensive windows experience. This always leaves them making really stupid statements.
      The problem for apple haters (i.e. the people coming at the mouth about the author being “sponsored” by apple, when it is easy to see, in the banner, that the the site is sponsored by toshiba) in the comments) is that their lack of knowledge is like bringing a knife to a gun fight; you chances on not being humiliated (by someone who actually knows both OS’s) are somewhere between slim and none.

  5. What about reason 1 to 100.000, Windows itself in any version. I had to suffer for about 20 years before I could convince everybody to make the jump. Windows is such am mess.

  6. How about the reality for many of us that moving to 10.8 or 10.7 means our Samsung Printers will no longer print and we have to spend some good money to replace them!!! I have to replace two..Apple does not care if it makes Apps obsolete
    or printers obsolete…it does not support Rosetta and if you don’t like it..pound sand.

    1. If your apps or printer doesn’t support Mac OS X Mountain Lion, I would complain to the proper people on the matter. In this case it’s Samsung.

      If the app developer hasn’t moved to Mac OS X yet, that’s the developers fault. The developers of the offending app had over 12 years to switch to Mac OS X.

    2. Ummm…..what???

      My CLX 3170 has no issues at all with ML. Nor did it with Lion. So, I guess that just leaves me wondering, WTF are you talking about????

    3. I have an 8 year old canon printer that has gone from os 10.4 on a G3 iMac all the way to os 10.8 on my 2011 iMac without any problems. Check the Samsung site for driver update. Canon is great at this and since SL or Lion my driver updates come automatically through Apple updates. In the end Blame Samsung for not updating drivers

    4. @Phill,
      Rosetta is been dead for awhile now so give it up, and as for your drivers, complain to Samsung.

      Samsung is responsible for your drivers, not Apple.

      I have a ip6700d printer from canon that is 6-7 years old and Canon has supplied drivers for all the OSX releases.

      I gave up on HP, since they refuse to support thier printers more then 1-2 OS versions on the Mac, if your lucky maybe more but it’s not common.

      So Phill get on the horn and yell hard at Samsung, Maybe they can Copy some drivers for you somewhere since that’s all they are good for these days anyway.

      And mark it up to learning, do research before you purchase any Printer or Scanner to find out what company’s support their devices more then one or two OS Versions before purchasing.

      And make sure you understand the difference from OS device Supports and 3rd Party device Support.

      Apple’s responsibility is not to support your 3rd party Addon devices, the company you purchased thoes items from handle that support, Samsung along with allot of other companies want you to purchase a new device when you upgrade your OS.

      If you look and do research you will find a few company’s that give great support to all thier products and support them for a very long time, as mentioned Canon is one of these company’s.

    5. I read this and can’t believe it. Rosetta? Come on. Do you think Apple should have this code in their operating systems forever? It was never meant to be a perminate part of the operating system. Time to move on friend or just don’t upgrade. The choice is yours.

  7. Once you go Mac you NEVER go back. I have moved hundreds of people to the robust apple platform, where software and hardware are in a symbiotic relationship. I look at people that struggle constantly in the ever complexity changing world of Microsoft and always ask the same question, why? Why put yourself through the whims of a software manufacturer that is divorced from hardware manufacturers. I can only surmise the following:

    They believe Microsoft is omnipotent
    They believe hardware and software from diaparent sources always work together.
    They work for Microsoft
    They are totally ignorant of how the world of technology cn be their friend with Apple, software and hardware

    1. Also, they would be loath to give up their hard-won skills and start all over again with a different, imposing OS, surmising that acquiring new skills would be just as hard if not more so.

    2. …and the funniest – but true – they believe if you use Apple OS and tools your files (docs, images, etc) aren’t compatible with the PC counterpart.Sound incredible, but this myth is still in the mind of a great quantity of people…

  8. Corporations aren’t likely to ever go Apple because there’s probably a lot of kickbacks involved dealing with Windows OEMs. All the little perks and stuff. Long established friendships involved with dealers are not going to be broken just because Apple products might have some slight edge. Just think of all those older IT guys trained in the Microsoft way their whole lives. You really think they’re going to give in to using some Apple OS? If you think of Windows as a cancer festering for years throughout the whole body, there’s no way to cut it out unless you kill the patient.

    I’m sure that Wall Street already knows this much and that’s why Apple stock is being as devalued as it is. There’s no group of investors yelling that MS Windows is going to be displaced by OSX in the corporations. With Amazon and Priceline the word on the street is that they will be the number one companies in their field. Not so with Apple. Not for the iPhone (smartphones) or even the iPad (tablets). Even now, Apple is regarded as an also-ran despite being the number one consumer tech company on the planet.

    I don’t think many of you see the big picture that Wall Street does not want Apple to succeed or stay a force in the industry. I’m not sure why that is, but there’s something that’s frightening them about Apple becoming omnipotent in the computer and smartphone industry. Maybe because of its closed policies or premium pricing. Apple is drawing an awful lot of hate that many large companies don’t receive. I mean, who hates IBM or Priceline or Intuitive Surgical. You’ll never see bloggers or Wall Street ragging all over those companies like they do Apple. I’m telling you there is definitely a lot of heavy resistance out there against Apple. It’s just not easily accepted as a company good for the future of computing.

    It will take years of Apple wooing consumers before corporations will change. Apple will have to get deeply into the health care and educational systems and influence the younger generation before most corporations will ever consider moving to Apple products.

    1. Wow, now that write up is something to laugh at.

      The worst part off it all is he really believes that garbage.

      The funny part is “it’s premium Price” as he puts it, now that prove you have no clue about Apple or its offerings.

      For the past month this bonehead keeps posting this misinformed garbage, the only thing that it does is reafirm the ignorance of the poster.

      Laughing boy, you sure are a laugh… Omg.

      1. Not sure who you are but you come across as a piece of work. Everything he says is true and he says is in a professional manner and he only points out what we all know and that is that Apple is not immune to the forces of the market and not unlike Nintendo and others the days in the sun might be edging towards partly cloudy skies in the months and years ahead. The iPhone at this point can only catch up to what is already available via Android hence Android now leads the way in that is not healthy for Apple. I use Apple products everyday and frankly my iPhone 4S looks like an antique compared to several other platform devices that are already in play.

        Laughing Boy 48 just seems to get what a lot of Apple users and disciples are missing and he expresses it clearly, concisely and in a non condescending manner.

  9. I was a Windows user for over 15 years. I made the switch to Mac 3 years ago and I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO WINDOWS! The similarity between Windows and OSX is that their both operating systems. End of story! Windows is a DOS based hot mess. Thats why the only people willing to defend it are IT professionals and thats based on job security. Anytime you mention Apple to an IT professional they go into this desperate defensive stance against it because they know it would cut their staffing by 3/4. There is a reason they are the fastest growing tech company on the planet and that is because they build intuitive, stable, and secure products. All the things Windows is not! I used to think Apple put subliminal messages in their OS and that their users were zealot weirdos, but now I understand its because we have found a better way of computing and want to share it with the masses. Once you go Mac you never go back!

    1. Wow! This kind of stuff is scary! OSX is Ubuntu with a little bit more fit and finnish and a far cry from Windows. This said, I like OSX and Windows operating side by side via Parallels as I can use any app I want without any issues when having to interact with the 1.4 billion Windows users versus the 66 million or so Mac users.

  10. Two unfortunate reasons not to switch to Mac, at least according to my clients:

    1. Save As is not as full featured or as easy to use as it is in Windows. (Bummer!!). Why? New name, new location without affecting original document).

    2. Auto Terminate – when an app closes without asking, it is a crash, not a feature!

  11. Use what you want. I use iOS, OSX, Android, and Linux which are all basically Unix variants but I also use Windows. You know what? They all have positives and at the same time they all suck!
    The hardware situation is no different. Besides, I’ve already worked with custom hardware that blows away anything you will see out of any manufacturer in the next few years. When new models hit the store shelf they are selling you yesterday’s rubbish. They already designed and built multicore processors (as in quad or more) for cellphones years ago. Those processor/graphic chip combos can drive 4 or more 2K by 2K displays simultaneously….from a phone!

    So no, the new Macbook Pro is nothing special. Just first to market with yesterday’s rubbish. Apple has a bigger pool of early adopting guinea pigs who will shell out big money to be the first to have problems.

    By the way, I went to the same High School as Jobs and the Woz in Cupertino, California and we had the best of what Apple could provide at the time and you know what? I still bought a Windows based computer for my first real PC. More powerful parts for the money. I built it myself. No disrespect to Commodore or Amiga…I loved you guys too. Choice and diversity is a good thing.

    1. A Chinese farm girl can assemble a desktop computer from commodity parts. When was the last time you assembled a notebook computer? Do you have a chip fab in your basement and did you build that yourself?

      I’m all for saving money with DIY projects but sometimes buying fully-assembled computers makes sense. It’s not yesterday’s rubbish if it can’t be obtained.

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