Inside Apple’s OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: New iOS-style Accessibility

“In OS X Mountain Lion, Apple is radically improving the layout of Universal Access features for users who are sight, hearing or motor impaired, and changing the name of its portfolio of features to match iOS: ‘Accessibility,'” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“Apple has long been associated with making technology easy to use, and a significant part of that commitment has applied to users with special challenges in seeing, hearing or physically interacting with the company’s devices,” Dilger reports. “In Mountain Lion, these features are given a facelift for the new Accessibility pref pane, which presents a more modern looking, graphical menu of options related to the Display, Zoom, VoiceOver, Audio, Keyboard and Mouse & Trackpad.”

Dilger reports, “The new pane also presents the Speakable Items section that has been removed from the Speech pref pane to make way for Dictation features. Once referred to as “Speech Recognition,” the Speakable Items features are now most applicable to users who rely on them for accessibility features.”

Read more, and see the many OS X Mountain Lion screenshots, in the full article here.


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