Apple bears beware: China 3G subscriptions grew 118% from 2011

“For those analysts who have reduced their iPhone estimates in the past week — including a couple new ones today — the note Topeka Capital’s Brian White issued to clients Monday might serve as a wake-up call,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

Total Chinese 3G subscribers: 176 million, up 118% year over year. Interestingly, China Mobile’s (CHL) share of the country’s 3G market actually fell. China Mobile is the world’s largest telephone company, but as White notes, it “is the only major carrier in China that does not have a relationship with Apple to sell the iPhone and we believe this is showing up in the company’s [monthly] 3G subscriber growth.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Apple still needs to add another big China’s cellular network, as well as T-Mobile in USA — and many more worldwide — to have blown-out war on Android devices, which are available for absolutely every cellular operator.

    1. So you leap to that conclusion based on the world famous Topeka someone or other’s claim? You must be one hell of an investor. How many AAPL do you really own? I took some straddles, and nobody is a bigger fanboy than me. Even if Apple beats guidance, it likely will not satisfy the market and we could see 5 to 10 percent downside. Even great news from Apple does not often raise the stock price. Invest much?

      1. i don’t think so , even it doesn’t miss the guidance or market estimate , Apple is still on its way to rise as IPhone 5 is coming . Tonight just clear the uncertainty of AAPL , then Apple will never return below 600 .

  2. It just seems like Apple is being set up for a fall, but that’s probably just my pessimistic nature. This beating the street crap is too difficult to call and beating the whisper numbers are even worse. What pisses me off is that Google passed earnings muster without any fuss at all. Was it because there were lowered expectations? The reason why I’m not very optimistic about Apple’s share price holding up is because Apple already had two near blowout quarters and the share price still dropped from the $640 range all the way down to the $530 range for a short spell for almost no reason at all. It’s just crazy. I’ll be really pissed if Apple’s P/E drops lower than Microsoft’s upon earnings. That’s be like a kick in the genitals for Apple shareholders. I’ll just throw up my hands in disbelief due to an unjust market.

    1. It’s ok. Fundamentals will win out in the end. Where do you think AAPL will be when there’s $300B in the bank? That’s not so far ahead, you know.

  3. I believe AAPL will beat its own forecast but will likely offer weak Q412 because of the pause in demand for the new iPhone. This will lead to AAPL dropping maybe 50-75 points in value during August. I am going to buy as many options I can during this time cause once the magnitude of the iPhone 5 hits the market it will be like a Tsunami and those who are ready to surf will enjoy the ride greatly

  4. what “amateur” investors fail to realize is the fact that their love of Apple has nothing to do with how the stock market reacts to news.

    the stock market is a manipulated game and the wild ups and downs have nothing to do with the exceptional long term fundamentals of Apple Inc.

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