Apple ‘Up-to-Date’ users experiencing Mountain Lion upgrade issues, hit with ‘this code has already been used’ error

“With Apple’s new OS X Mountain Lion update going live earlier this morning, many Mac owners have already navigated to the Mac App Store to upgrade their computers,” Matt Brian reports for TNW.

“However, it appears new Mac users are experiencing issues using Apple’s Up-to-Date program, seeing ‘this code has already been used’ errors,’ Brian reports.

Brian reports, “According to MacRumors, AppleCare representatives will be re-issuing codes to those affected as soon as possible, but it may take up to one business day for it to be sent.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Greg” for the heads up.]


  1. One, this is difficult to test for from an Apple engineer’s perspective, until you go live.

    Two, I have run into redeeming codes, and getting the error, while in fact if you go into LaunchPad, it’s actually downloading.

    It’s as if there is some kind of refresh during the original cost submission and it runs it a second time, generating the error. The refresh happens either in the background or it’s so fast, it’s hard to notice.

  2. Maclife already reported that it’s fixed, if you got a “bad” code… Check your email. Apple sending out correct codes now.

    Maclife posted the article over 2 hours ago..

    1. Sorry…not fixed. Got my email at 9 AM and couldn’t redeem at 9:30 AM. No new code emailed and I sent an email to “uptodate” support 10 hours ago. To make matters worse I used a 2nd Apple ID on a second qualifying computer and have yet to receive that code at all! So no, this isn’t going well.

      1. the maclife article.

        both this one and the link in the article here on MDN link to the same one on macrumors.

        the author stated after a few hours, Apple sent him the correct code and told everyone to check their email again.
        It may be that apple got swamped and is taking a bit longer now to resend emails out..
        I just 10 minutes ago got my email stating that Mtn Lion is out… I got the same Email on a different account at 9am this morning.
        I know that the MAS had issues earlier, they are getting slammed with downloads.. Last year I picked up Lion on day one and it took me 4 hours to download the 4GB install.
        I’m waiting at least a day before I grab Mtn Lion…

  3. Everything sings on this end!

    DL no problem. Update no problem. Just pure fun.

    After installing all updates, I ran Disk Utility for due diligence. Still curious how it finds a few correctable inconsistencies after all is said and done.. I guess that’s just the nature of software.

  4. For the $19.99, I’m not sure I’ve got the patience to put up with the issues with this program. Further, as I understand it, this is for install on a single computer. If we need it on others, we still have to buy it. Anyone know different on this?

    Program’s not impressing me at the moment. There could have been a database fed into the install with qualifying machines, I would have thought.

    1. as far as I know ALL MAS software can be installed on up to 5 macs on your Apple ID.
      Granted there are ways around that also..

      Lion was 5 Macs, I don’t see anything that restricts Mtn Lion to a single install.

  5. Yep. Happened to me. Waiting for a new code. A very minor annoyance compared to what I USED to go through to upgrade Windows. Four years on Mac, never looking back.

  6. Signed up at 8 AM yesterday and have yet to get a code. Called Apple who is mow sayinh “uh, it could take up to 72 hours.”
    Ridiculous!! I pay $3500 for a MacBook Pro and you can’t nake a simple upgrade code that works arrive in my email?
    Why bother? Apple woukd rather you gt tired of waiting abd just buy it.

    1. relax.
      take the time waiting for the new code to read about the issues people are experiencing and how to avoid them.

      save yourself a headache. it’s an OS upgrade… and you don’t have to pay for it. (It’s included in your MBP price)
      And don’t upgrade an OS in mid week if you NEED the computer for work… thats never a good idea. wait till the weekend when you have time to sort out any problems.

      would you rather get Mtn Lion, install it… and find a bug that wipes personal data off your hard drive at every boot?…

      Listen to Thanxal above, Windows is MUCH worse..
      it’s a minor annoyance that apple is already addressing.

      1. I’ve missed the issues, FTB. What are the issues? I upgraded (without waiting for the currently vaporware code) and it’s been great so far. VERY snappy. I love having “Save As…” back (albeit with an extra key stroke). Dictation has quite a way to go, but it’s a start. Other things working well so far. Haven’t tried all 200+ “new” things though.

        1. blanket statement about new stuff tends to have issues..
          and some are complaining about safari’s speed and dynamic bar etc. minor stuff.

          Shit happens, Apple isn’t immune. They could have thought everything was perfect, and some apple guy in charge of sending out codes could have fat fingered the numbers.
          It’s not like Apple is saying it’s your fault.. they screwed up, and they are taking the blame for it.

          so again, relax… all will be fine.

      2. The point about waiting is that John shouldn’t have to wait. The upgrade wasn’t free: he already paid for it when buying the new Mac. Apple should have prepared the codes ahead of time rather than making him wait. It’s bad business to be unprepared after making a 24 hour promise to customers spending over $1000.

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