Apple seeds developers with iOS 6 beta 3

“Three weeks after it released iOS 6 beta 2, Apple has unleashed a third beta of the next-generation version of iOS to developers,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“The new beta is currently available as an over-the-air update to those running iOS 6 beta 2, and the new version should be hitting Apple’s iOS Developer Center shortly,” Gurman reports. “It is unclear what changes this new beta holds, but they likely revolve around bug fixes and performance enhancements.”

Gurman reports,”iOS 6 is launching to the public this fall, and it is a major release with over 200 new features.”

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AppleInsider reports, “People familiar with the latest build indicated that there are new options in the Settings application for Apple’s new Maps software. Specifically, the third beta now allows developers to customize certain aspects like the volume of turn-by-turn navigation, and whether to measure distances in miles or kilometers.”

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    1. 4 was a beta look on a 4S the model descriptor is 4.1… BTW/ Stop Apple’s Consuner Abuses make them as responsible for media sales as any other digital media sales and, read your iTunes card value a $USD equals how many mills when purchased iTunescCaed conversion is achieved. $1/ 00.025

  1. The A6 is reportedly the smallest and fastest CPU in an Apple Computers Inc. micro device to date; A6 is in the iphone5 only thus far , reportedly by Apple Computers Inc. to be 2X aa fast as the chip in the 4S.

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