Qantas to provide all 767 passengers with iPads

“Qantas passengers on the airline’s 767 planes will be provided with iPads for their inflight entertainment, following a successful trial of new in-air streaming technology,” Craig Platt reports for The Canberra Times.

“The airline announced today that passengers in both business and economy classes would be given iPads on board which they could use to access more than 200 hours of entertainment programs,” Platt reports. “The first aircraft with the technology installed is set to roll out in the fourth quarter of this year. The technology, known as QStreaming, will be available predominantly on domestic east coast routes and on flights to Perth.”

Platt reports, “Jetstar began offering pre-loaded iPads to passengers for inflight entertainment late last year, which can be pre-booked or rented on board for $10-$15. Using lightweight tablet computers allows airlines to greatly reduce the weight of their aircraft, through the removal of existing inflight entertainment systems that can weigh more than two tones. The reduced weight allows airlines to make huge savings on their biggest expense – fuel.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward Weber” for the heads up.]

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    1. If you’ve ever noticed the large metal box that takes up precious foot space under each row of seats – that’s it.

      It makes me happy to think that not only will the entertainment be better, but bigger screen, and more legroom! Win win!

  1. MDN quote: …the removal of existing inflight entertainment systems that can weigh more than two tones.

    I really love how the weight translates to musical tones! 🙂

  2. It’s an MDN typo. The original article has it correctly as “tonnes”. (Anyone who thinks THAT’S a typo also should look it up-metric English)

    1. “The airline only has seven hundred and sixty-seven passengers?! How do they make any money?!”-andintroducing

      The first line of the article says: Qantas passengers on the airline’s 767 planes will be provided with iPads for their inflight entertainment…”

      It’s not a good idea to write a comment after only having read the headline.

  3. There is more to the story: with this move, Qantas is battling rival airline Virgin Australia, which plans to provide their passengers with Samsung Galaxy tablets.

    Dogfight over Oz!

  4. And if Virgin really selected Samsung Galaxy tablets for its’ planes, it makes me wonder what other cheap, cost-saving technologies they’ve adopted. Given this information and a choice, I’m not sure I’d trust flying with Virgin…just sayin’.

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