Analyst: Apple to launch all-new iPod touch and iPod nano with thinner in-cell touch displays in September

“KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has in the past offered remarkably accurate information on Apple’s product plans, today released a new report addressing Apple’s upcoming release plans, indicating that the company is planning for a very busy September-October schedule,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“Kicking off the schedule of launches are said to be ‘all-new’ iPod touch and iPod nano models,” Slivka reports. “Details on the new models are currently slim, but the revised iPod touch is said to include the new in-cell touch display technology that has been rumored by several sources for the next-generation iPhone. ”

Slivka reports, “Overall, Kuo believes that strong quarter-over-quarter growth in iPod sales for the third calendar quarter will be driven by the new iPod nano rather than the iPod touch, which will see constrained supplies due to the move in-cell touch display technology.”

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In another reports, Slivka writs, “Japanese blog Macotakara reports that Apple will also be moving the iPod touch to a 4-inch display from the current 3.5-inch display. Apple is otherwise said to be basing the iPod touch’s internals on the iPhone 4S, although the case will include a “buffed aluminum” rear shell rather than the glass back of the iPhone 4S or the mirrored stainless steel of the current iPod touch.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Amen to that. How long have we waited for 128Mb? Sort of the Holy Grail storage size we’ve been patiently waiting for and would let Apple eliminate the iPod Classic and go all solid state storage. 64Gb is a non-starter, I’m with you.

  1. Awesome. It’s looking increasingly likely that Apple will update every iOS and iPod device this fall, including adding an iPad 8″ and giving the new 10″ iPad the new doc connector. My guess is they’ll replace the iPad 2 at the 399 price point with the iPad mini, and then bring the price of the mini down to 299 next spring. This is going to be another great year for Apple!

  2. so new ipod touch will look very similar with ipad. I am not surprise that Apple will change design. it’s been customer’s demand for a long time ago. now, we don’t have Steve. so it’s possible. by the way, if Apple will sell ‘ipad mini’, it is necessary to compete with other 7 inch tablet especially google nexus 7 or amazon kindle fire. if they will have more than $249 price tag, no one will buy it. honestly new ipad is still expensive in other countries. you have no idea how much you pay in Korea.

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