Beleaguered Nokia slashes flagship Windows Phone price in half; stock drops

“The price of Nokia Oyj’s Lumia 900, the smartphone the company is counting on to revive U.S. sales, was cut in half at AT&T Inc. stores in a sign the device is struggling to lure users away from the iPhone and Android models,” Adam Ewing reports for Bloomberg.

“Nokia fell as much as 3.9 percent in Helsinki. The phone is now available for $49.99 with a two-year contract, according to AT&T’s website,” Ewing reports. “The largest U.S. phone company began offering the device in April.”

Ewing reports, “Chief Executive Officer Stephen Elop has placed Nokia’s bets on the Lumia series, which uses Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Phone operating system, to stem declines in revenue and market share. Lumia sales have been disappointing and the current versions risk becoming less attractive because they can’t be upgraded to run the Windows Phone 8 software due out later this year, said Michael Schroeder, a FIM Bank analyst in Helsinki… Nokia declined as much as 5.9 cents to 1.45 euros and traded at 1.48 euros at 1:04 p.m. Helsinki time. Falling revenue and mounting losses have left the company’s stock near its lowest level since 1996.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It isn’t worth 49-cents. If the upfront price of a handset is a concern, you probably can’t afford a smartphone, but, obviously, the $99 iPhone 4 is a far more attractive deal than an EOL’ed device from a failing company that’s been decimated by Apple.


    1. Hell, the 3GS is still a beast compared to windows phone 7. It may not have all the whistles and bells of the newer models but it’s definitely the ‘work horse’ of the iPhones.

    2. Yes the only thing in two years that feels the least bit like a drag on my iPhone 4 is shorter battery life which is in the nature of the beast for any two year old phone. Speed,etc. still feel top notch. Probably in a couple months when then iPhone 5 comes out then the iPhone 4S will supplant the current low end models. Or if iPhone 4, 4S & 5 are all used it will offer users quite a choice of great phones. A triple threat..

      1. I disagree with that, twice….
        First, no I don’t think that is the norm with iPhones, seems like in all our 2 and even 3 year old iPhones the battery is still strong (^80%, amazingly so as these are phones that are run down and recharged every day)

        And second disagreement is that other phones the battery isn’t “down a little”. My experience with Moto batteries is that are nearly DEAD, down to less than 50% of capacity. (after 2 years of daily use)

        Yes, other smartphone batteries are easy to swap, but they need to be. You are going to have to swap them out every year or two, whereas an iPhone is good for 3, even 4 years.

    1. Android is complete fail in profit deparrment. Samsung makes about 24x the 1% profits that HTC is squeezing out, everyone else is at break even or losing boatloads of money.

      It’s a profit less fragmented mess. That’s assuming you consider it an app platform. I consider Android to be glorified feature phones with larger better screens for texting that you can also do texting on.

      They are wanna be iPhones for clueless geeks and apple hating retards, and suckers who wanted iPhones but got duped into buying android POS’s by Verizon or other wireless company sales staff.

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      Often based on your past page and cookies history.

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