Eric Schmidt: CEO Page ‘recovering’; Nexus 7 preorders ‘immense in the first week’ – but what about the second?

“Google Inc CEO Larry Page, absent from the Internet company’s biggest public events for weeks, is recovering from an unspecified ailment that caused him to lose his voice and was in the office on Monday, Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said,” Liana B. Baker and Lisa Richwine report for Reuters. “Page has stayed out of the public eye since last month, when he was a no-show at an annual shareholders’ meeting after having ‘lost his voice,’ Schmidt explained at the time.”

“His prolonged absence has raised questions about the health of the 39-year-old Google co-founder,” Baker and Richwine report. “‘He’s still recovering. Larry is doing much better. He was in the office on Monday,’ Schmidt said. ‘Larry ran the meeting. He is talking, but talking softly.'”

Baker and Richwine report, “His absence comes as the company moves into hardware with the Nexus 7 tablet, taking on the likes of Inc’s Kindle Fire, and eventually Apple Inc’s iPad… Demand ‘was immense in the first week,’ Schmidt said, without giving details.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good to hear that Page is recovering.

Now, as per “in the first week.” Nexus 7 pre-orders began on June 27, 2012. Wonder what happened in the second week as reports from the likes of The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg of an Apple ‘iPad mini’ coming this fall ratcheted up?

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  1. If demand is immense, then why didn’t he qualify his statement by telling us the actual number of pre-orders?

    This reminds of when Amazon would boast about all the awesome demand for the Kindle Fire.

  2. Nexus will be a stillborn birth as people learn of Apples impending competitive device. Why buy a fake iPad? There’s always a few lunkheads and the contrarian Apple Haters who like to chew their nose off to spite their face. Like the Kindle Fire the fade out will come swiftly and surely.

  3. Unlike Steve Jobs offices which announced the sales #s for the first weekend of the iPhone releases…

    Eric The Mole releases “immense” bullshit…for the first week of his 7 Suxen “demand”.

    Can the difference in leadership be more clear.

  4. He is talking, but talking softly.

    … And carrying a big stick. But to be semi-serious, this illness sounds karmic to me.

    Demand ‘was immense in the first week,’ Schmidt said, without giving details.

    The lack of details will no doubt extend to the product return figures once the Nexus is actually available. We never did get those figures from Amazon for the Kindle Fire Christmas gift horror.

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