iPhone 5 rumor roundup: Release date, 4-inch display, Liquidmetal casing, quad-core A6, and much more

“We have peered into the abyss to bring you the latest, hottest iPhone 5 news, rumours and release date information – plus a comprehensive rundown of the features and specs you can look forward to – in this definitive round-up,” Dew Alam reports for uSwitch. “Anything you need to know about Apple’s new iPhone is here. If by chance it’s not, then it will be soon, as we continue to update the page with the freshest iPhone 5 [info].”

Items covered:
• iPhone 5 release date
• Larger, four-inch display
• Thinner In-cell panel technology
• iPhone 5 Processor
• 10-megapixel camera
• NFC, PassBook and iTravel
• Wireless charging
• Broader 3G compatibility and 4G/LTE (Long Term Evolution) support
• Total RAM
• Storage up to 128GB
• SIM card type
• New mini dock connector
• Audio jack and front camera positions
• Liquidmetal alloy
• Steve Jobs’ final iPhone
• “iPhone 5” or “iPhone 2012” or something else?
• Potential price points
• And more

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    1. Me either.

      For those salivating about when it will be released, here is the truth…. and right way of looking at it.

      The next generation iPhone will be released not before October 2012; most likely on a Friday and, I think it can be the second week of the month.

      Just wait little bit more.

    1. Yep, few understood Apple’s reticence to include NFC and then Boom, we have the charlie Millner NFC exploit covering Android and Nokia phones (but not ANY iPhone you’ll note). You need to be really careful with opening up a wireless channel that can be used as an attack vector to compromise the device. Nokia and the entire band of android misfits aren’t. (as evidenced by all the exploits)

      People who are saying that it isn’t serious because you need to be within a foot or two of the device should remember the hundreds of thousands of thousands (eve millions) of credit & bank cards (and PINs) stolen every year by devices that are literally attached over the card reader slot on gas pumps and cash machines. (to fool people into inserting their card and typing their pin) Considering how difficult those “attached pass through” devices are to construct and attach, how hard would it be for a rouge employee to attach something to the bottom of the counter in a grocery store, convince store, Starbucks, (etc) right where women normally set their purses. Or at waist hight in a gate where people are required to line up in single file and linger for a second or two.(like a supermarket cue)

    2. Apple’s acquisition of AUTH signals NFC IMO. That video is very convincing. Why would someone go to the trouble to create the part just to make a bogus video. I would hope the expanded freq capability would include the T-mobile 3G band as they are way behind in LTE. Potential sales of 6 million for 2013 there.

      Bring it on already.

      1. as a former apple employee and knowing the Cupertino campus, no NFC will not be in any apple device in the near future. Apple’s steps towards NFC and Fingerprint authorization are actually intended to secure the new mother ship campus as it will have thousands more employees and need better security. This has been verified even by inside sources.

        1. If all they wanted to do was get high tech employee access passes, they didn’t need to spend $356 million to buy the IP of Authentec. If that’s all it was for, I am a very p*ssed off shareholder.

          You only need to buy IP when it will create value in products you plan to market and you (1) don’t want to pay a royalty or license fee and (2) want to keep it away from your competitors.

  1. While BLN confines himself to a dark room with a box of Kleenex over the ‘4″ of loveliness’, I’ll happily express my unconfined glee at the mouthwatering though of 128Gb of lovely storage! My joy at the possibility is unbounded.

    1. Agree, who would buy one now with the new one right around the corner in a few months. I know people, including myself who are ready to buy this as soon as they can. 2 as soon as it comes out, and some stuck until their current contract runs out.

        1. Agree! Best part of Apple’s products is the longevity of their productivity. I’m typing this on a 2006 MPB that STILL runs great for most things I need to do.
          Some of the switchers I know are on Android, so they’re pretty desperate, even to the point of forking in extra money to pay the early switch penalty. i guess the newest update “Ice Cream Sandwich” drove some of them over the edge of the hate cliff.

  2. Let the bloggers and media start pumping up every feature that the next iPhone is going to have in order to increase the disappointment by the analysts and tech critics when the iPhone doesn’t quite deliver every feature under the sun. It’s just a damn smartphone, not some magic wand for tech-heads. The next iPhone will be reported as having 200 more features because the irresponsible bloggers will confuse it with Mountain Lion or the next space shuttle. Automatically, it’s going to need to beat out the Samsung Galaxy S III and at least a couple of other Android smartphones combined just be be considered user-worthy. The Apple iPhone hype just never ends and if the iPhone is anything less than the wildest human’s imagination, it will be considered a failure. Apple’s share price will be measured in iPhone features. Each little feature missing will be subtracted from the current share price by $5.

  3. I hope its thinner, lighter, faster, more durable, bigger display, better graphics, 12 mega pixels front n back, world 4G, NFC, enable customization, more security, quad-core, and esp better battery pls!!!!

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