Unboxing – or trying to unbox – Google’s tiny screen Nexus 7 tablet (with video)

To fully grasp how seriously Apple executives sweat the small stuff, consider this: For months, a packaging designer was holed up in this room performing the most mundane of tasks – opening boxes.

One after another, the designer created and tested an endless series of arrows, colors, and tapes for a tiny tab designed to show the consumer where to pull back the invisible, full-bleed sticker adhered to the top of the clear iPod box. Getting it just right was this particular designer’s obsession.

What’s more, it wasn’t just about one box. The tabs were placed so that when Apple’s factory packed multiple boxes for shipping to retail stores, there was a natural negative space between the boxes that protected and preserved the tab.Adam Lashinsky, Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired – and Secretive – Company Really Works

Without further ado, we bring you a montage of unboxing videos for Google’s tiny screen Nexus 7 tablet:

MacDailyNews Take: You can’t compete when you’re not even in the same league.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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    1. I’m guessing that the unboxing (and isn’t that just plain stupid to film the unboxing of any fucking thing) of Apple’s tiny screen mini iPad will be considerably easier. I’m not sure who gives a damn but yeah it’ll probably be easier. Wow!

  1. If you watch TechnoBuffalo’s full unboxing, it is really not that hard.

    Sneaky prices of tape, yes. But overall, it is not as difficult as this video portrays.

    1. The thing that makes it funny is these are not Apple fans necessarily, many are Android bloggers or tech journalist that are mostly impartial so it’s not like they’d be hamming it up to make it look harder then it was.
      A number of fairly smart people had problems with it. It’s more of a general commentary on Google’s attention to detail (or lack there of).

  2. You know, everybody thinks that what Apple does is easy, like creating a great unboxing experience. But it’s more than that…

    Leo Laporte on MacBreak Weekly was doing this big talk the other day about how “there are just some things that are like platonic ideals,” like the look of the iphone or the ipad. His point was that these ideas shouldn’t be owned by Apple — Apple shouldn’t get any credit for them because they are obvious and simple.

    The thing is, those shapes LOOK simple. They LOOK obvious. But until someone has done the HARD WORK of really figuring them out, and REVEALING that obviousness, they are NOT obvious. Check out most pre-iphone smart phones, or most pre-ipad tablets. A mess.

    Something seeming simple (like a great unboxing experience) or obvious (like the iphone, or ios) DOES NOT mean getting there was easy.

    As Google is demonstrating.


    1. I am a designer. Creating anything stupid simple is exponentially harder than creating something complex.

      Leo LaPorte has no freakin idea what he is talking about.

      1. +∞

        Design on paper is easy.
        Implementing is easy.
        Feeding back things you learn from implementation & actual use is hard.
        Throwing out the lovely, but wrong, parts of your design is harder.
        Saying no to the parts that just dot workwell enough is damned near impossible.
        Under promising and over delivering a usable product is magic – technology/know-how so advanced it is indistinguishable from magic.

    2. That reminds me of the story of how Bruneleschi won the commission to design the dome of the duomo (Florence). He challenged the clergymen to stand an egg in it’s vertical orientation. After trying in vain they exclaimed, “that’s impossible!” Bruneleschi then grabbed the egg, hit it against the table, crushing the bottom portion of the egg, thus creating a stand; the egg was standing upright. They exclaimed again, “I could’ve done that!”, to which Bruneleschi replied, “yes, but I had to show you.” *

      As another commenter posted, laporte doesn’t really know what he is talking about, and is kind of a tool. He has been bitter ever since Steve Jobs stopped inviting him him to Apple events; not to mention he’s beholden to the anti apple nerd brigade.

      *I may have taken a bit of artistic license with what is likely a completely mythological story.

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